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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #5 Belew 224 20 hoursSteve (3403): Welcome everyone new Just been reading above... nice to meet you all, but those with a tendency to spin things ... you can go to far so that no one has any idea what you are doing... lol Made me laugh though, this cold Monday morning... :)
10 REAL benefits to upgrade to Student Level Belew 12 19 daysRev (4765): @jmolan I think Bill still has to approve signups manually as the payment processor doesn't link into the Classroom. He should be by soon. You'll know you are approved because you will start seeing additional threads with dark red arrows -- those are classroom posts. And welcome, by the way!
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 73 28 daysJodiC (1): Thanks for the invite. I am very new to all of this. I am excited to see what happens!
​10​ REAL​ benefits to upgrade to Teacher Belew 13 4 monthsSusanDay (1489): @Belew One of the greatest rewards I get from my students is seeing them grow and learn. For each individual it is different, but it is always delightful to see happen. I find inspiration in teaching, and I always learn from my students. You can't rate that or put a dollar value on it. If you could, I'd be rich!
Have you seen the 15 MOST READ forum threads Belew 23 4 monthsBelew (10966): If there were more of me ... I'd update this more often. Wait! There is more of me ... Stella!
how to set an appointment no one wants to miss kklenner 9 2 hourskklenner (7): @belew lol, I guess that is part of my problem. I say too much at once. But scammy and hype I've never been told because it is all true. Sorry about the length, I was not writing it as an offer but rather more of a glimpse of what I am wanting to share. For some reason I do not know where to start in putting my information out there, I am looking to find the beginning of my online adventure. I am very slow in realising how to get started and...
Speaker Bio morningstar 9 2 hoursBelew (10966): @morningstar I sent you a msg via the inmail. I will try to respond asap there.
Marketing Online Travel Agency Tips poz75 7 8 hourspoz75 (13): I do have a website and blog set up. I'm starting to blog more often and coming up with a plan for a newsletter. I'm trying to figure out what should be in my newsletter. I specialize in small ship cruising and adventure travel. Travel affiliation works a bit different. My host company offers leads and if I sell their leads, I get a much smaller commission. If I sell my own clients, commission is MUCH higher. There are no affiliate...
Taking the leap on Facebook Ad Campaign Belew 52 19 hoursSteve (3403): @Belew That's always the crux ... the wife... lol I once had a client for a few years that loved to advertise online... he never really measured anything, hardly ever received any orders... but threw I think it was around 3K a month at it, simply because his competitors did ... so it must work.
To Re-purpose or start over is the question. Belew 8 1 dayBuzzyMarketing (10): FrontPage?! There's a name I haven't heard in a while! I guess the question I would start off with is: Is the site under consideration currently making any money, or does it have any real value in some other capacity? If yes, I guess I'd continue to build out that site and segue into a new site (domains are cheap) like Rev indicated. If I wanted to update the technology of an existing site I'd probably move the static HTML pages to a...
Power of a blog ... data. Belew 14 1 dayBelew (10966): I was running a language school and we needed to hire a new teacher. We put smth on Craigslist and got 50+ applications. Some very good ones, too. As we sat down to start weeding them out a guy came thru the door. "I am looking for a teaching job." He handed us his resume. I went thru it and we hired him right there, right then. That was 8 years or so ago and he still work for us.
good topics needed Natishafost 8 2 daysSusanDay (1489): @Natishafost I agree with Steve. You could also look at powerful women in history, and my favorite - female authors who made their mark despite having to be mothers and housekeepers.
BLOGGING COURSE 101 LESSON 2 SusanDay 11 2 daysgspieler (112): @TParker. "Social listening?" What a great phrase and what an excellent concept. Geez, I feel as though I've been living in a blog cave.
Let's Discuss... Imposter Syndrome TParker 14 5 daystammysoffices (220): @SusanDay it is funny you mention the actress, b/c she really is only 'acting' and that is her job - her job is to be a 'Pretender'! She must have been doing it pretty well if she was getting movies to appear in at the time. @belew too funny - what a shame you were found out! Can I borrow the costumes? hehe I agree, we should first be FREE enough to be Ourselves and honest enough with ourselves to know when we are not being ourselves. ...
