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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #5 Belew 251 15 daysSusanDay (1705): @lynnbaadarani Congratulations! Keep going now and your followers will certainly increase.
10 REAL benefits to upgrade to Student Level Belew 12 3 monthsRev (5023): @jmolan I think Bill still has to approve signups manually as the payment processor doesn't link into the Classroom. He should be by soon. You'll know you are approved because you will start seeing additional threads with dark red arrows -- those are classroom posts. And welcome, by the way!
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 73 3 monthsJodiC (1): Thanks for the invite. I am very new to all of this. I am excited to see what happens!
​10​ REAL​ benefits to upgrade to Teacher Belew 13 6 monthsSusanDay (1705): @Belew One of the greatest rewards I get from my students is seeing them grow and learn. For each individual it is different, but it is always delightful to see happen. I find inspiration in teaching, and I always learn from my students. You can't rate that or put a dollar value on it. If you could, I'd be rich!
Have you seen the 15 MOST READ forum threads Belew 23 6 monthsBelew (11311): If there were more of me ... I'd update this more often. Wait! There is more of me ... Stella!
Facebook - Is it Really Worth the Trouble? SusanDay 17 1 dayjmolan (355): I'm in!
Why Do I Even Read the News? Bait & Switch? Belew 10 1 daySusanDay (1705): @DansCartoons very true!
Wednesday Webbie Aug 16 2017 SusanDay 5 2 daysSusanDay (1705): There were aome technical difficulties, but a replay will be coming.
Online Networking- with a twist TParker 4 3 daysRev (5023): Oh, nuts! One more thing to look into... :)
Don’t ignore Social Media Steve 6 5 daysJelenaBB (70): @Belew you are right. But I don't know how to sell my knowledge. I hope I will learn soon :)
What Happens If Massively Unfollow Twitter Belew 110 6 daystienny (580): @Steve How did you do it?
Authors, Are You Sick of Social Media? SusanDay 17 6 daysgspieler (211): @SusanDay @DansCartoons @Julesthoughts Seems like we are all in agreement here. Nice to have so much good company.
16 Ads on One Page. Really. Yeesh! Belew 5 6 daysSusanDay (1705): Oohhh! He needs to make the ads look like content... editorial type of content old fashioned folk like us used to read in those old fashioned things called newspapers!
Have you noticed changes in social media? Steve 3 7 daysSusanDay (1705): I've noticed that it is getting hard to build my Twitter numbers @Steve LOL @TParker the things people do! Mind you, I get a lot of marriage proposals via DM, which is tedious to say the least.
Why You Create Your Own Platform Online Belew 16 7 daysBelew (11311): @Steve It is?
What about Pinterest and Instagram? Belew 6 7 daysSummerbay (325): I use both and have lots of followers but has it translated into dollars? Not so much.
I used to be a pretty good speller. But now Belew 6 7 daysSusanDay (1705): Off coarse your all rite. Spelling takes a lot off effort and thyme. Eye four won am a perfect speller, even dough eye comes from anudder country.
Authors, What Inspires You to Write? SusanDay 44 7 daysSusanDay (1705): @Belew Sounds interesting - you'll have to give us a full report!
Taking Advantage of Freelance Sites Belew 8 7 daysBelew (11311): @Rev Lots of strategies will work. The operative word being work. They have to be worked.
Has Anyone Used Google My Business? Belew 8 7 daysBelew (11311): I wonder if Google gives priority to their own sites ... I wonder.
Does anyone write web copy for businesses? TParker 10 7 daysBelew (11311): We just launched a duplicate site for a new client. First order of business... web copy. He did a relatively good job on the first site ... but it needs to be tweaked = updated and more focused. The new site needs to be rewritten and focused.
Learning and Laughing While Eavesdropping Belew 3 9 daysrcayeras (364): Did what? Grow big with occasional crashes? IBM and Intel created/led technical standards and well as patents. Facebook has many patents - I'm not sure about adding to IEEE's RFCs.
44 Things I Wish I Knew B4 Starting a Blog Belew 5 12 daystienny (580): @belew Thanks for sharing. There are so many information to digest. Even I don't fully agree.
What's Weird about Where You Live? Belew 17 12 daysKathrynLang (352): There's some of the ones in Moundville. There are three other locations in Alabama that have mounds as well.
Do you know what Tailwind is? JelenaBB 7 13 daysJelenaBB (70): @KathrynLang you are totally right. Probably CoSchedule is similar to Tailwind, but what I like in Tailwind that you are part of Tribe and you work together to build your social accounts. So, you have that person to person thing.
I'm Out of Money. Can you help? Belew 10 14 daystienny (580): @rev Yeah. Found it through you. And also through @belew at AFCC2014 masterclass. Thanks @belew @rev and also to @rcayeras to have a better understanding. I learn a very expensive lesson.
Let's Discuss: Referrals -Giving & Receiving TParker 7 14 daysRev (5023): Absolutely. And not only referrals. If you build your entire business this way -- indeed your entire life -- you will be amazed at the positive growth you will experience.
