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​10​ REAL​ benefits to upgrade to Teacher Belew 14 2 daysBelew (11620): 22 new students starting on the 29th!
10 REAL benefits to upgrade to Student Level Belew 13 2 daysBelew (11620): 22 new students starting on the 29th!
Official Introduce Yourself Thread #5 Belew 282 3 daysRev (5332): @diane4321 Hi Diane, Glad you found this place. A lot of good things to be found here. Blogging can serve many purposes from writing for fun, to personal therapy, to business promotion, to writing (blogging) for profit. Here's a PDF ebook that might be useful in helping you find your path. Business Blogging
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 73 8 monthsJodiC (1): Thanks for the invite. I am very new to all of this. I am excited to see what happens!
Have you seen the 15 MOST READ forum threads Belew 23 11 monthsBelew (11620): If there were more of me ... I'd update this more often. Wait! There is more of me ... Stella!
How Can I Turn the World Off When I Can't? Belew 16 12 hoursSusanDay (1987): @Belew That's wonderful. You must be so proud.
Numbers or consistency? BKatt 4 16 hoursBKatt (28): Thanks, @Rev! Curious why "optimize" wouldn't be after "measure" instead of "promote." Is "promote" part of the measuring process?
Wondering Why You Need to Self Host? SusanDay 10 1 daytienny (646): @Rev Thanks for your immediate response. what do you think about bluehost? @Belew I remember that you recommended me bmhosting to host my first author site. What is the good side of bmhosting? Sub-domain?
Let's Discuss: Referrals -Giving & Receiving TParker 12 2 daysRev (5332): Another good form of engagement.
201 Characteristics REAL Influencer / Mentor Belew 93 2 daysBelew (11620): 200. Is secure enough to share the stage. 201. Knows when to retreat.
Categories, Tags and Description BKatt 14 3 daysBKatt (28): @Rev Thanks for the confirmation... and a shot of 80s memories!
Facebook Boosts and stats gspieler 5 5 daysBelew (11620): @gspieler Congrats on figuring out what works for you and building your audience. Find a good strategy to stay engaged with them and it'll grow more.
How do I improve my online reach w Facebook? jmolan 22 6 daysjmolan (478): Funny Bill (or maybe not) I'm not sure The original filling out of the ad said goals? Page visits, Likes, etc. You can see the two colored line, the short piece on the end is what FB got me, the rest is just good sharing and...
What to do when you 1st enter a forum phani22 2 10 daysBelew (11620): @phani22 Welcome! How can we help?
Blogging on Steriods SusanDay 7 12 daysSusanDay (1987): @gspieler Absolutely, the kettle is always on
What's the Best Publisher sans agent? jmolan 16 12 daysgspieler (442): @Belew: You are very funny. Here is how it goes for most authors. We are responsible for cashing the check. I really don't care that I didn't make a lot of money on the book. It has served me very well. I learned early on not to expect to get rich writing a book...for most of us. We'll see what happens. In terms of the movie stuff, I had excellent representation. My agent has a contract with a major entertainment law firm in Los Angeles. I...
Looking Forward to Learning From the Forum CurtNeff 4 12 daysSusanDay (1987): @CurtNeff it's great to meet you. Sounds like you are doing amazing work. What do you hope to learn from the forum?
Jill Dearing Beckmann's Introduction jillbeckmann 3 13 daysBelew (11620): @jillbeckmann Welcome, Jill! So glad to have you here!
Boosting posts on Facebook gspieler 19 13 daysBelew (11620): @jmolan Good morning! There's a LOT that looks like it works. A little that actually does. I am always skeptical of someone who has done one thing well - sold their widget for example - who is now an expert on how to sell widget. Sure they did it. But can they do it again? If so, then why not keep selling their widget? Why are they suddenly widget sales experts? I have dozens ... more actually - of firsthand case studies in multiple...
Trapped In A Box? Rev 13 18 daysSusanDay (1987): @Rev Looks great. There are no social share buttons on the page - is that deliberate? I'd like to share it for you. I also love the images down the side of the page. What benefit does that add to the page?
Hero or Guide BKatt 9 18 daysRev (5332): @Jonnner Hey! Glad to see you back.
Happy New Year morrnel 12 18 daysmorrnel (697): My first reaction was What about the other eleven months?
Happy New Year 2018 Rev 4 19 daysjmolan (478):
Book Ads jmolan 19 22 daysBelew (11620): @jmolan Lemme know when/if you are in SF for any length of time. We can get together and tell lies to each other.
Social Media - A Powerful Marketing Tool Rev 4 24 daysBelew (11620): @Rev ... still waiting on you.