Wednesday Webbie - Wednesday Jun 21 - 7pm PT Rev 11 5 daysRev (4765): Just so everyone knows, presenters at our Wednesday Webbies sessions are also all teachers and instructors in the Belew forum Classroom. You can learn from them if you are a student. Check out the pinned posts if you are interested. Additionally, if you have something important to share, and even something to promote, teachers get special dispensation to do so. Share with others, help others learn, promote your own products and services. Check...
E&O/Professional liability coverage TParker 9 5 daysTParker (262): Nope, setting sun here. ; )
Giving it away jmolan 3 5 daysjmolan (157): Oh my you are so right on the horizon, I am usually not that sloppy, thanks. I will fix that before sending out the offer. My fans are used to me bouncing between boats and eagles. I have a couple diverse groups of fans. Deadliest catch fishing people and eagle/nature. It can be fun. So far it looks like seven new email sign ups since the offer.
Grammar and Composition Help TParker 10 6 daysRev (4765): Estimates tweeted by Trump. Beware.
Happy Father's Day Belew 7 6 daysIamstevenb (43): It is a wise child that knows his own father.
This Might Be the Best Reason Yet to upgrade Belew 6 7 daysBelew (10966): This is not a free website ... this is a free high-level website ... that requires a minimum investment. So, I guess it's not free... it's free to those who are at some level invested in learning.
Call the procrastination police! TParker 4 7 daysSusanDay (1489): @TParker Have you tried painting the house? That's a great way to avoid work.
Quick issue/problem with Twitter FrugalTravelsNepal 9 8 daysFrugalTravelsNepal (58): Funny, but the reason I stay on Google is that they SEO their own first so I think I get a bit of a bump. I really don't like the platform because it errors a lot when I try to upload a picture. I've been trying to post elsewhere, too. So, I finally got 8,500 followers after a month or more of having 8,490 or so. They just wouldn't let the followers increase. Even Twiends only lets me follow 13 people before they put the warning on.
Share a favorite quote? Rev 287 8 daystienny (556): @KathrynLang Even I wish to have great teamwork.
Let's Discuss... The Psychology of Marketing TParker 10 8 daysFrugalTravelsNepal (58): I worked as an ad rep. for a time and I learned that if the person likes you they will buy. If they don't like you, if you remind them of their annoying cousin they will never buy from you-no matter what.
My article about marketing your book TParker 4 9 daysTParker (262): In the past, I preferred shorter articles. But now that I have to conduct research on a wider variety of topics, I am finding more value in long-form pieces. I've seen 1000-word pieces that just skim several topics without saying anything actionable. Of course, a 500-word post with a single actionable point can be valuable. With the shorter posts, you would definitely need create a directory to allow readers to find "the next...
Getting Paid to Publish Short Stories jmolan 34 9 daysjulesthoughts (28): I would love to dispute the wisdom in your words but I know you are right. I also know that the feelings expressed by me are just a way to release some of the anger caused in me by the prolonged divorce. But your words were needed. They have recentered me and that will help me get my mind straight so that I can start dissecting other sites and begin the process of getting mine ready for the world.
Sign up for my email list? jmolan 2 10 daysBelew (10966): @jmolan Id give away a screen saver. Your stuff is cool (no pun intended) enough for that.
Economic, Emotional, Spiritual Entrepreneur Philc 5 10 daysPhilc (4): Good to meet all of you as well as others who believe in collaborating and giving for others benefit! I typed in another post, I'm sure I will adapt quickly once I get familiar with this platform. I have always had an entreprenurial spirit, and seen many business models the last 35 years or so. I do have "Brick & Mortar" Service family business that I look forward to growing; and I learned many years ago about the concept of...
Forum Students Can Do What Others Cannot Belew 4 10 daysBelew (10966): @TParker anywhere ... but within reason, plz. What is reasonable? If we have to ask ... probably not reasonable. You are sensitive, I know. You'll get it right. 8-)
33 New Forum Members in the Last 1 hr Help! Belew 6 11 daysTParker (262): Not that I don't enjoy the old ones. ; ) Girlscout song: Make new friends but keep the old...
Unsolicited Testimonials Are Best Sometimes Belew 8 11 daysgspieler (112): @jmolan Wow. Good for you. You must feel really good about this, and you should.
Your Connection is Not Secure ... Then what? jmolan 12 11 daysjmolan (157): Will do , today was pretty crazy away from the desk.
