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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #5 Belew 264 19 dayssantonu (1): Dear Bill, I have two novels. Life Of Love is a Manhattan based romantic love story and The Effort is a story of a young boy who struggles to save life of his father.
10 REAL benefits to upgrade to Student Level Belew 12 4 monthsRev (5182): @jmolan I think Bill still has to approve signups manually as the payment processor doesn't link into the Classroom. He should be by soon. You'll know you are approved because you will start seeing additional threads with dark red arrows -- those are classroom posts. And welcome, by the way!
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 73 5 monthsJodiC (1): Thanks for the invite. I am very new to all of this. I am excited to see what happens!
​10​ REAL​ benefits to upgrade to Teacher Belew 13 8 monthsSusanDay (1846): @Belew One of the greatest rewards I get from my students is seeing them grow and learn. For each individual it is different, but it is always delightful to see happen. I find inspiration in teaching, and I always learn from my students. You can't rate that or put a dollar value on it. If you could, I'd be rich!
Have you seen the 15 MOST READ forum threads Belew 23 8 monthsBelew (11482): If there were more of me ... I'd update this more often. Wait! There is more of me ... Stella!
New WordPress Plugin For Messenger Rev 4 2 hoursRev (5182): @SusanDay Notification of new posts (title, snippet, link) get sent out to those who follow you on messenger.
Using a Publishing Company SusanDay 3 9 hoursSusanDay (1846): Thanks Wendy!
Shameless promotion. jmolan 5 2 daysFrugalTravelsNepal (88): My goal, particularly since they are hell-bent on gutting health care, I'm trying to help people from the US to come here for health care and respite. We can provide a lovely room with a view of the Himalayan foothills with spectacular views of the Himalayas on clear days for long-term stays. There are many hospitals with an international presence. You can expect to get the same level of care as you would in the country that funds them. There...
Imsanity Wordpress plugin tienny 11 3 daystienny (619): @Rev Even though I am a programmer before, I know certain languages. Thanks to know that Ivan always ask.
I hate email marketing, but I am learning .. Belew 16 5 daysBelew (11482): @Rev Just just read your email. Good thoughts that I can and am willing to address. @SusanDay is still asleep. Dem silly Aussies. Asleep whenever the rest of us are awake and working when we are asleep. Go figure. When she responds, I'll respond. I do like the idea of the 3 of us doing a brain dump on a private webbie. Lets see if she is up for it. No pun intended, but it works here. 8-)
Free Facebook Book Promo Sites Book Markets Rev 6 6 daysSusanDay (1846): @Rev Thanks. That's good to know.
100 Guest Post Published SusanDay 13 7 daysJelenaBB (79): @DansCartoons you can try Jaxxy. It will help finding high traffic keywords with low competition. They will give you 30 keyword searches as a free member, so you can try it. But, I think that @SusanDay is wright. You need some call to action. Give your visitors something for free to join your email list. In that case, you can send them emails ones a week or a month with links to your new posts.
Twitter shutting down direct messagiing Steve 8 8 daysSusanDay (1846): No automated DMs??!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!
A Note Or Two About JetPack Plugin Rev 3 10 daysSteve (3586): I've never used Jetpack ... Just a random comment... lol
WooCommerce Product tienny 10 10 daystienny (619): Yeah. I agree not to install too many plugins. My friend introduced me to a potential client. She let me login into her site. She needed help to install div code. Thus I login. I get a shock she has installed too many plugins. She wanted it to be done asap. Thus, her assistant called me up. I highlight I need time to assess before I can do it. I also ask @Rev about it. In the end, I told them I can’t do it asap. Hence, they need to launch it...
I finished... 50k words and counting SusanDay 10 12 daysSusanDay (1846): @Rev Thanks. I've been publishing on Kindle, and Smashwords, for years now but I appreciate the recommendation. There are so many books out ybete it's hard to know where to start.
Guest Blog Posts Steve 8 12 daysRev (5182): @Steve Synchronicity is a strange thing. Not having thought of guest blog posts at all for several weeks (months?) I had 3 other people just this past week bring up the topic -- 1 want to do them on my site, 1 wanting me to do them on their site, and one wanting me to help them create a site for the purpose. Answers: 1. rarely. 2. sometimes people offer something good that works for me. 3. on topic (my site), well written, original (sort...
