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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #5 Belew 270 10 daysSusanDay (1879): [quote] The problem is that there are so many different ways to go about that, and I'm not too sure where to begin.[/quote] @bluegreenrock Boy are you on the right place! Content in the form of blog posts is one way to attract the right kind of visitors.
10 REAL benefits to upgrade to Student Level Belew 12 6 monthsRev (5263): @jmolan I think Bill still has to approve signups manually as the payment processor doesn't link into the Classroom. He should be by soon. You'll know you are approved because you will start seeing additional threads with dark red arrows -- those are classroom posts. And welcome, by the way!
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 73 6 monthsJodiC (1): Thanks for the invite. I am very new to all of this. I am excited to see what happens!
​10​ REAL​ benefits to upgrade to Teacher Belew 13 9 monthsSusanDay (1879): @Belew One of the greatest rewards I get from my students is seeing them grow and learn. For each individual it is different, but it is always delightful to see happen. I find inspiration in teaching, and I always learn from my students. You can't rate that or put a dollar value on it. If you could, I'd be rich!
Have you seen the 15 MOST READ forum threads Belew 23 9 monthsBelew (11527): If there were more of me ... I'd update this more often. Wait! There is more of me ... Stella!
Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say Rev 6 1 hourtienny (634): Interesting read!
How do you avoid creep with clients? Belew 11 2 hoursgspieler (328): My husband had a bathroom remodeling business and "Scope creep" was standard. We would do an initial evaluation of the job and provide an estimate. However, the estimate had a specific clause for additional requirements once we broke into the walls. The client had to agree that there may be other services required. If we found mold or the client decided they wanted additional work, it was in the contract that it will be added to the...
Cornerstone articles? SusanDay 4 1 dayDansCartoons (286): @Belew Thanks! When in my Google Analytics, can you provide a screenshot where to click or point to and show exactly how to trace to the "popular" posts though?
Replay - Twitter for Authors & Entrepreneurs SusanDay 6 4 daysgspieler (328): I always, of course, credit the photographers.
I'll Stop Procrastinating Later ... or not. Belew 5 4 daysDolevza (1): Hi Bill, Here is a short lecture I did about procrastination and ways to overcome it. http:// I would be happy to help if needed. Dolev
Twitter for Authors and Entrepreneurs SusanDay 2 6 daysSteve (3595): Given all of the recent changes ... this should prove to be very interesting.
Should Of, Would Of, Could Of... Rev 3 8 daystienny (634): I do agree. Now everything are going into short form and expect the recipient to understand.
How Long Have You Been Online? Belew 32 9 daysRev (5263): @morrnel Would that be a P DP-11 UNIX box? We had those at Motorola where I got my first access to ARPAnet. Nope. Only shopped there maybe 3 times in 18 years. Once Walmart opened their super store, Target basically became irrelevant. Took them a while to realize it, though. These days Amazon Prime and Prime Pantry are my friends.
If you misspell "anomaly"... Rev 2 11 daysBelew (11527): @Rev Only if you normally spell it correctly.
Replay: So, You've Written a Book SusanDay 9 11 daystienny (634): @SusanDay Thanks. Just DM you.
Wednesday Webinar- So, you've written a book SusanDay 1 13 daysSusanDay (1879): So, you've written a book! And, not just any book. You have written a non-fiction book to show the world you are an expert in your chosen field. This book contains all your know-how and expertise; all collected together in one neat package. But, what now? In our Weekly Wednesday Webbie we take a look at marketing and promoting your book. We will look at how you can use your book to set yourself up as a top influencer, and the go-to...
Replay - Is Facebook a Waste of Time? SusanDay 18 13 daysSusanDay (1879): @Steve What tips do you have?
280 Characters Steve 6 13 daysSteve (3595): @gspieler @Belew Isn't it a small world... :) I dive every weekend now ... one of the benefits of living here... and having so many places to dive... I did my ticket a few months back and then my advanced so that I could go legally down deeper :) And you are always welcome here :) Here is some older footage ... on that dive site.
Is there ever too much business? Belew 4 13 daysSteve (3595): Thoughts... 80 percent of your profit comes from 20 percent of your customers... So if you are getting lots of business from this 20 percent group, then no you cannot have enough... but if you are taking on new clients that don't give you this profitability then you perhaps can have to many, especially if it stops you going for these profitable clients.
Great Post - Evolution of WordPress UI '3-17 Belew 7 17 daysDansCartoons (286): Paul: Thank you for verifying this. In order to find a reputable host for my own site (find in my profile) if you want to, I went to for comparison shopping. That may help anyone looking for a new host if you are thinking of migrating. My move was "forced", due to a web host who was hosting me on a server with very little disk space and my site performance was malfunctioning (many thousands of pages I...
Thoughtful Help On List Building Rev 3 17 daysSusanDay (1879): I am experimenting at the moment providing interesting things to read, as well as, my own RSS feed for a small list of subscribers. They can also download a free copy of my book. I know I like to read emails that interesting and informative, and I hate salesy ones unless they are from a store I like.
Webinar - Is Facebook a Waste of Time? SusanDay 5 19 daysgspieler (328): Great.Really look forward to it.
Radio Interview SusanDay 3 20 daysSusanDay (1879): @Belew LOL ... We need an app that reminds us of what time it is for people we know in the world.
Google Analytics stopped slaqjaw 10 21 daysBelew (11527): @slaqjaw Yup. I'll be there. 2-part workshop.
The Worlds Shortest IQ Test Rev 12 22 daysRev (5263): @SusanDay You may be interested to know that Australia is considered to have some of the world's best gifted education programs. Unfortunately they are limited to about 100 schools in large population centers in New South Wales. Canada has the broadest delivery of gifted education programs, country wide. My ex-wife taught in Humberview School, just outside of Toronto, and was involved in gifted education programs. My older daughter attended...
