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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #5 Belew 92 7 hoursSusanDay (1297): @EddieGarrison Hi, it's great to meet you. I am looking forward to sharing ideas with you. Do you specialize in any particular area?
10 REAL benefits to upgrade to Student Level Belew 10 27 daysBelew (10534): @J81 I sent you the link to the classroom. The registration process is not automatic. There's an old man who works it when he wakes up. Welcome!
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 69 1 monthBelew (10534): Links to personal blogs go in your profile. If you want to show yourself off invite ppl to your profile. No external links that are self promotional.
​10​ REAL​ benefits to upgrade to Teacher Belew 13 2 monthsSusanDay (1297): @Belew One of the greatest rewards I get from my students is seeing them grow and learn. For each individual it is different, but it is always delightful to see happen. I find inspiration in teaching, and I always learn from my students. You can't rate that or put a dollar value on it. If you could, I'd be rich!
Have you seen the 15 MOST READ forum threads Belew 23 2 monthsBelew (10534): If there were more of me ... I'd update this more often. Wait! There is more of me ... Stella!
Facebook Engagement and Growth lunar_ranger 29 4 hoursmorrnel (616): "Holy bat-thread, Alfred! Did you read this?" - Robin
Snagging Qualified Leads/Referrals KathrynLang 16 7 hoursSusanDay (1297): @KathrynLang Read the first few words in each paragraph quickly. What happens when you get to. .. "Get" ? Can you feel /hear it?
"WordPress - Security, Back Up, and Restore Rev 1 15 hoursRev (4450): Join the WordPress Wizard Monday, May 1, at 3pm ET, for a live stream session on "WordPress - Security, Back Up, and Restore" This session will look at actionable steps you should be taking to keep your website safe and to secure your content against loss. It will examine 3 specific FREE plugins you can use to this end. This is an information session with no sales pitch. Your questions will be welcomed. The room will be open about 15...
What to charge to rewrite a web site gspieler 16 1 dayRev (4450): @gspieler @Steve is the go-to guy for this kind of stuff. He knows AND he shares. Awesome combination.
I wish I could find a mastermind group ... Belew 33 2 daysBelew (10534): @KathrynLang Perhaps it's the marketer/evangelist in me that is more interested in how to get people there in the first place. After getting people to the online or physical space they can be cared for. If there is nobody there, there is nothing to do.
WizardsPlace WP Classroom 1 Hour Earlier Rev 4 3 daysRev (4450): @jmolan Just so long as you don't run aground!
How to get organic visitors to my site ... KathrynLang 22 4 daysRev (4450): @Belew I'm a little shy about using the term "thousands" for the number of sites I've built, but I've been at that part of the game for about 25 years now and I've probably averaged somewhere between 50 and 100 sites per year -- at my busiest I was doing more than 3 sites a week -- so that puts my total somewhere between 1250 and 2500, I think. That probably just edges into being "thousands". Maybe @MikeG did even more.
10 advices?? SusanDay 18 4 daysBelew (10534): The reason spammers spam is because it still works. My little sis called me a while back absolutely convinced some guy somewhere wanted to send her some money. She needed my help in telling him which of her bank numbers she should give him. Totally serious she was. I cleaned out her bank account ... to protect her, of course. 8-)
Learning to be an inspirational speaker Natishafost 13 4 daysBelew (10534): Terrific line. The reason most people can't speak very well is mostly because they don't have anything to say. Find something that burns inside you so strongly that you cannot keep it in, and you will find a way to get your message out. If you want to be an inspirational speaker, first find out what inspires you, then let that message out anyway you can ... and keep at it till your listeners get what you are trying to say. Then do it again...
Marketing Lessons from the Middle Kingdom Rev 13 4 daysBelew (10534): @morrnel I was in a Walmart in Nanjing and there was no one there!?! We visited a different Walmart on another day in the same city and my puzzle was solved. The reason nobody was in the other Walmart was because they were all in the current one I was in. Walmart had a 15 second-ish video that was on a relentless auto repeat. I couldn't speak Chinese when I got there, but I could when I left. If you pound hard and long enough on people who...
