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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #4 Belew 328 5 daysIwiyisi (10): Welcome to this forum @RonaldSimons,@KiniChat and @ccorraccio Hope we can all learn and help one another.
​10​ REAL​ benefits to upgrade to Teacher Belew 11 24 daysRev (3667): @SusanDay ...and replied!
7 REAL benefits to upgrading to Student Belew 4 1 monthRev (3667): Ok, so I've got my teacher thing going and I've been figuring out how things will work in the classroom and what I can offer. I see @Belew has some sort of "pitch fest" scheduled for Friday (hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag early) and I'm scrambling to get a couple of great offers ready to pitch. I am truly excited about the possibilities of the classroom concept for teachers and for students alike. I am already seeing the...
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 62 1 monthBelew (9820): @Fizzymidas I am often looking for writers ... have passed on quite a bit of work to forum members ... I don't want to write ... unless I want to. Going forward I will give first dibs on jobs to students who have upgraded to the forum classroom.
Have you seen the 15 MOST READ forum threads Belew 22 4 monthsBelew (9820): After I send people to this link on 199 ideas to start writing about on your blog, the discussion changes from "What do I write?" about to "Where do I start?"
WizardsPlace WP Classroom Rev 13 4 hoursLenderman33 (208): Hi Tienny, Thank you for sharing! :) Erik
How to Get More Leads Through Interviews Winsome1 1 4 hoursWinsome1 (244): Congratulations! You just got yourself an opportunity to be on a podcast or guest post. You may be quite impressed that you now have the chance to talk about your area of specialization or about your book but you have not considered any major points that you want to share. What then can you do to turn your audience into leads during your interview? Read on padowan! The...
Coach or teach? Which do you do best? Belew 15 18 hoursBigPoppi (19): "A coach is someone who makes you do what you don't want to do so you can become who you want to be!" The late great coach Tom Landry
Headlines, Titles, and Subject Lines Rev 6 20 hoursSusanDay (937): They say the last word you should use is "newsletter" in your subject lines. Some catchy ones usually involve quirky questions.
Open Mic Live Stream 4pm PT Tues Feb 21/17 Rev 3 20 hoursSusanDay (937): Please share the recording as I can't make this time.
Where do you go when life takes big turns? Belew 5 20 hoursSusanDay (937): Writing, painting, journaling and even gardening can distract me long enough to help me get through tough times. Tougher times - prayer and meditation Having a supportive partner is a wonderful thing. @TParker You are very lucky.
Welcome Haiti | 92nd Country! Belew 93 1 dayBelew (9820): And then there were 92... countries represented in the forum. Today someone from Haiti joined. It took a while to get WiFi installed perhaps. Great people, tough circumstances to deal with. Glad to have them here! Welcome!
Page Two on Google is the New Page One Belew 9 1 dayBelew (9820): @stevew407 @Rev is spot on. The reason paid ads most often do NOT WORK is because the buyer doesn't or can't go in deep enough or stay with it long enough. Its naive to think one can pay a $100 or $200 and start earning more than that at Google or Facebook.
Network Marketing: Experiences? Lenderman33 30 2 daysphilipwatling (58): Hi @Rev I used to volunteer in our hospital's lending library and I was so proud to put my book in display. It was borrowed on the first day - I lent it out! The chap was discharged, went home and took the book with him :( I can kinda see worth in leaving copies of my book in doctor's surgeries etc, but 1) guaranteed it will be taken - and not paid for - by the first person who finds it and 2) I cannot keep buying books!
ROI and your education SusanDay 15 2 daysBelew (9820): @Steve You are not my target. I screen for teachers. It's not for all comers. The onus is on me.
Joint Ventures Can Help Book Launches Winsome1 9 3 daysWinsome1 (244): I have experienced the same thing. I don't do reciprocal partnerships anymore. If you are interested in mine and have the audience to promote, I will work with you. If you come to me and it looks like something my audience can use, I will work with you. I will say, that I am pretty careful these days. In my group program, we are talking about list exhaustion. The problem with JV's is that we can get more focused on selling than providing good...
