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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #4 Belew 94 3 daysloanoriginator5 (1): Hey Guys, My name is David Thomas. I am a Residential Mortgage Consultant and you can find more information about me here: Looking forward to learning marketing and sales strategies that will help us grow. What are 3 unique qualities that make you referable? In my line of business, I heavily depend on referrals from Realtors, Current Clients, and Past clients. It's not good enough to give a...
READ FIRST Getting Started Here on the Forum jycmba 15 5 daysKymbola (1): Glad to join the group @kymbola
MOST READ 15 Forum Threads EACH w/ 60+ Posts Belew 22 1 monthBelew (9025): After I send people to this link on 199 ideas to start writing about on your blog, the discussion changes from "What do I write?" about to "Where do I start?"
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 55 1 monthBelew (9025): I have given several people jobs that I met here in this forum. I have been hired out by people I have met in this forum. Have you done business with someone you have met here?
Facebook is doing a good job of becoming a . Belew 12 18 hoursSeniorpreneur (130): @SunilBhaskaran I'm based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
How Much Do You Pay Yourself? Belew 13 1 dayRev (3235): @Belew I guess it depends whether or not you are always on the hunt or you can find (have found) a place of contentment. I use a different measuring stick these days than I did 25 years ago. I wish I'd found this one earlier. But, hey, I have it now. Too bad I can't package it and sell it on eBay. hmmmm...
Human Interest Story Blogger uzorhenry 4 2 daysPhillip (1): The actual fact is there really is no such a thing as human everyone is a hybrid of different species of the earth
What Happens If Massively Unfollow Twitter Belew 58 2 daysBelew (9025): From a client's Twitter acct ... 6 months worth of data ... on a limited budget (slower growth) Jun 4 - 7,000 followers Dec 4 - 32,300 followers Net increase - 25,300 597 New Users from Twitter ... came 683 times.
Fixing error in Wordpress Sydney Theme Sagekreyol 15 3 daysRev (3235): @Sagekreyol Since you are using WordPress, you already have an RSS feed that others can sign up for. It comes with WordPress by default. You will find it at: Replace "" with, uh... well, your domain! :o) You can then give out that address so others can sign up for your RSS feed. Ain't WordPress just the cat's meow!
Does Your Brand Stink? Winsome1 4 3 daysRev (3235): @Steve I dunno... I see some great advice and information, with personal experience to drive it home. Different strokes...
Does anyone care about Yoast readability? Sagekreyol 5 3 daysRev (3235): @Sagekreyol While @Steve is absolutely right, more content will win every time, the question is "more than who?" The Flesch Reading Ease score, and other aspects of your writing ARE factors in Google's various indexing algorithms and if you are not writing more than your competitors -- or your competitors are also writing a significant amount of content as well -- then these factors can matter when it is about getting from page 2 to...
Professional Tagline tienny 17 4 daystienny (502): Finally, I choose the tagline 'Creating a Generation of Creative & Logical Storytellers' and have updated my site's tagline.
How often do you blog? Steve 40 6 daysBelew (9025): @tammysoffices Last year I unfollowed my whole batch ...all 50,000. Nothing happened except that i lost abt 20% of my followers. I went from 55K followers to 40k. I am over 75K now.
WordPress will require hosts with SSL Belew 17 6 daystammysoffices (181): AMEN!!! @Rev & @Belew
Google Gives $10K in Free Ad Spend - Results Belew 19 6 daystammysoffices (181): @belew thank you
Improved Real Estate Marketing Natanbrener 9 8 daystammysoffices (181): Welcome @Natanbrener
Hello from a Forum Newbie jennylwz 3 9 daysRev (3235): Glad to meet you, too, @jennylwz. Tell us more about yourself? Do you have a website? Link?
Where do you find recommended reading? Belew 24 10 daysNebrgenius (25): I agree with you 😊 Win-Win 😉
Why Free No Longer Works Winsome1 23 10 daysBelew (9025): @Winsome1 Thanks! Will do.
What will you do differently in 2017? Belew 5 10 daysBelew (9025): @Laurieawe Hard numbers are called for. 5 is a good place to start. You cannot control what other people will do. Control the number of posts you write or tweets you send out. If you are doing X number of either and NOT seeing the results, then do MORE until you see the results. There are lots of folks here you can connect with who will for a reasonable, perhaps even nominal fee, give you the personal feedback you need to ensure you are...
Starting a content strategy company Nastili 9 10 daystammysoffices (181): Very good @Nastili I am sure there will be a few who can use your help as well. :D
eCommerce offerings - San Francisco Bay Area JPaul 4 11 daysbdaoust (883): Welcome @JPaul what type of ecommerce?
Scamming New York Times is Doable Belew 12 11 daystammysoffices (181): Sorry I should have clarified @belew - I meant the company who charged them 200K to purchase the 100K of books? How is that company making money (unless we are saying the books are free or $1)?
199+ Ideas to Start with Content Marketing Belew 41 11 daysBelew (9025): The most popular thread in the forum...
How do you use AdWords? MartinTolovski 6 11 daysBelew (9025): @gregoryamoshe Are you having good success with adwords? Can you share more specifics? Long time no see!
