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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #3 Belew 93 12 hoursBelew (7657): @inzite Glad to have you here, Darren. I have sent you a link to the private room for coaches.
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 52 12 daysBelew (7657): @ivelisl Use Self-hosted WordPress. Buy a domain name and basic hosting ... or some such place. You can install WordPress for free. Their customer service is great and they will walk you thru it. If you have trouble, reach out to me via the inmail.
MOST READ 15 Forum Threads EACH w/ 60+ Posts Belew 20 2 monthsBelew (7657): This is the post I get asked about the most. 199 ideas to get started with on your web site to build credibility
How to reach the senior entrepreneur Seniorpreneur 13 9 hoursSteve (2611): @Seniorpreneur Negative, negative ... to succeed you are going to need to make things happen. Instead of looking at roadblocks and thinking I need Government help to do this as I need massive funds ... look for ways you can do things and grow your business organically. Heck set up a gofundme account and see if the seniors themselves will fund your startup ... As to seniors needing to be retrained ... they should be doing things that draw on...
How Many Times Have You Started Over? Belew 12 3 daysPerversePoet (10): I can't help growing old but grow up? Never!
Introduction fflickwidner 7 4 daysfflickwidner (7): Yes, I got an email...
People Want to Pay Me to Post at My Site Belew 10 5 daysBelew (7657): Good point! @SusanDay
Content marketing works because... Steve 9 5 daysSteve (2611): Why do people come to me? who knows... lol In the above example, I simply mentioned to the prospect that if I was this keen and pushy to get his business and solve his problems... how much more pushy would I be to ensure I followed through and delivered. I then asked for the order and got it. In the Gulf war... when the US when into Iraq and kicked Saddam out ... I actually sold three websites to businesses in Iraq who wanted to sell to the US...
Where 50+ generation reads and writes Belew 5 6 daystienny (469): @Belew @Steve Currently, I am working a temporary job which is far from my house. So I have to wake up early and rushing home late at home. Even I miss interacting with both of you and everyone too. I haven't been that well. Lack of sleep thus increases migraine occurrences. I also feel not fitting in the current job though I like my colleagues.
Best practices for online training program Steve 13 6 daysSteve (2611): @Rev thanks... as to fiddling, as a child I often used to have the challenge of putting things back together after taking them apart to see how they worked. Funny how often you have parts lets over :)
Welcome Tanzania | 64 Countries in Forum Belew 63 7 daysBelew (7657): Where in the world is Tanzania? We have a new member from The Republic of Tnazania! I guess I'd better find out...especially since there is a new friend from there. Welcome!
How can a poet get his works read? PerversePoet 11 7 daysPerversePoet (10): Thanks guys. Although my username is Perverse Poet my main activity is not poetry although I do write poetry. My main aim is to earn a living from writing newsletters, which can include poetry, and draw illustrations. All of which is on my site and blog.
Mixed-media fine artist and digital strategy Splatteredmedia 4 7 daysRev (2422): @Splatteredmedia "Creatives" is a term some people seem uncomfortable using. I'm goad to see you embracing it so readily. Love your concepts. Do share more when you can.
Helping Senior w/ Personal Transportation Bobbystef65 5 8 daysBobbystef65 (4): It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm also a Seton Hall Alum class of '87. Where have the years gone?? I'm a former NYS Parole officer and that in itself was one hell of a life. I enjoy helping others who truly need the help but even trying to build a somewhat successful business doing that is pretty frustrating. Word of mouth is key. So, I'm here and look forward to hearing from you. Take care in the mean time...
7 levels of hard things to do. Belew 14 10 daysBelew (7657): @ivelisl It is hard for me to listen to other people. 8-)
Any opinions on Growth Driven Design(GDD)? lunar_ranger 10 10 daysRev (2422): Sometimes people just look for fancy names for what most of us call "busy work". If we can define it and talk/write about it and keep 10,000 people busy doing it, it must be a career, right?