Replay-Why You Don't Need a Content Manager SusanDay 12 22 daystienny (634): @SusanDay Yes, I have set my artwork clearly. However, I still need to further improve.
From Google - How to Maximize Your SEO Belew 2 24 daysRev (5263): Hmmm... I include free controlled organic traffic development in SEM (not just paid). But that's my choice, not a rule. It relates to an inbound marketing approach. The rest looks good!
Why You Don't Need to Hire a Content Manager SusanDay 3 24 daystienny (634): Thanks for the replay.
Unintentional truth rcayeras 2 24 daysBelew (11527): Handling the BS factors has always been a challenge. 8-)
Going above n beyond projections for Meetup Belew 3 24 daysBelew (11527): @gspieler Great question. Last month we did a 2-day all-day workshop. Translation = well worth the time to build this following. More workshops to come.
Kids are staying younger longer Belew 4 25 daysBelew (11527): And I am getting older than younger kids, too!
Sometimes I don't know anything abt email Belew 7 25 daysSusanDay (1879): They were excellent
Lost the audio on my operating system DansCartoons 4 28 daysRev (5263): Have you checked to see if the earbuds work on another device? Have you checked to see that the right playback device is selected in Windoze?
Grammar Jokes. Know Any? Share! Rev 10 29 daysRev (5263): @Belew An amazing vocabulary for such an ancient beast!
Auto-Correct, Typos, Lazy Typing Rev 13 1 monthtienny (634): Personally, I prefer write with hands. I receive 💯 for my spelling. There is a good, bad and good side of autocorrect. Good: 1. Gorrect your word mistakes 2. Speed up your process Bad: 1. Correct your typed name thus irks the one whom you address 2. Youngsters are dependent on it thus they can’t write it out except type 3. More mistakes come out compared to write on paper 4. Some people get lazy
Using a Publishing Company SusanDay 16 1 monthSusanDay (1879): @gspieler Great tips! I have most of these, but it's so good to know I'm on the right track.
New WordPress Plugin For Messenger Rev 7 1 monthSusanDay (1879): @Rev Spam in my Facebook messenger inbox! So annoying!
Shameless promotion. jmolan 5 1 monthFrugalTravelsNepal (88): My goal, particularly since they are hell-bent on gutting health care, I'm trying to help people from the US to come here for health care and respite. We can provide a lovely room with a view of the Himalayan foothills with spectacular views of the Himalayas on clear days for long-term stays. There are many hospitals with an international presence. You can expect to get the same level of care as you would in the country that funds them. There...
Imsanity Wordpress plugin tienny 11 1 monthtienny (634): @Rev Even though I am a programmer before, I know certain languages. Thanks to know that Ivan always ask.
I hate email marketing, but I am learning .. Belew 16 1 monthBelew (11527): @Rev Just just read your email. Good thoughts that I can and am willing to address. @SusanDay is still asleep. Dem silly Aussies. Asleep whenever the rest of us are awake and working when we are asleep. Go figure. When she responds, I'll respond. I do like the idea of the 3 of us doing a brain dump on a private webbie. Lets see if she is up for it. No pun intended, but it works here. 8-)
Free Facebook Book Promo Sites Book Markets Rev 6 1 monthSusanDay (1879): @Rev Thanks. That's good to know.
100 Guest Post Published SusanDay 13 1 monthJelenaBB (91): @DansCartoons you can try Jaxxy. It will help finding high traffic keywords with low competition. They will give you 30 keyword searches as a free member, so you can try it. But, I think that @SusanDay is wright. You need some call to action. Give your visitors something for free to join your email list. In that case, you can send them emails ones a week or a month with links to your new posts.
Twitter shutting down direct messagiing Steve 8 1 monthSusanDay (1879): No automated DMs??!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!
A Note Or Two About JetPack Plugin Rev 3 1 monthSteve (3595): I've never used Jetpack ... Just a random comment... lol
WooCommerce Product tienny 10 1 monthtienny (634): Yeah. I agree not to install too many plugins. My friend introduced me to a potential client. She let me login into her site. She needed help to install div code. Thus I login. I get a shock she has installed too many plugins. She wanted it to be done asap. Thus, her assistant called me up. I highlight I need time to assess before I can do it. I also ask @Rev about it. In the end, I told them I can’t do it asap. Hence, they need to launch it...
I finished... 50k words and counting SusanDay 10 1 monthSusanDay (1879): @Rev Thanks. I've been publishing on Kindle, and Smashwords, for years now but I appreciate the recommendation. There are so many books out ybete it's hard to know where to start.
Guest Blog Posts Steve 8 1 monthRev (5263): @Steve Synchronicity is a strange thing. Not having thought of guest blog posts at all for several weeks (months?) I had 3 other people just this past week bring up the topic -- 1 want to do them on my site, 1 wanting me to do them on their site, and one wanting me to help them create a site for the purpose. Answers: 1. rarely. 2. sometimes people offer something good that works for me. 3. on topic (my site), well written, original (sort...
Numbers versus People Belew 20 2 monthstienny (634): Interesting :) What does "Here lies a man standing up!" really mean? Because 1. I don't know when to interpret it literally or 2. Is there a meaning behind the words?
INFOGRAPHIC: WooCommerce v Magento v Shopify Belew 8 2 monthsmorrnel (670): Woo has changed significantly since the Wordpress people bought it. Still good stuff.
From Zero to 140,000 Users in 6 months Belew 20 2 monthsmorrnel (670): I worked for a very successful fellow running a construction company. He cared about two things: happy customers and the money he put in the bank.