What Happens If Massively Unfollow Twitter Belew 123 28 daysFrugalTravelsNepal (88): One would think that someone who got their first 10k or 45k would understand about content. I have to admit that I have given in to the political stuff sometimes, but what I tweet is about Nepal and humanitarian issues and travel. I just started using this free website, Now, suddenly, I got +30 followers overnight. I think I was following too many dead wood, but I'd been trying to keep it clean by using
Must I have a website/domain host? julesthoughts 4 1 monthRev (5332): @julesthoughts I take it from what you said that you have a blog site on That is a great place to start and, for many, a great place to stay. Should you ever decide to move to a self-hosted WordPress site, moving your content is a breeze. As Bill said, you really can't do business from the free WordPress blog site. It's against their rules and just difficult to do. They offer (overpriced) upgrades that will let you add business...
Office space...head space? jmolan 4 1 monthBKatt (28): @jmolan Several possibilities come to mind: 1) Home Is the challenge at home the noise or that you don't have a dedicated area to work? If you have a dedicated area where you can close the door, but you are being distracted by the noise, then active noise reduction headphones may be a solution. I use the Bose headphones. They are pricey, but the active noise cancellation and the music of your choice can virtually eliminate all...
What's better - a review or an article? SusanDay 26 1 monthtienny (646): @SusanDay That is not what I meant. Someone offers to help me to improve my wording. She shares how it helps her son to brush her teeth. Currently, I just send her a word file to ask for her testimonials. So I feel lost on how to go about it.
Beginning Questions for New Business Blogger BKatt 11 1 monthBKatt (28): Thanks @Rev for the reminder to update my profile and for generously sharing your PDF! Already, it has answered several questions I haven't thought to ask yet.
Online Magazine Ideas? SusanDay 17 1 monthSusanDay (1987): @Rev Thanks! I'll take you up on your promise in the new year.
Kids are staying younger longer Belew 8 1 monthSusanDay (1987): @Rev me too!
Testimonial or review of my book? tienny 10 1 monthtienny (646): @gspieler Do you mean to give specific questions for them to answer?
Healthcare Technical Writer Needed lunar_ranger 4 1 monthSusanDay (1987): So true!
Your Connection is Not Secure ... Then what? jmolan 19 1 monthSusanDay (1987): @Rev Great! Thanks for clearing that up.
Best Testimonial Wordpress Plugin tienny 3 1 monthtienny (646): Hi Rev, Thanks for your kind advise. Did you use any testimonials plugin in your site?
Join Us for a Facebook Live with Capt Jack Belew 6 1 monthjmolan (478):
Will it be better to create review blog? tienny 5 2 monthstienny (646): @gspieler Thanks. What are the review sites I should sign up besides goodread and amazon?
44 Things I Wish I Knew B4 Starting a Blog Belew 7 2 monthscm_hazelwood (244): @Belew they get more than you do, but do you get enough for your purposes? Grinnin.
Time to set goals for 2018 ... or not Belew 4 2 monthsTParker (529): Moreso to avoid paying for full-time employees and the associated regulatory requirements. Perhaps consider me an independent contractor instead. A business or individual may need regular content and social media management but that work would only take a few hours a week. So, do they go through the process of interviewing an employee? Or, they could hire a freelancer as needed but that would require them to search for and try out a new...
Is Google becoming more self-serving? Belew 3 2 monthsBelew (11620): @TParker All good observations. ... and true ones, too.
Should Of, Would Of, Could Of... Rev 4 2 monthsIamstevenb (55): True. Everyone knows the title should be "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda". :-)
Replay - Is Facebook a Waste of Time? SusanDay 27 2 monthsSteve (3607): @SusanDay i have a friend that sells such a spray ... lol and it's just a news article they wrote that went viral... nothing given away... the west newspaper picked it up as did a few groups online ... bang... 130K page views ... 500 FB shares... etc.
Who's making big plans for 2018? Wanna share Belew 8 2 monthsBelew (11620): @Steve good for you. Seems everything fell into place for you. Very happy for you.
How do you avoid creep with clients? Belew 12 2 monthsSteve (3607): There should be no such thing as project creep... price your project properly and write your scope of works correctly and then when it starts to creep... mention that this addittional work forms a variation to order, price it and get it approved in writing before proceeding with it. I used to be a building estimator befor my time with thd imternet and was something of an expert at this... working around the world.
Where to Start online training in marketing TUSCAN 10 2 monthsSteve (3607): @TUSCAN start at the begining... understanding who exactly your customers are... and then move onwards to whatever interests you.
Where has the year gone? SusanDay 8 2 monthsgspieler (442): @SusanDay Thanks so much. What I have learned is that at a minimum, it takes about three years to complete a movie from screenplay to film. Everything seems to take forever. How many versions of the screenplay before it's approved? Casting. Cast learning roles and directors Ok with the final takes? Locations and sets. Film editing. The earliest they say the film version of Taking Aim would launch would be 2020. So, as I tell all my female...
Who else ate too much yesterday? Belew 5 2 monthsSusanDay (1987): @Belew lol ... that sounds like my kinda celebration ;-)
New WordPress Plugin For Messenger Rev 8 2 monthstienny (646): @SusanDay Makes sense.
Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say Rev 6 2 monthstienny (646): Interesting read!