Thanks for the invitation shedmaster 18 11 daysBelew (9025): @shedmaster It seems that every news report is now an editorial of some sort.
How do I reply in this thread Lovinarob 3 11 daysBelew (9025): @Lovinarob Be sure you are logged in
What Is An Author Platform and Why Do I Need Winsome1 6 12 daysWinsome1 (70): That is an interesting question. I think you are referring in part to artists vs starving artists. Fiction writers are in this situation frequently. Although, the Internet provides them with more creative ways to engage and build a following than ever before. I mostly work with non-fiction authors. Most of them are writing books to establish themselves as experts. The reasons they are not successful run the gamut from inconsistent messaging to...
Welcome Bulgaria| 81 Countries in the forum Belew 80 13 daysBelew (9025): Welcome Bulgaria to the forum. Bulgaria is the 81st country to be represented here in the forum. You can go to countries in the content marketing forum to see the whole list. Who are you making friends with from around the world?
Twitter Data Dashboard Ideas skappal 11 13 daysskappal (49): @Belew I am equally thrilled...hope to share my knowledge with everyone and help you all with what I know and what I can !!!
Google Page Rank Steve 13 13 dayseddievelez (67): Touche! En Puerto Rico, dice que espero que fue un ayudo (a help). :)
Holiday Season & Business tammysoffices 2 13 daysBelew (9025): @tammysoffices It makes sense to have some sort of editorial calendar to ride the tides of the season. I recommend it for my clients, but have never done it myself. Go figure. How about you?
A Book is Just A Book Without A Platform Winsome1 9 15 daysBelew (9025): @Rev My friend got her break more than 10 years ago. All of us are much smarter now than we were 10 years ago. If somebody handed me $200k and said leave it to us 10 years ago I would have left it to them.
multimedia marketing and internet consultant jamestrask 12 15 dayseddievelez (67): Putting something together and something that looks great are two different things. Again, I guess it depends on the business. If you look at my portfolio, you will see websites for accountants, consultants, authors, attorneys, etc. When you look at them, the look and feel automatically pulls you in. I tried hiring a guy who does websites for the last 17 years. After trying to teach him my thinking and giving him art direction, who couldn't...
What is a hotlink? SusanDay 3 16 daysSusanDay (733): @Rev Thanks for that. It's interesting to learn how many things developed on the internet. The image was sent to me in a Word doc. I always download from the site and upload etc etc. Strange that it was on pixabay to begin with, but the image has been removed. Thanks again :)
Scribblers Unite mooncreations 2 17 daysSusanDay (733): Hi there @mooncreations! I too am a great scribbler and doodler - it helps me concentrate. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll meet lots of great folk :)
What were you before you grew up? Funny Belew 2 17 daysAlienneLaval (1): Precising from toys I had I did not even see workers and their machines as different "entities" originally - only to lster realize that I could have been right?
Best Ways to Get Engagement tammysoffices 7 18 daysBelew (9025): @tammysoffices That last question of yours might warrant its own thread, eh?
Why Social Proof Matters for Authors Winsome1 12 19 daysWinsome1 (70): I have done JV's with people in my group. They have worked out well. My most successful program launch was in September and I crushed it with JV partners. My business doubled.
Surprising Website Conversion Statistic Belew 5 22 daysRev (3235): @Belew So that is an average, not an absolute, value. Meaningless.
Nutty Life of an Analyst !!! skappal 5 23 daysskappal (49): The Ecological Fallacy
Analytical Trick to Boost Content Marketing skappal 5 23 daysskappal (49): @Steve Thanks for asking this question ! To an extent you are right in saying that the paper ads have outperformed all the other mediums (Ad channels) if we go by sheer numbers and how they add up. However, the premise of this analysis is not to simply look at the aggregations but to explore the relationships of these Add Mediums with the Products. This analysis explores the relationships in between the rows and columns. By transforming the...
Power of a Blog from an 8-yr old's POV Belew 7 25 daystammysoffices (181): I know, shame we can embed the video in the link here @belew! It is adorable.
How to Download Twitter Data skappal 6 25 daysskappal (49): @SusanDay thanks a lot :)!!!
PC Converting to Mac tammysoffices 4 26 dayseddievelez (67): My pleasure, Tammy!
Marketing Failure and Why Trump Won Belew 10 26 daysgalestargate (7): I hate talking about the election, even though I liked the outcome. The problem is the media can spin this thing anyway they want. And this is like religion. It's all about your belief system. What you want out of life. What you THINK a politician (attorneys) are going to give you. I'm telling you one thing about politicians. They say what you want to hear. That's all. Trump is not a politician. Hillary is. I don't care who you voted for, all I...
Creating a Pleasurable Stimulus for Customer skappal 9 27 daysSusanDay (733): @Belew @skappal A webinar would be a great idea!
Internet Marketer and entrepreneur Svargo 4 1 monthRev (3235): @Svargo What do you intend to do with all that wonderful learning?
Looking for an AdWords Expert Belew 6 1 monthRev (3235): expert... ex = "has-been" spurt = "a drip under pressure"
Twitter Conversion Numbers - How's Yours? Belew 22 1 monthRev (3235): ...and Twitter wonders why no one wants to buy them!