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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #3 Belew 191 7 hoursBelew (7969): @realestatewriter There are a lot of these kind of people here. Hopefully, someone/s will pop up. Keep me posted.
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 52 1 monthBelew (7969): @ivelisl Use Self-hosted WordPress. Buy a domain name and basic hosting ... or some such place. You can install WordPress for free. Their customer service is great and they will walk you thru it. If you have trouble, reach out to me via the inmail.
MOST READ 15 Forum Threads EACH w/ 60+ Posts Belew 20 3 monthsBelew (7969): This is the post I get asked about the most. 199 ideas to get started with on your web site to build credibility
Using Social Media @ Work - InfoGraphic Belew 11 2 hoursRev (2572): @Belew I think the "work on a promise" meme has been beaten to death after a long and abusive relationship. So many business saw it as nothing more than a source of free labor which they could, and did, take advantage of. Interns and apprentices, however, still represent a lessor tapped resource. And you are right about the cost. I've used both and you need to be prepared to give as much as you get -- maybe even more -- for it to...
Global Entrepreneur Summit '16 Obama & Zuck Belew 1 4 hoursBelew (7969):
Marketing Homes to ex- & future hippies therobrossteam 3 8 hoursjycmba (2104): Welcome @therobrossteam - although I've only had a few chances to visit, Santa Cruz is a fun, unique part of Northern California!
Image button link in Wordpress SusanDay 14 9 hoursRev (2572): @SusanDay The Elementor Page Builder creates buttons that let you add from a fairly large selection of icons. Lets you easily create opt-in pages or add it to any page. Might be worth a look.
I am really lousy at search or I am losing . Belew 4 22 hoursSteve (2773): Most contact us forms, emails, etc... are directed towards someone in sales.... these are still monitored, as much as they ever were in my opinion. There has definitely been a shift from including full contact details, address, telephone, etc... to just digital contact or in some cases digital backed up with a phone... Addresses add validity but aren't used as often as they used to be.
Aging In Place Aginginplace 3 23 hoursSeniorpreneur (43): @Aginginplace Hi! Welcome! Aging in Place is an important trend for most seniors in their retirement life. In regards to your modifications business are you getting many older clients requests to design some 'home office' space in their home, with the intention of setting up a home-based business as part of their retirement lifestyle? Thanks!
Welcome Jordan | 66 Countries in Forum Belew 65 1 dayBelew (7969): Woohoo! A new member just jumped in to the forum from Jordan! Jordan is the 66th country represented here in the content marketing forum. <= click to see the full list of countries. Imagine if we could take our ideas and get 66 different cultural perspectives on it. That'd be cool, wouldn't it? Welcome Jordan.
Mommy bloggers against Wind Turbines Shellie 8 1 daySteve (2773): @Shellie Nuclear... anything is better than Nuclear... why would someone want Nuclear ... Best I keep quiet
How to Attract More Readers with Video jycmba 52 1 dayBelew (7969): "If you don't enjoy learning it, it's probably 'not your thing.'" This is a terrific insight and one I hadn't thought of. Thanks for hitting me with it. I needed that.
Anyone had any success on Fiverr? Belew 20 1 dayBelew (7969): @jycmba Well done!!
161 Characteristics of a REAL Influencer Belew 60 3 daysBelew (7969): A real influencer: 151. Is not afraid of crazy - ideas, people or otherwise. 152. Is not intimidated by what appears to be impossible to others. 153. Stands fast when everyone else runs. 154. Accepts praise when s/he is worthy to receive it. 155. Continues on long after everyone else has given up. 156. Pioneers into new territory. 157. Sees possibilities even when the odds are 2000 to 1 or worse. 158. Establishes clarity where others see only...
Got Father's Here? Happy Day to Ya! Belew 3 5 daysSeniorpreneur (43): This is a good example for seniors 50+ to learn and practice. Too many seniors whether they are able or disabled are presently vegetating on their own 'pasture land'. They don't recognize that they have the opportunity with the help of caring mentors, lifelong learning and will power to sprint across the finish line after having an abundant and meaningful retirement life.
Monkeys, Monsters, and Our Minds.. Oh My jycmba 8 5 daysjycmba (2104): Guess I should've added a disclaimer that we hold no responsibility for any productivity lost in watching this and other TED talks!