Numbers versus People Belew 20 15 daystienny (619): Interesting :) What does "Here lies a man standing up!" really mean? Because 1. I don't know when to interpret it literally or 2. Is there a meaning behind the words?
INFOGRAPHIC: WooCommerce v Magento v Shopify Belew 8 18 daysmorrnel (670): Woo has changed significantly since the Wordpress people bought it. Still good stuff.
From Zero to 140,000 Users in 6 months Belew 20 18 daysmorrnel (670): I worked for a very successful fellow running a construction company. He cared about two things: happy customers and the money he put in the bank.
Got ideas for Themes for Elementary Kids? Belew 14 18 daysmorrnel (670): @beleew, I did a quick search of "children's wordpress themes" and found many. However, whichever you choose will eventually need to be customized if you want it unique. Spend time looking at others' themes and create your own using photoshop. All that is really different is the artwork. The fundamental design of all themes are the same. Take the artwork and apply it to the them. Done. Pretty much all I use is canvas and make...
Need your feedback about Film "On That Day" santonu 3 19 daysRev (5182): My first production film, a project in film studies at school, was made with a hand-held Super-8 camera. You can figure how long ago that was. It was wonderful to see what can be done today. Great production values. Suitable, believable, acting. I'm not a big fan of Hindi music but I'm guessing the opening song played will among the people this was created for. Metaphors and imagery work in any language. Thematic elements are...
Australia, is there anyone home? SusanDay 6 19 daysRev (5182): And they laugh at the NFL... "You lads where pads? Really? What a bunch of Sheilas!"
7 Hacks for Leading a Large Facebook Group Belew 3 19 daysRev (5182): Over the years I've developed a number of policies, procedures, and "rules" for running groups, forums, and the like. Much of what is shared in this video is embodied in them. The bits that aren't is only because I've never seen the need to define them. Things that I allow, indeed encourage, that most group leaders forbid, include self-promotion, commercial links, and affiliate links -- with the proviso that in topical groups/forums...
Book & Publishing Conferences SusanDay 26 21 daysgspieler (292): @tienny Always if possible. There are many ways to have an editor depending on the circumstances. If you are writing a book but it is not sold yet, hire the best professional editor you can afford. Another way to work through the process is to join a critique group and share chapters. These groups can be invaluable to the writing process. Some people have one or two friends who read for them and each other. There are many very good groups online...
Why Did It Take Me So Long to Realize This? Belew 7 21 daysRev (5182): I don't think much about breathing but I'm happy to do a lot of it. But, hey, think what you could do with some facebook groups. You DO care about numbers so imagine how big they could be. My most active group has about 17,000 people. My biggest group (down a little to 23,995 this morning) is my most spam free. Go figure. The group that generates the most business for me has less than 200 members. It's the difference between groups designed...
How social media marketing preferences have susadaigle23 2 21 daysDansCartoons (274): @susadaigle23 I have read recently that if you ask a set of questions (question marks!)in beginning of your blog posts etc. than that does get big-G to pay closer attention.....don't know if true but since you are yet another person I see mentioning has to ask....thumbs up+ to you! (and I hereby proclaim that using the plus or positive symbol +++ is GOOD!) lol?
What $500 in Facebook Ads Will Get You SusanDay 5 22 daysSusanDay (1846): Lol
Need quick assistance TParker 5 22 daysTParker (505): I am so glad that I am not in the job market. I'm stressed out and I'm not even the one going on the meet and greets!
WordPress Forms and Surveys SusanDay 6 23 daystienny (619): @SusanDay You are welcome. Wish you all the best.
Who Is Familiar With "Cornerstone Content"? DansCartoons 9 24 daysDansCartoons (274): @Rev OK OK you win Rev!
REPLAY - Putting Your Blog Posts to Work SusanDay 10 24 daysRev (5182): @DansCartoons You are 8th when I search for "suit cartoons". You probably see it a little higher up because you have searched it before and accessed other things like it in the process. Getting realistic results for searches of your own posts can be difficult. The other thing to remember, searching for a keyword you have optimized for SHOULD turn up your post, unless it is extremely competitive and widely used. The key is not YOUR...
