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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #3 Belew 332 7 hoursBelew (8527): @Bigj1969 And what's next for you? Welcome!
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 54 22 daysBelew (8527): @Yassi How often do you post to your blog?
READ FIRST Getting Started Here on the Forum jycmba 4 22 dayschangelife (4): Thanks
MOST READ 15 Forum Threads EACH w/ 60+ Posts Belew 21 2 monthsBelew (8527): Stuck for ideas on where to start or what to do next in your content marketing strategy? This thread is by far the best place to start.
meetup question-how to assign 2nd organizer? rcayeras 5 3 hoursBelew (8527): @rcayeras She can only be co-organizer
Experimenting With Video Rev 5 6 hoursalexchan (79): @Rev If you want to explore doing your own videos, you should try You can do this... http://
LinkedIn what's working for you Steve 9 7 hoursSteve (3007): @Belew you could perhaps use something like this but I like to go to everyone of my social media accounts daily and posting a meme takes just seconds...
Can someone Learn to draw? tammysoffices 13 9 hoursBelew (8527): @tammysoffices I, too, am contemplating a new 'career.' Good for you for trying.
Have you ever paid for voice-over intro? tammysoffices 10 9 hourstammysoffices (97): @jgerk I think you misunderstood me. I had a GREAT experience for the voice over services. It was the artist to get help with my logo that I needed to be re-done. I would have loved to use your services, except that I needed a male voice. Sorry for any confusion, as I had a great experience with my voice over person and even purchased a 2nd recording.
Hi All - 1 Book "Permanently Free" on Amazon Lenderman33 23 1 daytienny (484): @Lenderman33 Thanks
Blogs aren't the #1 thing? rcayeras 6 1 dayrcayeras (337): @Rev thank you for the confirmation. Much appreciated (albeit a late appreciation). It (finally) reminds me of something Bill said before he started this forum - write blogs. When readers start complaining about your web site, then make time to fix it. Depending on the level of complaints, it may give some insight about what people are expecting from your site after reading your blogs.
Three Reasons Video doesn’t work … Steve 17 1 daySusanDay (667): @NicholasBodell Very interesting stats, thank you for sharing.
ComicSquare: A good new web to publish comic macnamal 21 1 daytammysoffices (97): Absolutely NOT @macnamal! I actually thought I had done something incorrect in commenting myself. When I mentioned to you, if you needed bloggers that you are paying, to feel free to contact me. [I thought I was not allowed to do this, but belew was saying that if it is a natural part of the discussion that it is ok, he does not want 'pushy' and comments not related to the discussion we are in]. I hope that helps a little. :D
Atheist places faith in evangelizing journey rollerworld 7 2 daystammysoffices (97): @Steve that is sad indeed, especially suffering of children. We cannot know 'why' and sometimes even feel guilty for asking God 'why', but He allows us to do so. In regard to business and other items - yes, sometimes it is through our own doing and sometimes it is just unfortunate circumstances, beyond our control (as you say). We have all been through trial and testing of our faith (for those who are Believers; if not a Believer I imagine...
Linda Aronson Clinical Hypnotherapist/RN Char5274 3 2 daysRev (3160): Hi @Char5274, Welcome! Sounds like an interesting profession. First thing to do here (and anywhere else you go online) is to fill out your profile with a picture, information, contact links, as allowed. Do you have a website or blog where we can find you?
Why Your Audience Can't Find You jycmba 34 3 daysSteve (3007): @jycmba enjoy your day :)
Influencers Incredible Impact - Research #s Belew 7 3 daysBelew (8527): @Steve I don't want the influence of a pop star who can sell cigarettes or a political ideology just because of who they are. I want ppl to come to me because I can change their lives in ways they want. Yesterday I had lunch at a restaurant because the guy wanted help with marketing. He also wanted me to bring some of my local Meetup members too bring visibility to his establishment. I have something that he wants/needs aND he Reached Out...
