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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #4 Belew 209 13 hoursstevenguglich (7): @Belew Thanks Bill! I'm hoping my books are just the kind of books you and your daughter will enjoy together.
Good News for the Forum in 2017, Please Read Belew 11 23 hoursThemeissenman (28): One of the annoyances of the internet is this whole idea that everything should be free. To a degree I have shied away from my commercial blog at because while I give serious information away for free about all aspects of collecting, investing in antiques not just Meissen Porcelain you should think I would get a return on my Investment. It's like becoming a major player on Ebay then calling yourself an expert. Become a vendor...
​10​ REAL​ benefits to upgrade to Teacher Belew 6 5 daysSusanDay (799): I think it is a wonderful idea, so I'll be joining as a teacher soon.
7 REAL benefits to upgrading to Student Belew 4 5 daysRev (3454): Ok, so I've got my teacher thing going and I've been figuring out how things will work in the classroom and what I can offer. I see @Belew has some sort of "pitch fest" scheduled for Friday (hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag early) and I'm scrambling to get a couple of great offers ready to pitch. I am truly excited about the possibilities of the classroom concept for teachers and for students alike. I am already seeing the...
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 62 5 daysBelew (9544): @Fizzymidas I am often looking for writers ... have passed on quite a bit of work to forum members ... I don't want to write ... unless I want to. Going forward I will give first dibs on jobs to students who have upgraded to the forum classroom.
Have you seen the 15 MOST READ forum threads Belew 22 3 monthsBelew (9544): After I send people to this link on 199 ideas to start writing about on your blog, the discussion changes from "What do I write?" about to "Where do I start?"
Change your life, change the world. philipwatling 5 1 minphilipwatling (10): Chuck, you hit the nail on the head. My experiences are my experiences. I never try and preach to people telling them to follow me. They must learn to go there own way - I just give them an example. My book is inspirational, so I have often been told, because I went to a certain type of hell and found my own way out, but mine is not the only path! Laurence, thank you for your kind words and for saying that you will help spread the word. I am a...
Are You A Thought Leader Or An Expert? Winsome1 7 4 hoursSteve (3172): @Winsome1 Do you find posting your blog articles on websites such as this helps? Does it hinder SEO due to duplicate content? Curious ...
Where do you waste most of time? tmartinback 10 7 hoursSeniorpreneur (148): @Rev I'm getting better responses from LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. This allows me to step outside the box to include senior entrepreneurs on a global basis. I still do my research work but my distribution method changes. I'm just as well known in the USA, the UK, Australia and yes, Africa as I am in Canada. However;I will gladly spend more time in Canada as soon as there is more acceptance here. In the USA the AARP (American Association...
WordPress Blog Post question DansCartoons 10 8 hoursDansCartoons (79):
actor / director / film maker / musician Dfred60 3 12 hoursDfred60 (4): Thank You, I owned a video production business for ten years.I have done documentaries and commercials for(non-profit orgs)fundraising purposes. I'm presently shooting and directing an indie film(drama). I reside in Charleston, SC
Welcome Palestinian Territory | 87th Country Belew 86 13 hoursBelew (9544): Your homework should you decide to accept it. Make a friend in the forum from another country. There are now 87 countries represented. Someone from the Palestinian Territory joined a short time ago. Where do your friends live?
Twitter Effect on Site Traffic - Case Study Belew 15 14 hoursBelew (9544): My daughter is killing it on Twitter... just went over 13K followers. TooInWon It makes sense if you read it out loud.
Facebook threatens me to post or get out Belew 2 15 hoursRev (3454): I understand that facebook has been accused of falsifying users/membership numbers in regards advertising rates so they are trying to set up a system that filters the chaff. Better they warn you, I think, then just dump unused accounts/pages.
Google Analytics Goal Conversion for Dynamic lunar_ranger 2 15 hoursBelew (9544): @lunar_ranger When I use goals in Google Analytics, I skip the match filter and use Custom and add a targeted URL that I want people to end up at. Perhaps someone else smarter than I am here (that would be everyone) has a better option/solution.
