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READ FIRST Getting Started Here on the Forum jycmba 2 34 minutesBelew (8407): @jycmba The forum is much better for having ppl like you involved.
Official Introduce Yourself Thread #3 Belew 263 5 hoursSusanDay (643): @pcfaust How fascinating. I look forward to hearing more about what you do.
MOST READ 15 Forum Threads EACH w/ 60+ Posts Belew 21 20 daysBelew (8407): Stuck for ideas on where to start or what to do next in your content marketing strategy? This thread is by far the best place to start.
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 52 3 monthsBelew (8407): @ivelisl Use Self-hosted WordPress. Buy a domain name and basic hosting ... or some such place. You can install WordPress for free. Their customer service is great and they will walk you thru it. If you have trouble, reach out to me via the inmail.
Lies, Damn Lies, and.. jycmba 13 1 hourSeniorpreneur (76): @jycmba It would be interesting to see your USA Crime Chart after the year 2009 when there is a completely different cultural and ethenic eco-system. I would imagine that there would be some cities where the crime rate has gone up significantly.
My first time posting here. Caffus 20 1 dayCaffus (16): Thank you. My daughter claimed the horse painting. I can only sell prints. With Zazzle I am able to uplaod my graphics and art work. They do customer service shipping and production. Which gives me more time and energy to be creative.
What would you like to write a book about? Belew 20 1 dayBelew (8407): @cherilsword 99.9% uptime = a couple of hours each year the site acts up. Apparently that was the case. Very aorry!
Welcome Botswana | 71 Countries in Forum Belew 70 1 dayBelew (8407): And Botswana makes 71 countries. We now have abt 1 in 3 countries in the world represented here. How fun to k ow that you can reach out and touch viryually so many cultures. Who are you making friends with? Welcome Botswana!
Meetup Arbitrarily Cancels Groups. Organizer Belew 36 1 dayRev (2950): @MLHarris Yep. Name recognition vs. personal control. Just another decision for solopreneurs to make. I've been a strong advocate of using platforms that you can control, starting with your own website. Sometimes it isn't economically feasible and sometimes you just can't get the reach on your own but it is important to think it through and make an informed choice.
Marketing Automation Tools Steve 16 2 daysglobalman22 (61): Hi @bdaoust, Thanks for the tip. That site looks good. How do you (or others) think it stacks up against
New Apple Facility Update July 2016 Rev 5 2 daysRev (2950): @fredhoot Were you the guy with the Stinger missile or the one with the giant flyswatter?
Google Deletes an Artists 14 Years' Work KitK 10 5 daysRev (2950): @tienny I don't like Godaddy for hosting, especially for WordPress. My reasons are perhaps more specific to my own needs and not relevant to others. Many people like Godaddy. I do like them for domain registrations. Remember that "best" is a very subjective term and your own needs may vary. That said, I have found In Motion Hosting - - to be a solid choice for WordPress installations. They are not the cheapest,...
Do you undercoach or overcoach? Belew 7 6 daysBelew (8407): Following on my previous thread.... "'I won’t even promise you’ll make the team,' Wooden told Walton. 'First, you’ll have to prove you are a fine young man with good personal values. Then you’ll have to demonstrate you can do well in the classroom. If you can do that, we’ll give you a practice jersey and allow you to try out.'” How many coaches promise the world before the student proves themselves coachable?
T or F. Being first to market is best. Belew 12 6 daysRev (2950): @Belew What, you don't think Odyssey was a great success? And Blackberry set the standard. Without them we'd probably still be using "bricks".
Getting a late start on success... Belew 37 6 daysBelew (8407): @Clydeart 30-smths are saying more and more to the 60-smths. "Would you plz say that again? I wasn't paying attention earlier. I am ready to listen now."
I Know, I Know - You Told Me So.. jycmba 11 6 daysBelew (8407): @KitK All is well I hope!
Share a favorite quote? Rev 222 7 daysRev (2950): @Belew Dream It, Live It, Love It: Beyond Well, Beyond 50
Serendipity outperforms the best of plans? Belew 7 7 daysfredhoot (103): Amen, @Rev, Amen!
Paid blogging opportunities SusanDay 26 7 daystammysoffices (79): Well I do have most of what I need, I believe at the moment, perhaps when I can afford more, I will get back on the legal site @Rev.
Barnes & Noble Cures Desires to Write a Book Belew 36 7 daysBelew (8407): @bdaoust Thanks for sharing!
Strategic Planning & Business Analysis tienny 4 7 daysRev (2950): @tienny Go to and search for wizardsplace in the search bar (top center) to find my profile link. You will find all my replays there.
Can I Ask You Just One Thing? jycmba 16 8 daystienny (478): It feels great when I feel that I can be part of the solution.
Does Spelling Really Matter? Rev 10 8 daysSummerbay (205): @Belew Spelling and grammar matters to those to whom it matters. (Deep, I know.) It's a bit like dusting. You really notice when it's not done.
Got intro to Stanford D-school professor? Belew 4 8 daysLewisLinks (73): @SusanDay LOL! In spite of what Bill says, incubators cannot type. (When I still lived in Silicon Valley I heard of an incubator that could take shorthand, but I was unable to confirm it.)
Monkeys, Monsters, and Our Minds.. Oh My jycmba 9 9 daysMagpie (10): Loved the talk. :) thanks @jycymba. I am quite the procrastinator. Thinking of planting banana trees to keep my monkey occupied.