Pastoring a community for churches and NGOs Pauldflowers 9 4 daysjycmba (2632): I think that's a great tribe to go after, @Seniorpreneur - you may consider partnering with someone like @jamesburchill (unfortunately not as active here as Facebook) who's based out of Burlington Canada. If you PM me, I can see about ways to connect you two.
Marketing for nutritionist in South America Nataliafranco 11 4 daysjycmba (2632): @Seniorpreneur - y, exactly why I started working with my friend. We both felt that it not only 1) attracted the wrong people 2) wastes everyone's time That's why the goal with this messaging was to reach those who have had enough of the hype but saw potential to do something real with network marketing. My friend, Steve, is a great example of what's possible when folks treat it as a legitimate small business.
Oops.. I Did It Again, or Oops.. There It is jycmba 23 5 daysRev (3160): @tammysoffices You are hereby reminded... Focus Friday live-streaming on Internet Marketing at 1:00 p.m. ET -- get session link here:
Share a favorite quote? Rev 236 6 daysNataliafranco (10): I really understeand because we are yalking about the same sense
Free Video Training Available Rev 5 6 daysRev (3160): @Belew This forum is about content marketing and, by inclusion, content itself. We have many groups of content producers here including, but certainly not limited to, authors, teachers/trainers, and bloggers, of all sorts. Content producers are most often content marketers as well, and we have those who market other people's content, too. Content is created for a variety of purposes and disseminated through numerous media. Sometimes it is...
Newcomer screenplay writer expands portfolio chrischance 15 6 daysjycmba (2632): @chrischance - I think the problem is that writers hang out with writers, so it's hard to get things like funding, aka producers, when you're not hanging out in their circles. There's a reason why that cliche "it's a numbers game" exists.. because sadly it's true. My friend Dawn Fields has worked on numerous projects in development hell before finally taking steps to get her own indie short funded with Lance Henriksen. ...
What's it take to be Greater? Belew 9 7 daystammysoffices (97): I would agree with those @Belew! I am sure we could add more, but overall we all have dreams and deserve to go after them, all while helping those around us and sometimes we are blessed enough to be able to do both and keep our sights and morals in a higher place! :D
Another media giant goes down - Gawker Belew 4 7 daysljsingh (19): I agree. Doing good and not making money at the expense of others is a great method to achieve success and be satisfied with what you built. :)
Obnoxious Copy Review Request seoapexpredator 26 9 daysSteve (3007): asked me to chime in ... love it, if you have a point to make, make it don't ask others to make it for you ... it erodes your authority. As to the rest ... YAWN just words But this is just my opinion and I guess you all know more :)
What would you like to write a book about? Belew 39 9 daystienny (484): @jycmba It does makes sense.
Welcome Argentina | 74 Countries in Forum Belew 73 10 daysBelew (8527): Welcome Argentina to the forum. ... I think we are ovwe 1/3 of all countries in the world now. And perhaps Argentina is here just in time to gloat over beating the US men's team in basketball. Welcome!
I can't believe why I am saying 'thank you' Belew 7 12 daysBelew (8527): @Rev I don't care either and I don't know what it is I don't care about and don't care to know either.
How Much is Your Email Address Worth? Belew 3 12 daysRev (3160): For several years now I have been getting strange looks and even stranger comments when I would say, "Your email address is Internet currency." A few people are starting to get it.
What Kind of Marketing Did Jesus Do? AndrewAgbonlahor 7 12 daysBelew (8527): @Steve Exactly! Spot on! The first year Jesus spent teaching and traveling = great content creation. After that ppl started hunting him out and he tried to get away.
What are the basics of good marketing? Belew 7 12 daysbdaoust (850): @Belew - everything for FREE - should be interesting on how well this goes
From Truck Driving to Online Marketing ... QJH 4 17 daysClydeart (106): @QJH - Welcome! What is your interest in joining the forum?