Recommendations for a call list manager... lunar_ranger 3 18 hourslunar_ranger (463): Nope looking for a piece of software.
Real Estate Agent in Granada SolMeridiem 2 23 hoursSusanDay (799): @SolMeridiem Hi Wendy!How hreat to meet you.
How do you spend your Sundays? Days off? Belew 6 1 daygregoryamoshe (16): I largely bum around every Sunday. I may do a little prospecting for clients, reading up or testing things like PBNs but I mostly spend it indoors doing a lot of Nothing :)
Personal Blog on Asperger's Syndrome Themeissenman 12 1 dayIwiyisi (10): @Themeissenman I think it's better to click on the profile name(iwiyisi at the top, then have a look at the profiles).
The Meissen Man Blog Themeissenman 1 1 dayThemeissenman (28): is so named as I am an authority on antique Meissen Porcelain. Seven years ago I began a tremendous fight with the Meissen Manufactory who wanted me to hand back my domain to them, The irony was that my site was an information resource for anyone who had interest is collecting buying and selling but no items could be bought or sold. It was a not for profit venture and I fought hand and nail to hang on to the name. At around...
Do Coaches need to do marketing differently? Belew 9 1 dayBigPoppi (13): The market has changed and those that know their stuff don't have to do the old dog an pony show anymore. I wish I would have followed some of my buddies years ago with the high end coaching. No need to publish all this content and create cheap white paper products to put them in your funnel and then send an enormous of amount of email follow-ups, etc. Business owners want answers and access to your Rolodex on how to get things done. They...
Content creation through mind mapping SusanDay 9 1 daySunilBhaskaran (202): @Rev I agree. Nothing beats paper. To each his or her own. Both ways work.
Share a favorite quote? Rev 252 1 dayRev (3454): "A recent study shows 87.3% of all statistics are made up." -Cassandra Henry. "There are 2 types of people in the world; those who think there are two types of people in the world, and those who don't. "There are 10 types of people in the world; those who understand binary, and those who don't."
How Serious Are You About Your Success? Rev 9 2 daysSCDann (19): @Rev Always happy to discuss literature... It's my favourite subject! You can never have too many books to read, just too little time to read them. I write children's books and a little poetry. I currently have a fantasy trilogy - Madder's World - and some Short Stories for Curious Kids. I have published all my books with my daughter who designs my book covers. All my books are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions under my...
Are you more impulsive or deliberate? Belew 11 2 daysBelew (9544): @Themeissenman Very intriguing to say the least. Looking forward to knowing more about your mission and how the marketing forum can help. Welcome!
We are 8x Average Meetup Membership / group Belew 49 2 daysBelew (9544): There are a bunch of members here in the forum who are local. Will I see you there?
Online men's fashion boutique Robert87 6 3 daysRobert87 (4): Not yet. I'm looking into square space to design it
Ways to success for artist Nachingulu 10 3 daysSusanDay (799): @Nachingulu Inspirational art work! It's very impressive.
What Kind of Email Title Performs Best- TEST Belew 11 3 daysRev (3454): Also to consider is the back channel response. You are counting opens, but some mail services don't report opens and most email clients allow the user to select whether or not to report opens and other functions. It's a privacy thing. So your results are probably (most certainly) skewed from the real numbers in that not all opens will be reported. Can we assume that this failure to report statistically matches the other relevant factors in the...
Friday Pitch Fest for Forum Teachers Belew 9 3 daysBelew (9544): Being a Forum student is beneficial to your growth! Authors and authorpreneurs will receive some amazing support tools. 1) All students in the classroom receive access to Writing and Publishing Tips and Tricks Facebook page! Get tips and articles on how author platform building is really done! Sign up here! 2) If you are launching or relaunching your book, having a strong message and a niche audience is essential. Students will receive my...