Alone 9-day Working Retreat Best Practices Belew 5 11 dayslunar_ranger (451): If you had 9 full days when you could do anything you want - think working retreat: [Assumption: NO INTERNET] 1. What would you do? Think, write, read, do a little exercise, explore, make more memories than take pictures. 2. What would you write? I would start writing my thoughts down, instead of structuring them when I have to justify my actions. 3. What would you read? I would read some philosophy and self-help books that have been anchoring...
Linda Aronson Clinical Hypnotherapist/RN Char5274 3 11 daysRev (2422): Hi @Char5274, Welcome! Sounds like an interesting profession. First thing to do here (and anywhere else you go online) is to fill out your profile with a picture, information, contact links, as allowed. Do you have a website or blog where we can find you?
Where do you find Motivation? Steve 15 12 dayslunar_ranger (451): @ChrisWood Hell yes. ^What you said.
Going dark again for 10 days Belew 13 13 daysBelew (7657): @rcayeras I am back. Been back for abt 8 hrs or so. Stories? Yup, I suppose I have some to tell. Have you heard about DoGoodU? This is a new site for writers over 50 to reach out to readers who are over 50 about doing good after 50.
For bloggers who like writing about software rcayeras 5 13 daysrcayeras (322): I'm sharing ad ad that I saw. I'm not the one looking for the blogger. I sometimes post them when I see something - well, it's not for me, but I bet someone on this forum can do it. These ads are best responded to as soon as possible - they tend to make decisions quickly. My experience with these postings - you're talking to the hiring manager, who could be a Director or higher. As far as how to respond, what information to provide - it's a...
entertainment blogs - are they effective? rcayeras 6 13 daysrcayeras (322): Thanks for the feedback - and for the most part, agreement. If this client is trying to get more traffic to their site that generates revenue - I doubt this will work. These extra stories have no relationship to what they do. I consider my response one of the best/worst examples of these entertaining blogs. I didn't care about the company that posted it or had any inspiration to look into what they do -- instead, I watched more ElectroBoom...
Live Case Study: My First Blog Feldman 11 13 daysbdaoust (637): @Rev - the new link works
Newbie Question #2: Day 1 content quantity weaverjs 8 15 daysweaverjs (16): @jaylperry Thank you, I have read other sites for more info on this same topic and your response is spot on. I have narrowed my focus, bought the domain and I am crafting the first content. (And "fiddlin'" with the template as Belew would say)
how to strategically sell a safety product ethel 5 17 daysBelew (7657): @ethel Do you have a Web site we can see?
Does Site Speed Affect Search Ranking? Study Belew 10 20 daysRev (2422): @Jonnner Results will can vary depending on browsing history (browser specific), Google site searched, your geographic location (based on IP resolution), and whether or not you are logged into Google, among other things. Would still love to see the results.
Indie Film Website jycmba 5 21 daysRev (2422): @jycmba Great to chat with you. Awesome concept. We'll chat more.
Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread - #2 Belew 500 27 daysStellaT (37): @CoachLPrice, welcome to the forum! You have been sent the link to the private coach room. We're happy to have you
Scott Adams of Dilbert on blogging Belew 6 27 daysSusanDay (460): I love writing and now have a relatively captive audience that will listen.
Best plug-in for ebook download labellecleo 5 27 dayslabellecleo (34): Got it thanks. I'm exploring it right now.
1 article 4,735 words from top SEO dude Belew 11 27 daysSusanDay (460): @Belew Thank you!
Hello from England! TheCoachingLodge 4 28 daysBelew (7657): @TheCoachingLodge I went to your profile to learn more about you. Nothing there. 8-(
Are you a coach, business, life or otherwise Belew 6 1 monthSteve (2611): You're gonna make me feel left out at this rate... lol
Simple Ways to Get LinkedIn Connections bdaoust 64 1 monthSteve (2611): @dmortaz you need to work out if his LinkedIn connections are your target audience otherwise you'll just annoy them... I have about 12K connections and not sure how many followers on LinkedIn (16K i think) ... but I wouldn't promote anyone else to them ... as I'd just lose connections and devalue myself to my audience ... Writing a post as suggested is a great idea...