Video coverage big difference jmolan 24 11 daysBelew (10966): @jmolan The simple answer abt what works is there is no simple answer. If there was one almighty way that works best, everyone would use that one way... then it would not be as effective any more. I recommend IF your strategy is to give something to get something ... make that 'GIVE' as cool as you can without giving away the farm. AND ... make the 'GET' as painless for the GETTER to GIVE as possible. Make it dumb simple.
Some Clown Showed Up at My Meetup Event Belew 7 12 daystienny (556): @belew I thought shake hands is a sign of respect.
Wednesday Webbies Rev 4 12 daysSusanDay (1489): I was just looking at photography backdrops! LOL Yes, it was fun, and I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)
Hope is shaken when your traffic drops KathrynLang 17 12 daysKathrynLang (301): @Belew Thanks for asking. According to Google Analytics - no. But I'm getting engagement and Awstats shows an increase in feed reads unique visitors as well. My podcast has been climbing up every day also. So, I feel much better about what I'm doing and the results . . . it would still be nice to go viral (not to be viral though, that would be gross).
Looking for someone to run Facebook Campaign Belew 9 12 daysjmolan (157): Sounds like me.....but the authors I listen to liked it.
Who's Had Success with Videos? Belew 4 12 daysjmolan (157): I attended a video presentation locally. They said video will grab 300-400% more than a photo image. They also said Mark Z of Facebook this they will be mostly video in less than five years.
Do You Believe in Coincidences? Belew 8 13 daysSusanDay (1489): @Belew Doh!
Inspire reinvention in struggling women Natishafost 16 14 daysFrugalTravelsNepal (58): Yes, we have one night or as long as someone wants to stay. We all try to spoil our guests and it usually works to get them to stay longer.
How many blogs posts are written daily? !!!! Belew 10 14 daysSusanDay (1489): @MagieL You are right in so far as getting content out matters, but if your readers can't understand it in the first few seconds they might leave your site. I'm an ESL teacher if I can help please let me know.
Over the hump! jmolan 6 15 daysBelew (10966): @jmolan Some folks don't even realize they have a hump in the way.
Six Web Sites I Own Are On UNKNOWN Host - W DansCartoons 9 15 daysRev (4765): Dan, that's called a "favicon" (favorites icon) and it identifies the site associated with the tab. Simple ones are best. See Google, Apple, MacDonald's, Nike. You should be able to come up with something both unique and suitable. It should be 32 x 32 pixels (create it larger and resize to 32 -- see how it looks). Your theme may have a place to add it as a .jpg or .png. If not, you will need to convert it to a .ico file with something...
Where do you place testimonials? SusanDay 6 17 daystienny (556): @Rev It's great to have the plugins to organise it.
Is self publishing a good option? Natishafost 18 17 daysKathrynLang (301): A self-publishing company is the contractor that builds your book that you are going to publish yourself. Indie-publishing is when you are the contractor. Hybrid publishing is a blend of self and traditional. A traditional publishing company is a home builder and you rent space. That may not be exact, but it is close. :D
How to get a blog post indexed by Google gspieler 15 17 daysBelew (10966): @gspieler building smith - building smth = building something. Yes.. build you own blog/site.
Best Places Online/Anywhere meet likemindeds Dchhinsley 10 17 daysBelew (10966): @Dchhinsley We'd love to have you in the classroom. People say they want feedback, but what they really want is for people to say nice things to them. I will tell you what I think AND why I think the way I do ... as will the other teachers. Opinions without data are just opinions. We know why we think what we think. See you in the classroom? <= Click
Where to go for serious brainstorming ...... Belew 9 18 daysKathrynLang (301): Serious brainstorming = a mastermind group.
Wednesday Webbies June 7, 2017. Rev 5 19 daysgspieler (112): Thank you so much. This means a lot coming from you two Masters of the Universe.
199 Characteristics REAL Influencer / Mentor Belew 90 20 daystienny (556): @SusanDay Yeah. I talk about the story a lot with few people and talk on the medium format - animation (is my vision), app book (client's opinion), book (another client's opinion). Purpose: simple to explain the reason to children the reason to brush their teeth. When I found out animation production cost $100,000, I choose book form. I was so overwhelmed with so many things. So I outsourced it to a friend and pay her to illustrate...