Put Your Content and Blog Posts to Work SusanDay 5 28 daystienny (619): I already have a meeting. 😓
How to Get a Good Review Your Book jmolan 14 30 daysBelew (11482): I was going to share some of the more memorable lines I got from @jmolan's book. But the more I read, and this is the simple truth, the more I found ... then I couldn't remember which ones I wanted to share or where I could find them. Guess that's why some books get read more than once. 8-)
How to center an image an in embedded Tweets DansCartoons 5 1 monthDansCartoons (274): @Tparker . . . however, as the person embedding the tweet into their own blog posts, you CANNOT go back and re-tweet your blog post to Twitter. See if the "re-tweet" function works in my post here: as when I try it, I get a pop up say I am not allowed (I guess it means to re-tweet my own post, which is unusual).....
Doer and Risk Taker writes Fantasy Story Lahayle 9 1 monthTParker (505): That link takes us to the generic page for Fanstory. Do you have a link that includes your unique identifier?
In Need Of A Little Help - Globally, Please. Rev 27 1 monthjmolan (427): P1 on top, but it wanted to spell Did you mean: Person of Interest Invictus Maneo Tri-Cities Washington
How Many Folks Here Work Alone? Belew 13 1 monthtienny (619): @belew Great to have God as the partner. Great to have partners who have the same values though different personalities. Though I wish to have same values and personalities. But it can be good yet bad partners. A friend shares her maid's story: Her maid and her good 😊 friend have the same personality and temperament and can't swim. When they were in school, they were always together. One day, they accidentally fell into a deep swimming 🏊...
Can I Be Of... Assistance? Rev 7 1 monthtienny (619): @Rev Oh ya!😅 I apologise for mistaking starlost photo for you. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.
WP Plugins Recording SusanDay 4 1 monthRev (5182): @Belew Cell phones provide such great user experience don't they. Probably why 53% of people who use the Internet get their access that way! Go figure...
Wednesday Webbie Sept 13 - Q & A WP Plugins SusanDay 1 1 monthSusanDay (1846): Plugins - Another Piece of the Puzzle a Q & A Session WordPress is designed to allow for easy extension through the use of drop-in themes and plugins. Steve Henry, @Rev from Bill Belew’s forum, and known by many online as the WordPress Wizard, takes us under the hood for a look at that structure, plugin choices, and why. Improve your website and come along and ask questions about plugins you are using or would like to use. Time:...
Young Entrepreneur finding his way Doby92 9 1 monthDoby92 (7): @susanday not sure what you mean by hand holding nor what you mean by action plan on my website? @rev im getting about that with the total number of leads i get on a monthly basis but then after that its about a 25/75. like i mentioned before i do a variety of things i would really love to be able to fully depend on just life insurance and keep doing the rest of what im doing but at this rate itll take forever. i have a company that has been...
How to stand out among millions with music Silviall5 7 1 monthSusanDay (1846): @Silviall5 Ask away! We're here to help.
Write a Sad Story in Four Words Belew 45 1 monthRev (5182): @Belew That's a little like the old country-western song, "I'm so miserable since you left me it's almost like you're here!"
2 High School Kids in a Coffee Shop ... Belew 12 1 monthSusanDay (1846): @Rev LOL
Share a Thought that Motivates You Belew 8 1 monthRev (5182): It doesn't take 75 years to RV around the country, but it could!
Internet Research Secrets - Webinar Sept 6 SusanDay 7 1 monthRev (5182): Great session. Great presentation. If you weren't there (many were!) you probably want to watch this video. I was there and I'm going to watch it again, anyway. That good!
Something I've Noticed On Facebook Rev 15 1 monthtienny (619): I learn from my mistakes. :(
Question of the Week - Got Answers? Belew 18 1 monthTParker (505): Not marketing, but mom stuff- I would have sought diagnosis sooner and (different) medication later for my oldest.But he's cool now and we have a pretty good plan.
Internet Research Secrets - The Recording! SusanDay 1 1 monthSusanDay (1846): Super Sleuthing: Internet Research Secrets Everyone Should Know But Few Do Have you ever wondered why your internet research lacks punch? Are you tired of punching in words, and having strange and unrelated websites come up? Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to search online? Join us as research expert, blogger and author, Geri Spieler, takes us through some important functions of online research. You’ll learn what...