Give versus Ask Marketing... gmccracken 2 1 monthBelew (7657): @gmccracken It's better to give people smth and leave them wanting for more. As opposed to asking pepple to contact me and I'll tell you something you might want to know. Give or ask. Which do you think is a better marketing technique?
Never build presence on another platform Belew 8 1 monthBelew (7657): @tienny Yes, I have had the experience. Am in the middle of a yet unresolved experience.
Completely New to Content Blogging KatMcLead 6 1 monthKatMcLead (10): Steve, I had no idea that blogging daily was required. Thank you for the feedback.
Newbie question: How many topics per site weaverjs 9 1 monthjycmba (1903): @weaverjs - bottom-line is write about what your ideal reader is interested in. It may be one big topic with many subtopics - it may be a few key topics.. Of course, the challenge is that who you thought was ideal audience may turn out to very different.. Here's a short video about this -
Where Accountants Can Get Started Online weaverjs 6 1 monthRev (2422): @weaverjs Bill and Steve know their stuff. You won't be far off the mark if you apply some of their advice. I often speak of what I call the Four-Squared content marketing approach. It marries two four-point concepts, ie: 4x4 or 4². The first is my engineering approach, or IEEE: Inform Educate Entertain Engage and the second is my Four Y's of Success: Quality Frequency Regularity Longevity If you apply IEEE and, in doing so, provide...
Lookalike Audiences Steve 12 1 monthBelew (7657): @Steve Today is the 2nd time I heard about lookalike audiences or Custom Audiences. Here is the first time. What have you learned about this? I am exploring this option as well... why not? If you have an active email list ... it makes sense.
How Did You Start Your Content Marketing? KitK 9 1 monthSusanDay (460): Bill @Belew made me... ;)
143 Characteristics of a REAL Influencer Belew 52 1 monthBelew (7657): @Jonnner I like short. But what steps do you take that add up to accomplishing this definition?
Has Anyone Heard of/ Used Robly for Email? Belew 5 1 monthtienny (469): First time to hear of Robly.
College Counselor to ebook writer, blogger Kentgomez28 2 1 monthBelew (7657): @Kentgomez28 Welcome neighbor. I live in the South Bay area as well. I taught university for many years ... including at a community college in the Houston, TX area for a short while. What is it you write about?
BPM and Marketing on digital Era cristobaltoro 4 1 monthcristobaltoro (1): Business Process Management :)
Where New Coaches start marketing efforts eleegreen 14 1 montheleegreen (28): @jycmba thank you I'm so happy I was dillgent in my research in looking to find answers to my problem. Thanks for taking the time in advising me on the does and don'ts. This is what I need folks who have been their. With the help from this group I believe I will go far in making my dream come true.
Switch to Competetive Intelligence nmasand 5 1 monthjycmba (1903): Hi @nmasand - I don't know much about your industry, but I would start by looking at associations for folks in market research. There you can connect with individuals who are working in that field, and they'd be the best source of practical advice. A quick glance shows 761 groups for marketing research in LinkedIn.
Starting Online After Early Retirement cpw1959 5 1 monthRev (2422): @cpw1959 Yes. Seeds. It's always best to start with something you know and build from there. It doesn't mean you will end up doing that, but it is a good place to start. Whatever you do, if you are going to build something online, you want a solid foundation and you want it as early as possible. - domain name. It is better to choose wrong than not to choose at all. - hosting. You want good hosting that lets YOU build YOUR business YOUR...
Bad Month at Twitter. How about you? Belew 12 1 monthellie_amaro (13): My Twitter account is quite new. To be honest I didn't do very well with keeping it up to date last month. So yes, it was a bad month for me too (self-inflicted).
What would you like to write a book about? Belew 15 1 monthtienny (469): I realise that I learn easier through doing, people and work experiences than textbook. Normally, I read part of the textbook when needed. Or else I will fall asleep. People tend to think I am an academic person. Actually I learn by doing experiments and repetitive doing.