The Miracle: Life - Journey thru My Eyes PatMolina 12 3 daysphilipwatling (58): How does one survive major trauma? Here's my story...
Boosting Sales? . . . Experts Requested Lenderman33 18 4 daysLenderman33 (208): Hi Clay_Simplyposted, That is great! Very interesting. Do you have data, which suggests that your AI Algorithm is more effective than Facebook's Targeting System? If so, could you please share that data? Thanks! :) Erik
So You've Written A Book... Rev 11 4 daysBelew (9820): @Rev The fault is mine because the line is fuzzy in my own mind. I don't have a clear answer either. As a rule ... I just want to avoid outgoing links altogether. It may change if it makes sense. The blame is on me.
Meetup turns political loses friends morrnel 8 4 daysphilipwatling (58): If my wife even thought I was thinking of using something called Meetup she'd divorce me for cheating!
Anyone Familiar With Setting Up Outlook 2013 DansCartoons 6 5 daysSteve (3211): Try this clickable text It's a repair tool... ive used it a few times
There are good people in Nigeria, too oluwashogamaverick 9 5 daysSteve (3211): I think one of the problems is the legal system in many of these Countries... the people that scam and steal from people are seldom if ever caught and prosecuted... yet the authorities know who they are.
Are there any bloggers that can help me out? PatMolina 27 6 daysLenderman33 (208): A pleasure to meet you! : ) Erik
Social Media Marketing and Copywriting Alessio 31 6 daysRev (3667): Once, when I was in an MLM business, I wanted to reach out to people I knew could be looking for my products if they only knew I was there. Rather than put out catalogs -- what many were doing at significant expense, I printed up a bunch of "cards" four up on a standard sheet of printer paper. I cut them out and then cut between phone number tabs on the leading edge... you know, those tear-off phone number tabs you see on posts on...
Google Penalizing Popups on Mobile Devices? slaqjaw 28 6 daysLenderman33 (208): Hi Folks, To answer the initial question: Yes. Google began penalizing "Interstials" also known as "Pop-Ups" in January. The details are available on SearchEngine Land However, Google also updated it's algorithm to allow for rapid recovery from penalties, so long as these are corrected immediately. Therefore, many have suggested that all pop-ups are discontinued as a base-line. Items that are not likely to be...
How to get started in a forum. You do what? jerri 10 7 daysBelew (9820): @jerri If you can find a way to make short and easy work, plz share. It's so much less work for me.
Twisted Restorations Twistedrestoration 3 8 daystienny (532): @TwistedRestoration All the best in your business. What type of restoration service do you provide? I like the part for you to love to restore items that have been tossed to the side and forgotten. I still have an old mobile phone at home that have been tossed aside. I use it as an alarm clock.
What would you do w/ 10 hrs extra weekly? Belew 5 8 daystienny (532): With 10 extra hours, I would like to rest from internet to exercise and work on my content.
Anyone using Snapchat? My1App 3 8 daysSusanDay (937): I have seen a few people using their Snapchat profile image on other social networks, but I have to be honest I don't know much about it. What benefits are there using Snapchat over other SM platforms? What are your experiences?
Blogger Forced to Pay in Defamation Suit Belew 15 8 daysRev (3667): Actually, I'd rather the Internet DOES allow. The rest is what the courts are for.
Do you desire to enjoy or improve the world? Belew 23 8 daysRev (3667): Do you remember your garbage men (or women)? You know -- those wonderful people who slip by in most any weather and pick up the trash you set out by the curb. Think about them. They are very important people in your life, especially if you are a property owner. Just imagine what would happen if they missed you, or your whole street, for a few weeks. Valentine's Day is upon us. You remembered everyone else. Would a box of chocolates be too...
Content Writing Webinar SusanDay 9 10 daysRev (3667): @My1App It's even better. With SEO you don't get your knuckles busted!
Social Media Ads Pros Cons Galliher 11 10 daysRev (3667): @Belew Absolutely.