Live Case Study: My First Blog Feldman 14 5 daysBelew (7969): @Feldman I'd like to hear how you are coming along as well.
Wisdom here...... Bobbystef65 2 6 daysRev (2572): @Bobbystef65 We use to call them fair-weather friends. In the entreprenurial age would they be fair-weather clients?
Hello,glad to be amongst you all. jgerk 13 7 daysjgerk (34): Hi Susan, What an exciting writer you are.I so love animals and wish I still had small Grandchildren to read your books to. I write in a variety of genres. My 1st. novel was an historical romance set in the Victorian era.'Figs, Vines and Roses.' The 2nd is a WW2 drama about the Special Operations Executive [S.O.E.] although fiction the S.O.E. worked for freedom and liberty mainly in Europe. My story tells of a young English girl with a...
Twitter Stats increase engagement Steve 8 8 daysRev (2572): @Steve Thanks! I'll be watching.
Who's Up to Do Something Really Hard? Belew 19 8 daysBelew (7969): @bdaoust The goal is to not do smth we can but to do smth we think we can't. And to spur one another on. Let's think out loud here. What's on ur mind?
Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers Belew 3 9 daysbdaoust (700): Congrats @Steve
Very Funny Video abt Millennials Belew 1 9 daysBelew (7969): If the Millennial is in your target demographic, this video might be a must see.
What's the hardest part for you? Belew 8 10 daysSteve (2773): Time management is the thing I struggle with... i start, sometimes the wrong tasks, I get distracted, do something else I like to do, etc...
LinkedIn Sold Steve 11 10 daysBelew (7969): Or Apple might take it to expand into the print space.
Do We Have Any Adwords Experts Who Can Teach Belew 5 11 daysjycmba (2104): @Belew - Ah, here's excerpts from what my friend Dyan says.. ".. We did apply for the grant in 2014. It's a deceptively simple application --- it is extremely competitive. Hundreds of thousands of applicants. I think the key is to be in a niche but very good at what you do. Pretty much the most important capability an org can show is that they can effectively measure the success / impact of their programs, and how they are doing...
Social Media Metrics chrisleffler 20 11 daysglobalman22 (46): I especially like @Steve's comment above: "We all monitor different things... most count new followers... some monitor engagement... but the only one worth monitoring is the conversion of social media followers in to prospects ( those entering your sales funnel ) and ultimately customers". If the purpose of your efforts is a commercial endeavor, I'm sure it all comes down to conversions.
Does this Happen to You on Twitter? Belew 3 11 daysBelew (7969): @chrisleffler Twitter analytics. In the past it has bounced back leading me to believe there was just a glitch in T's reporting/graph interface. I can see tweets going out ... so unless T is just not allowing my tweets to be seen, then smths fishy.
How to Use Twitter Cards chrisleffler 5 12 daysBelew (7969): @KitK We'll thst makes Yoast useful after all. Thx for pointing this out.
Funny story abt being too connected Belew 6 13 daysSteve (2773): I was out last night at a local watering hole... talking to two mates... Talk turned to how I was getting along with my girl... and I said she hasn't spoken to me in over a week and I am thinking of ending things... They both looked at me as if I was crazy and eventually Brian.... turned around and said, women like that are real hard to find...
eMail Opens vs Conversions Rev 15 14 daysBelew (7969): Is there someone here who has a successful case study of an email marketing campaign that worked? Taking into consideration these question abt email effectiveness.
Website Search Data Analytics Steve 14 15 daysRev (2572): "Those who never make mistakes work for those of us who do." ~Henry Ford When it comes to website search, there are two primary options: 1 - use the website internal search (if it has one), or 2 - install Google search for the site. It may seem an obvious choice but there are benefits and limitations to each. Consider your choice carefully.
How to have multiple managers for Twitter Belew 10 16 daysSteve (2773): Just to give you a glimpse of my twitter following strategy... this is a following wave... showing the number of people I folow per hour / day ... based on keyword or User ID ... I did mention that I was a numbers person didn't I ...