13 HTML Factors To Make Your Posts Easier Rev 7 5 daysRev (4450): Thank you to all of you who make this worth doing. Replay will be available in the Classroom shortly.
Anyone know anything about Wordpress? Caffus 8 6 daysCaffus (25): Thank you, I will look into it. I know Zazzle makes most of the profits, but I am not able to produce the products they offer. They print my designs on the products and produce them, ship them ect. They take care of all that, so I can be creative. They have a way to share on Wordpress so that is why I wanted to learn more about it.
WordPress? What's Holding You Back? Rev 4 7 daysRev (4450): @jmolan Let's get together for a live chat (Zoom) -- no account necessary for you. I'll send you a link once we determine a time. PM me.
100 Guest Posts in 1 Year SusanDay 19 8 daysTParker (94): That is amazing (and cool). Susan, I will be in touch.
Working through my Google Relationship issue KathrynLang 7 9 daysRev (4450): @KathrynLang @KathrynLang 1) Search engines don't search. People use them to find things they, the people, are searching for; thus the name. Search bots will actually follow all the unrestricted links on your site regardless of how "cute" they are. 2) I have talked in the past about Eben Pagan's important 3 questions you need to answer for people immediately upon their arrival to your website. This is just another example of...
It's All About Perception... Rev 10 9 daysSusanDay (1297): @RogerBruner Yes please! Could you private message me with your email?
The REAL Secret To Success... Rev 6 9 daysRev (4450): One of my most successful projects was developed over several days in meetings that all took place in a booth in a diner. Anything is possible!
What is your BRAND vs. Direct Response Lenderman33 3 9 daysSusanDay (1297): Integrity is a word I use to craft my brand. It also shapes my direct response "mechanisms". I've moved away from pushy sales and towards developing a more open and trustworthy approach because it speaks to who I really am.
Growing an email list jmolan 10 10 daysRev (4450): @jmolan That's better, but I would probably add two sentences (about 20- 25 words) that provides a little more description (and keywords!). I would also center the image or make it larger to match the width of the form -- no real SEO value there, just a visual "discomfort" thing. Additionally, the MailChimp code has no alternate text (alt) attribute for the image. If there is a way to add it in the MailChimp setup you should do...
FREE WordPress (and other) Tutorials Rev 2 10 daysIamstevenb (4): Count me in. I decided to move from SquareSpace to WordPress. Now all I need to do is learn how. Your tutorials will be helpful.
FREE Live Stream Classroom Presentation Rev 1 11 daysRev (4450): Today, and every Wednesday, at 3pm CT (4pm ET, 1pm PT) and 6am Thursday in Sydney. Feel free to join in and bring your questions. Connect by web link (best with microphone, speakers, and webcam) or smart phone: Link: Telephone: +1 408-638-0968 - Meeting ID: 673-163-244
100+ Famous Brands that Use WordPress Belew 6 11 daysIamstevenb (4): I am on Squarespace currently. How do I change? I suppose I can figure it out.
13 SEO Factors To Make Your Posts Better Rev 14 11 daysRev (4450): @KathrynLang Yes. Classroom students/teachers only:
Wanting to add more room on my hard drive DansCartoons 1 11 daysDansCartoons (133): Attaching screenshot of my current hard drive (in blue) which has only 45.0 GB of room left on it. Here is my question, last year as I was moving my WordPress site from one host to a new host, the developer noticed a HUGE folder that was taking up alot of room on the last host's server. We zero'd in on a specific folder and we downloaded it and removed it. Actually, I downloaded it onto MY hard drive for safekeeping in case we needed it and...
Millennials' Different Mindset - Funny Story Belew 10 11 daystienny (538): I feel that some millennials are so rude especially demanding. Few of them are respectful. At first call (true story), he demanded and spoke rudely to his classmate to help him in his assignment because he failed it and the teacher told him to ask her help. The lady spoke confidently that he could check her past works. Out of care, she helped him in his assignment. One day, he called her. In the call, his tone was respectful. He thanked her...