How Many Domains Does GoDaddy Host?!?! Belew 13 14 daysRev (5023): @Steve Been there. Done that. Are we having fun yet???
What Do People Half Your Age Talk About? Belew 6 15 daysBelew (11311): @Seniorpreneur Your experience is much different than mine. I find that young people today cannot do critical thinking. Critical thinking courses are even offered in the early goings at colleges to make up for this missing skill. I have demonstrated to young people how to something on a web site. Their response, "But your website is blue, mine ia green." There is a serious lack in ability to transfer lessons from one situation...
Have you been penalized by Penguin? DansCartoons 7 15 daysDansCartoons (238): I have been blogging daily...a knowledgeable specialist told me not to be concerned as to the 2012 hit....continue publishing and in long tail keywords if possible (not to over-stuff keywords) so I will be considerate of that fact....but overall, have posted everyday all summer and the content I post is interesting to say the least, and offering my interpretations on the inner-aspects of my specialty....there is always something to write about
Blogger Recognition Award! JelenaBB 16 16 daysJelenaBB (70): @Belew I'm still not sure how I should use this Award. Does anyone have any ideas? @SusanDay I am on FB groups for bloggers regularly commented their posts and collaborate with them.
Are there IYI marketers, too? Belew 6 17 daysSusanDay (1705): @Rev, ha ha ha, love that quote!
What are you reading now? And why? Belew 14 17 daysRev (5023): I read for relaxation and for business. I carry my Kindle with me most everywhere so I can fill in the waiting gaps with reading. I've been re-reading Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone's Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude most recently. I would recommend it to everyone.
Know Someone Who Kills Traditional Marketing Belew 7 18 daysBelew (11311): @SusanDay My take is that as long as his approach is working he should keep working it. All the while he should have a plan B or C in the works as well. The marketing winds change. We all have experienced that. His will as well. In the meantime, I am on the sidelines cheering for him. He is, BTW, at a conference with a display and a model (a real model) doing the outbound, pass out rubber brains and bags of M&M thing in hopes of...
Engage your fans. jmolan 7 18 daysBelew (11311): @jmolan Do you find that most of your new fans are people you have met F2F in another speaking assignment, or people that have happened upon you somehow?
How to Make Heart Felt Digital Connections jmolan 14 20 daysSusanDay (1705): Must 'ave been some ghost story! @Belew
8 Tips for WordPress Blogging Made Easy Belew 7 22 daysRev (5023): Of course the 'net is becoming cluttered. The world is becoming cluttered. Yes you need to be good at what you do. The issue is what you do.
Ugh! Death by Google Slides Presentation Belew 9 22 daysRev (5023): I just use a web browser (Chrome or Firefox preferred) and drop the images (slides) into a window, one at a time and then use the back button to get back to the first slide. The forward button steps easily through the cached images. It's quick and sure. Low tech. Just works.
What is the most Impressive website? jmolan 10 22 daysRev (5023): @Belew How much is your daughter and how much is just a proud father?
Why does your web site need privacy? jmolan 10 25 daysjmolan (355): @TParker @Rev I think your both right. The reality of pestering phone calls outweighs the off chance someone will avoid me because I'm not as public as a big Corporation. Heck they can check me out find me other ways. Jack
What Milestones Are You Aiming for? Belew 39 26 daysBelew (11311): And then there were 100K.
Help! I am stuck on Facebook. Belew 11 26 daysjmolan (355): "Young man, just what are your intentions here?"
Photo frustrations jmolan 13 27 daysRev (5023): If you really want options in a theme, check out Woo Canvas!
Should I Use Spellchecker Before Publishing? Caffus 11 27 daysTParker (454): @Caffus When you consolidate your sites, take the opportunity to update and refine your content. Make sure everything is just the way you want it this time around.
I am the luckiest person I know. But ... Belew 18 27 daysTParker (454): My children and I have clean water to drink, food to eat and a place to sleep. I am blessed.
Who Does Long-form Publishing on LinkedIn? Belew 4 28 daysSteve (3547): As to know @Belew i''ve over three hundred long form posts on LinkedIn... it used ti be great... just not worth it nowadays.
How Do You Handle Trolls? Belew 13 29 daysBelew (11311): @Rev No. No. Not find the the 1%.
What Came First a Following or a Product? BuzzyMarketing 4 29 daysRev (5023): @BuzzyMarketing If you are really "into" buzzy marketing then you should already know the 4 Ys Of Success. If not, Google it. It applies to what @Belew said above. The key is that you start posting now. You say the other part is going to be a long process so you have time (it takes time) to do the posting but it's all about beginning now.
I Know Something abt Reaching Big Numbers Belew 14 29 daysBuzzyMarketing (31): Why?
What SaaS for Marketers Do You Wish for? Belew 8 30 daysSteve (3547): There are a couple of these services around, i tried one last year... with average results. As the technology advances so will this i guess... One day artifical intelligence will even write the articles.