HTML coding and SEO proficiency CoolHandLuke 14 4 daysSteve (3172): @CoolHandLuke have a listen to this podcast... it's not by me, although it's based on my stuff... Click Here additionally you don't need to learn HTML however you do need to learn SEO as it relates to setting up a website, and running it... I estimate that 80-90% are setup and run incorrectly.
If Only Clients Were as Loyal as Pets Belew 3 4 daysBelew (9544): @SusanDay I expected you to chime in. I want my daughter to ask, 'Where's daddy?' At least sometimes.
How to improve B2B marketing for SaaS? Kanishk 18 5 daysBelew (9544): @Kanishk How many articles do you have at your home site? Here's a 'rule of like' on the Internet. If you want more people to come to your web site give them more reasons to come. My bet is that your nearest competitor has far more content on their site or has been around much longer than you ... so much so that you are buried. You can 'beat them' if you produce more AND better content ... and stay with it.
How do you use AdWords? MartinTolovski 9 5 daysBelew (9544): @gregoryamoshe Can you be more specific? Without naming names, of course.
What is the legal age for using the internet Fizzymidas 7 5 daysFizzymidas (10): 😂😁😀
5 Must Know Things abt Our Forum Member @Rev Belew 5 5 daysSusanDay (799): @Belew LOL... wanna know a secret? (Me, too!)
Helping Yahoo ChuckNolan 2 6 daysBelew (9544): @ChuckNolan Yahoo! is on its way out ... at this point nobody cares but Verizon. They missed out when they turned their noses up at the Microsoft offer a few years back.
When Failure Is No Longer an Option Winsome1 5 6 daysBelew (9544): @Winsome1 Thru 12/31 - 562 books... starting from when?
#1 Reason You're Not Getting Your $ Worth Belew 26 6 dayseddievelez (166): Is Your Public Hearing What You Are Saying? “What if you said to your daughter, ‘What is wrong with you?’ when you meant to say, ‘What is troubling you?’ – WOW! That’s too big a mistake to make!” Jim Rohn Communication is crucial for anything to succeed. Try to build a loving marriage, raise a child, build a business or climb the...
What's the best email subj you ever used? Belew 4 6 daysBelew (9544): @Rev I hope that: 1. You will open it. 2. You will not unsubscribe after that. 3. You will find something you weren't looking for ...
Meet Martin Luther King Jr Wilby - Image Belew 2 7 daysBelew (9544): My Wilby gets around. How do you picture yourself?
Active on Twitter as a Marketing out reach stevemarler 4 8 daysstevemarler (7): My twitter handle is stevenmarler@goarcticberry I post information for health and I have over 400 followers so if I retweet something for you I can help you get the word out.
Congratulations to Forum Member Susan Day!! Belew 8 8 daysSusanDay (799): Thank you all for your kind words. The Astro's Adventures series of books has always been one of my great loves. Astro's is Down in the Dumps came from the series and is aimed to help build resilience in children. Although a much shorter book than the other books, it took many months of preparation. It has been warmly received so far which is always encouraging.
Heading Towards 5,000 Forum Members Belew 12 9 daysSeniorpreneur (148): @Belew "I am still learning." Michelangelo
No nos in the forum in 2017 ... Belew 6 9 daysBelew (9544): Please comply.
Are you an idea generator or polisher? Belew 17 10 daystienny (523): @eddievelez I agree with you that art needs two artists. Personally, I feel is the generator and polisher.
How Do You Handle Guest Contributors? Belew 5 10 daysRev (3454): Yep... systems, calendars, and outsourcing. All good solutions -- individually or in combination.
Mingle to Millions, Cami Bake is here! camibaker22 3 10 daysRev (3454): @camibaker22 Will you be joining us in The Classroom to teach your "BE the Event" stuff?
Mexico Buys Twitter and Shuts it Down? Belew 8 10 daysRev (3454): Maybe Russia will buy it. They can hold it as bait for a certain President Elect...
Big C or Mr Christopher. truewords 4 11 daysRev (3454): It looks like she's busy.