Do you desire to enjoy or improve the world? Belew 19 19 daystechnoglyf (19): again balance, LOL
Understanding how to use Google Analytics Caffus 3 19 daysCaffus (16): Ok thank you
When did you last have an original idea? Belew 25 20 daysRev (3160): @tammysoffices You will want to separate files (data or information) from applications (programs) in your thinking. Data is data is data. A PDF file is a PDF file whether it's on a Mac, a PC, or a Linux box. A DOCX, JPG (JPEG), or TXT file is the same no matter which system it is on or transferred to. Programs, or applications, things like word processors, web browsers, database managers, email readers, etc., are platform specific. While...
Who is your hero? Why? Belew 7 21 daysjgerk (61): Just to say there is a swear word,and that I wrote the tale to read as two young chaps. Joy. MY HERO By Joy M. Lilley There are times in all our lives that remain special and never to be forgotten, and that time for me was when I first became aware of my hero, David Bowie. When I was...
Article Marketing Strategy changelife 7 21 daysSteve (3007): To me article marketing reminds me of the days you published one article on as many article websites as you could...
193 Characteristics REAL Influencer / Mentor Belew 67 22 daysBelew (8527): A real influencer: 187. Has kindness that is evident in his/her language. 188. Is not afraid when everyone else is. 189. Gives encouragement to others even though all hope seems lost. 190. Follows up words with actions. 191. Mentors a select few. 192. Sees calm when others see a commotion. 193. Is not swayed when others laugh are laughing AT him/her.
30 Best FREE Resources to Learn Marketing Steve 10 22 daysCaffus (16): Thank you..I booked marked it and plan on reading it. ☺
Best Practices for Marketing SAAS Yassi 4 22 daysYassi (1): @Seniorpreneur I'm actually sales development manager but I'm on the front lines too!
Gamification - What works in a forum? Belew 3 23 daysBelew (8527): Great suggestions @Rev. Keep 'me coming.
How Do You Plan Your Week? jycmba 13 25 daysCaffus (16): I take each moment as it comes. I try and do what I think is most important first.
Ad Copy Feedback noMotif 2 27 daysBelew (8527): @noMotif We need to see the ad to give feedback. Got a screen shot?
Shhh! I Think He's Gone.. jycmba 14 28 daysjycmba (2632): @Belew - I used to have the same problem with "networking".. until I realized that it wasn't about me. Who needs to know what I know? or someone that I can connect them with? Once I realized that my dislike of being on camera or meeting someone at an event was getting in the way of something bigger, I let go of that part of me.
WordPress Courses for Beginners - the best? Belew 10 1 monthtienny (484): I don't understand how I learn best. I have been trying all method. Along the way, I realize that I learn best 1. Physical one to one and step by step guidance 2. Demonstrate it 3. Then let me do it repetitively 4. Making mistakes The one to one guidance is someone who is physically there and guides me step by step in my life and even work life. Now, I feel so frustrated due to learning how to cope with life.
Marketing lies to get the results you desire jycmba 16 1 monthBelew (8527): Hollywood? Make a point? Perhaps for some ... but not for me. Too much of an underlying agenda.
Google Deletes an Artists 14 Years' Work KitK 11 1 monthtienny (484): @Rev Thanks for sharing your experiences.
My first time posting here. Caffus 20 1 monthCaffus (16): Thank you. My daughter claimed the horse painting. I can only sell prints. With Zazzle I am able to uplaod my graphics and art work. They do customer service shipping and production. Which gives me more time and energy to be creative.
Meetup Arbitrarily Cancels Groups. Organizer Belew 36 1 monthRev (3160): @MLHarris Yep. Name recognition vs. personal control. Just another decision for solopreneurs to make. I've been a strong advocate of using platforms that you can control, starting with your own website. Sometimes it isn't economically feasible and sometimes you just can't get the reach on your own but it is important to think it through and make an informed choice.