What's your greatest asset? Belew 16 16 daysRev (2572): @Belew My "Engineering Strategy" for success is called IEEE (I-Triple-E). It is an FLA for Inform, Educate, Entertain, Engage. The second "E" is Entertain. Nice try, but don't give up your day job! ;o)
Twitter: New Ad Format Tested on Twitter chrisleffler 10 16 daysRev (2572): @chrisleffler Wasn't putting them down and certainly use them. More so since I've been on Blab. I was just pointing out that there is a tendency for these companies to take on the features and functions of everyone else and thus dilute the mission. MacDonald's success was a mediocre hamburger that was both affordable and consistent anywhere in the world. Their downfall may well be trying to serve up a menu that suits everyone. Where is Ray...
Blogging Ecosystem in Healthcare Tech chrisleffler 5 16 dayschrisleffler (28): @Dave009 Since I am looking for blog posts, I am assuming a google search is sufficient unless there are blogs I could only find through Social Media. Please help me if I am missing a major point. Thanks.
Woo Commerce woes SusanDay 15 17 daysSusanDay (526): Just an update... I wanted to stay with Woo Commerce because it looks great and works so well so I did some research and I've got the system up and running now. It did take a couple of hours and working with a friend on Skype who was pretending to be a customer, but I am quite confident that it's sorted now. Thanks again for all your help though :)
Apple Campus 2 Video - Gotta Love These Guys Rev 6 17 daysjycmba (2104): Pretty amazing the lengths we'll go when there's money!
Social Entrepreneur vs Corporate Marketing Belew 7 17 daysBelew (7969): @globalman22 Those are very kind words. Just today I got a phone call that the text book is going to be used by a college system back east. 25 colleges in 15 states. Time for a rewrite.
Twitter is for sale. Interested? Belew 6 17 daysBelew (7969): Twitter's official NFL acct was hacked. The hacker reported the commissioner had died. Yet still very much alive. Twitters woes continue.
Successful Paid Advertising Case Studies ... Belew 12 17 daysglobalman22 (46): This spells out a good case for making sure that your content marketing efforts are spent pouring your heart into something you care about and believe in. First develop a content-rich site with good in-bound and out-bound links, and then combine some paid ads (placed on similar niche sites that would have an interest in your topic) to attract eyeballs to your message. The whole reason for paying to attract traffic would be to accelerate...
How Twitter Followers Become Forum Users Belew 24 17 daysBelew (7969): @chrisleffler DMs sent via Twitter to invite ppl to find him on FB also, methinks. You'll want to pay attention to @Steve. He *knows* Twitter.
Where New Coaches start marketing efforts eleegreen 17 17 daysBelew (7969): @coachheather Curious to know if you have some 'stories' you can share abt how people you have worked with have succeeded. Want to share?
Why You Need Video Marketing in Your Content jycmba 14 18 dayscoachheather (1): That is great info! Thanks.
Sometimes Perks from Blogging Aren't Movies! Belew 8 18 daysglobalman22 (46): After reading these comments, I'm afraid to watch the trailer!
5 Twitter tips for better content marketing senkoduras 14 18 daysBelew (7969): @chrisleffler Thanks for the comprehensive answer. FWIW ... I have planned a 3-part series at my MUs ... happening in July ... details are still being worked out. 1. Launching and populating a website 2. Increasing followers and engagement on Twitter 3. Growing a local niche tribe around your expertise. Perhaps you'll be interested in attending?
Have you had one of those days? Steve 5 21 daysRev (2572): @Steve Be ready to duck. Your good lady may get a glimpse of the last bit of @Jonnner's post above and get the wrong idea! [filed under: How Good Days Can Turn Suddenly And Bite You]
Veteran World Travel Blogger Over 10 Years MonikaFuchs 18 22 daysMonikaFuchs (19): @jycmba Interesting figures! I don't know what they are here in Europe, but I am pretty sure they are comparable.
A good example of bad marketing message Hollywood7 3 22 daysHollywood7 (4): Thanks ! Have a wonderful week! With respect for you and your family !
Shopping Cart Recommendation? PatS 13 22 daysRev (2572): @Summerbay It is now free for just 10 product listings. (it used to be 100) but costs for more: $15/month for 100, $35/month for 2500, $99/month for unlimited. Still good value if it is what you need. I do have a handful of grandfathered 100 listing free accounts from which I could be persuaded to part for a small fee.