186 Characteristics of a REAL Influencer Belew 66 9 daysBelew (8407): A real influencer: 184. Listens intently to understand the underlying issues that nobody else sees. 185. Is not afraid of the whole truth. 186. Leaves followers better off than s/he found them.
Survey of 5000 entrepreneurs says risk taker Belew 5 10 daysBelew (8407): "Upworthy’s rule is that you need to generate at least twenty -five headline ideas to strike gold."
All Video Content for Facebook? bdaoust 12 11 daysSusanDay (643): @jycmba @Rev Good point. I know I start to get 'restless' when I watch a video that goes for more than 2 mins. What I have planned should only need 30 secs or 1 min I imagine. Might be worth trialing.
Sad abt losing something I never had Belew 11 11 daysjycmba (2449): lol @Belew minutes 13:11 to 22:00 have the essence of what you might find worthwhile. But the rest of the interview is golden as well!
Question on Quora - Free Courses for KPI's jycmba 9 12 daysjycmba (2449): @bdaoust - y, this one looks good!
#hottip Tell us something that works for you Belew 27 13 daysbdaoust (808): @SummerBay I am always learning something new about you!
For some a badge, for me embarrassing. You? Belew 21 13 daysBelew (8407): @Rev I think they all noticed there was more food at the table than usual. And it finally dawned on them there was one less mouth.
How to Grow a Meetup Group - by the numbers Belew 6 13 daysbdaoust (808): Quality is definitely better than quantity
Defining a High-Quality Post - # of words Belew 8 13 daysbdaoust (808): Long is only in the readers eyes. The writer is never finished - long to me is several hundred words 1000+ whereas long to my daughter is anything over 400 -
Twitter vs Yelp for Getting Clients MUST SEE Belew 6 13 daysSusanDay (643): @jycmba OOooooohhh, I see ;)
#makeapitch- Show us what you got. Belew 22 13 daysSeniorpreneur (76): @jycmba Hi! I haven't tried Facebook or any other Ads yet. I'm a member of both AARP (USA) & CARP (Canada) and I'm familiar what is happening re:senior entrepreneurship in North America. The USA led by AARP & SBA (Small Business Administration) are working together to help the 50+ demographic learn about senior entrepreneurship. Canada is lagging behind most of the Countries when it comes to providing business support groups for the 50+...
Which of these 3 bricklayers are you? Belew 30 15 daysjycmba (2449): Actually, I am on Fiverr - jycmba But it's like that saying about giving fish vs. teaching how to fish.. Let me PM you access @tammysoffices to the previous workshop for Showbox. If anyone is interested in learning Adobe Spark, here's the signup - and we'll plan on teaching this soon.
How did you decide to hire your 1st coach? Belew 22 17 daystienny (478): @tammysoffices Thanks for such distinction between mentor and coach.
Have you ever paid for voice-over intro? tammysoffices 6 17 daystammysoffices (79): Thanks for all of the encouragement everyone. I would have expected it to be pretty pricey but surprised at what you can get on fiverr! I will check out your site on there @jgerk and see if your voice will fit what I am looking for - thank you! @KimSutton let me know how it goes for you! That is awesome, I was surprised that the one I was looking at has done National commercials that I have hear. Is the Shark Week announcer really...
Why Did You Become An Entrepreneur? Rev 17 18 daysbdaoust (808): And here we all are - what part of the world can we dominate with all this talent?
#mylife How do you spend your Saturdays? Belew 14 18 daysbdaoust (808): Grand Children are on my calendar today, taking them to some fun stuff or just hanging around - my ideal day!
#profileboost, What'd you do this week? Belew 18 18 daysbdaoust (808): @Rev yes finally no more sirens! I have to get used to the quiet at our new location - sure sleep better!
OMG! I didn't know that about you ... Belew 22 18 daysSummerbay (205): @Belew My eldest daughter is in management at the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia. (She is not a nurse but has a Medical lab degree and a Masters in Journalism.) My youngest is an artist and until she had her baby worked in the art department of Whole Foods. Now she is a stay at home mom to my only grandchild, a sweet wee girl who just turned two.
Where to start out online ... Jscottyonrocks 23 18 daysSeniorpreneur (76): @Jscottyonrocks/ I found my calling as a seniorpreneur (senior entrepreneur) at the age of 65 where I probably spend 90% of my time online. You seemed to be focussed in on health care & wellness for the aging people. If this is your passion I would start here and do some research to pin point an area(s)where you would be most helpful. You mentioned skilled care & assisted living. Find out what is going on in these areas today and if you...
US Adults Don't Trust News - Survey Results Belew 18 18 daysRev (2950): @Seniorpreneur You have some excellent articles on your site. I hope they are getting the traffic they deserve. There is more you could do to improve the indexing of your articles. It's small things but it can make a big difference in a crowded niche.
How many ppl don't love their work? Surprise Belew 17 18 daysSusanDay (643): @tammysoffices You're welcome ;)
#1 Why Content Marketers Can't Ignore Video jycmba 5 18 daysjycmba (2449): So, here's the latest video on this -
DGU gets a lot of visitors from ... Belew 11 19 daysBelew (8407): @Katie_Ellen Getting followers is half the battle. Getting your followers to leave Twitter and visit your site is where stuff happens. ..
Thankyou Steve 5 20 daysSusanDay (643): @Steve Couldn't agree more!
25 Most Influential Marketers on Twitter Belew 2 20 daysSusanDay (643): Yeah @Steve!