How many themes do you have in your posts? morrnel 6 11 daysRev (4450): If you have Coca-Cola's budget you can do things differently than if you are operating on a shoe string!
Woman eaten by spider! Clickbait! SusanDay 9 11 daysRev (4450): @morrnel Inquiring minds want to know...
Blog: WordPress vs. Joomla Alessio 8 12 daysGELTMAN (13): "bait" [sorry]
Writing dilemas Natishafost 5 12 daysNatishafost (25): Yes I think it would be very difficult to combine the two, but I guess I will go through the post again and see if I can use some of the material in the appropriate areas, thank you for the feedback
If You Built It . . . Will They Come? Lenderman33 4 13 daysSusanDay (1297): @Lenderman33 You should try writing a few posts and tracking the GA. See if you get more or less traffic with both. It would be interesting to see the results.
How many pages? Lenderman33 22 13 daysSusanDay (1297): @Lenderman33 750 web pages? That's a wonderful effort.
Thank you for inviting me into this forum... thegurns 3 14 daysthegurns (1): Thank you for asking. My first book is a fun trip down memory lane and my experiences as a player, coach and avid fan of Boston sports. It's sequel is a story of uncommon love and devotion between fathers and sons.It is also an ode to me late, great father and a legacy for my new grandson. Take Care, Keith
What Happens If Massively Unfollow Twitter Belew 89 14 daysFrugalTravelsNepal (34): They actually took 800 followers away. Now I have 8,000 again. I didn't even have 10% Over those that I follow. I had 8,800 and followed about 9,200. I just did a little each day. I was also using Twiends to help me stay inside the twitter rules. I used crowdfire and unflitter to unfollow the inactive accounts so I wasn't following bots. I have an NGO in Nepal and wanted to build up a following. Now I know what all the people are going...
Unpublished Author & Father of 4 AaronWingfield 3 14 daysSusanDay (1297): @AaronWingfield Great to meet another author. What do you write about?
Encore webinar - authors, coaches, speakers Winsome1 4 14 daysSusanDay (1297): Sounds very interesting
Blog Titles: How to grab the reader? authenticV 13 16 daysphilipwatling (103): Thanks @authenticV. Well if you do want to know more send me a PM and I'll give you some information :)
More Evidence I am Losing It. You? Belew 12 16 daysRev (4450): @philipwatling Perhaps you had put your pants on backwards? ;)
Are You Google-y Eyed by Big Numbers? Belew 9 16 daysSteve (3343): i think of social media as simply a touch point... it allows me to touch my audience and those that might send referrals my way. From an SEO perspective this works... as social engahement is a ranking factor. From a business perspective it works... unfortunately... Most people don't understand how to use social media from a business perspective. Can you drive sales from social media... you sure can and its simply knowledhe and following a...
Long Form vs. Short Form Lenderman33 7 17 daysRev (4450): Absolutely!
LinkedIn Groups activity teddy 31 17 daysmorrnel (616): I'll be asking that question next Monday
WEBINAR: Real Followers & Engagement Twitter Belew 120 18 daysJelenaBB (31): @SunilBhaskaran great advises! Thank you!
It's WordPress Wednesday Again - Join Me! Rev 3 18 daysRev (4450): @jmolan The replays are only available inside the student areas of the WizardsPlace WP Classroom. You can read more about this here:, but we will be offering something similar in this forum's Classroom shortly as well. There are already numerous videos inside for this forum's students in the Classroom.
What to post on LinkedIn teddy 10 18 daysteddy (34): I was told the same thing by my lecturers, that blogging is probably the most important for a student and I read @Rev's advice in the forum - that for online presence first a need blog and then building followers. So I will focus on that. I have got few ideas what to write about, but still, any advice will be invaluable.
New Boom Boxes Are Small But Loud Belew 5 18 daysmorrnel (616): My voice carries. People are very good at letting me know. Speak up.
33 Universal Principles for Success numoquest 17 18 daysmorrnel (616): Hmmm. Stopped reading after I learned it was a secret. First sentence. My guess Oscar Munoz is reviewing all 33 principles. The other 32 don't matter after you have mistreated your customer.