What's your secret to high conversions? Belew 6 11 daysSteve (3211): Conversions... in my opinion it all comes down to setting realistic expectations... just because you want to sell something to someone, doesn't make it a realistic expectation does it? Lets assume you want to sell a reasonably priced something or other ... your chances of making an initial sale are low... Whereas getting someone to sign up for something else, most likely free ... watch this webinar free and learn ... you give them your email...
Free Content Writing and Marketing - Soon! SusanDay 30 12 daysSusanDay (937): Hi @Jonnner Here's the link - It's short and, hopefully, sweet :) Let me know if you need any help.
WizardsPlace WP Classroom (WordPress) Rev 3 12 daysRev (3667): Great session today. Unfortunately no one from this forum made it. I'll make the same offer (same links as above) for next Wednesday's live streaming classroom. Bring your WordPress questions or problems and questions about online marketing from a WordPress foundation. Looking forward to seeing some of you there.
Blogging, SEO & Social Media janicewald 13 13 daysRev (3667): @janicewald Top of the page, just under the blue header, to the right. You should see your name there and a green button with the number of posts you have made. To the right of that is a little "down arrow". Mouse over it and a menu will appear. First item is Profile & Settings.
When does a blog post become overkill? Belew 11 13 daysSusanDay (937): @philipwatling That's a great opening line! I have practised many 'elevator pitches' in my time - short, sweet and to the point. We authors have to stick together ;)
What Kind of Email Title Performs Best- TEST Belew 19 13 daysBelew (9820): Ill never get 100 sales if i cant get 500 opens or more like 5000 opens. As for me, i am sharing my experience with other ppl like me. What can be done and what can be learned from someone my size? If the answer is add a zero to my email list aize...that's not relevant right now.
Size Matters..Your List and Book Launch Winsome1 8 14 daysSusanDay (937): @Winsome1 I offer a free ebook called "Help! My Grandkids Don't Like Reading!" 7 ways to engage and develop a love of books and reading. It's early days, the site is only a few months old. I have over 100 blog posts, and this week I've started reaching out to write guest spots on baby boomer sites and other authors I know.
How to REAL Engagement on Twitter Webinar Belew 3 15 daysSusanDay (937): Looks great.
The Big Differentiator in online business su Belew 5 16 daysBelew (9820): @Seniorpreneur Marketing is putting the right product in the right place at the right time NOT hoping it will happen.
2017 Industry Champion Award Votes skappal 10 17 daysphilipwatling (58): It's like the first two men on the moon: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Lightyear :)
How to get out of a funk CoolHandLuke 30 18 daysphilipwatling (58): Thanks for the advise. I do agree though that relationships are everything and have proved very useful in the past. Once someone in the bank refused to let me withdraw money from a cleared cheque... A cheque that bounced a few days later! I believe he only did that because he knew me! I 'market' my book as one that brings hope and I hope that is a view that anyone can appreciate. Over the years on Twitter I have gathered some odd followers; I...
3 Stupid Questions I Got Asked this Week Belew 3 19 daysphilipwatling (58): That is good advice, Belew. Sadly after the bills are paid there is barely enough left for food. Certainly not enough to pay anyone to do anything! However, if someone reads and likes my book I only think it polite that they recommend it to anyone they know who may be interested in reading it :)
WizardsPlace WP Classroom Is Back! Rev 4 19 daysSusanDay (937): Sounds like a great idea. I can't make it this week, but I will next.
Full stack marketing agency, branding, ... AdamGordon2020 5 19 daysSusanDay (937): @AdamGordon2020 Hey Adsm. Great to meet you. I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas and experiences.
We are 8x Average Meetup Membership / group Belew 50 19 daysBelew (9820): People who say numbers don't matter generally don't have any numbers to play with. (not always...) I love playing with numbers but more so going beyond the analysis and actually acting on those numbers. Not always successful, mind you ... but not for a lack of trying. In this Meetup Thread ... I have some numbers to add. In January, our Meetup membership grew by 861...
150+ at Mega Meetup in San Jose (pics) Belew 1 19 daysBelew (9820): What it looks like to have 150+ people at a Meetup ... in San Jose. .... ... ...
My Take on Best Marketing Strategies Video Belew 4 19 daysBelew (9820): Nee mic. Got it. Tx.