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Official Introduce Yourself Thread #3 Belew 440 3 daysBelew (8833): @FrugalTravelsNepal I had a Nepalese student write about her country ... she really nailed it. After 3-4 months she was seeing 4-5000K organic visits monthly. I wonder if her site still exists. Hmm... if not, maybe she'll give it over to you. Where do I sign up to visit?
READ FIRST Getting Started Here on the Forum jycmba 11 11 daysMsedna (1): thanks let get things going!!!!!!!
PLEASE READ: Why I Created This Forum Belew 54 3 monthsBelew (8833): @Yassi How often do you post to your blog?
MOST READ 15 Forum Threads EACH w/ 60+ Posts Belew 21 4 monthsBelew (8833): Stuck for ideas on where to start or what to do next in your content marketing strategy? This thread is by far the best place to start.
If you had a do over...then what? Belew 2 46 minutesSteve (3073): I first started an online publication type website in 1997... it had a large following a large newsletter Base. If i had my time again I would expand that and develop it fully... instead of getting bored and closing it down
How often do you blog? Steve 12 3 hoursSteve (3073): @tammysoffices well done, sounds as if you've been busy
Why I hate Youtube Belew 6 1 dayojay (25): @belew, mostly clips on wildlife. Can't resist them!
Twitter Shutting Down? Belew 4 2 daysRev (3190): Building on someone else's platform (indeed, multiple platforms) is fine as long as your foundation is solidly established on, and regularly referenced to, your own domain and responsive website.
2016 Presidential Debate Marketing Technique alexchan 10 2 daysalexchan (103): All reports point to the same thing. Video content will be king. Perhaps not now, but it will happen. There is no stopping it. @Rev those debate videos are transcribed and indexed. That's why the video search can search and more importantly bring you to where the words are said. It's a matter of time where videos content will be transcribed,...
Blogging Success for travel writer Steve 12 3 daysFrugalTravelsNepal (1): @Belew @Belew Sorry, I can't see how to respond to Bill's comment. Here are my blog posts: and Thanks for asking. I appreciate it.
The good and bad of doing hard things ... Belew 16 3 daysTPC (49): Thank you for your very kind words Ojay. I definitely agree. Sounds like you might personally know something about this kind of loss too. Christine
Love/Hate Relationship with Chinese WeChat Belew 9 4 daysalexchan (103): We have 4 official languages over here... and yes... Wah is pretty much the same. But there are words after Wah that's a lot more colourful. Lol...
My brother loves drug more than he loves me Caq1 5 5 daysCaq1 (1): I'm new to this website, still trying to figure it out. I'll keep that in mind next time though. Thank you for your interest.
Can you give yourself multiple brands? Belew 6 6 daystienny (487): Me worst. I'm marketing myself as a creative, animator, designer, programmer, and even freelance assistant teacher.
Any Day Above Ground...IS A GOOD DAY ! snackpack 5 6 dayssnackpack (4): Absolutely NOT !
39 Places to Use Your Videos (Image) Belew 3 6 daysBelew (8833): @tammysoffices How long have you been busy writing EVERYDAY? Do you have analytics installed on your website? Are you able to track the impact?
WEBINAR: Real Followers & Engagement Twitter Belew 92 7 daysBelew (8833): @FrugalTravelsNepal Click on the image and it will play.
Secret to Effective Calls to Action Belew 8 8 daysBelew (8833): @tracy I am reading a bool called, "Hooked."
Article Marketing Strategy changelife 12 11 daysRev (3190): @changelife -- Hey Johnny, sorry I didn't recognize you and I hadn't viewed your profile (just did!). I've been so busy it's been hard to find time to come up for air. Glad to see you found your way here. Hope to see you around regularly.
What Happens If Massively Unfollow Twitter Belew 38 11 daysSteve (3073): I'm only using the twitter unlimited part... i wanted a way to bulk schedule posts for multiple accounts easily... this gives me that.
I am an Integrative Health Coach and Reiki KathyMac 9 11 daysSteve (3073): @KathyMac namaste ... ;)
Have you ever paid for traffic? Consider.... Belew 3 12 daysBelew (8833): @tonypiparo Funny. I have paid for that as well. Arg!!
Welcome Oman | 77 Countries in the forum Belew 76 14 daysBelew (8833): Welcome Oman to the forum! If I had the money or the time or both ... I'd like to visit each of the 77 countries represented here. Where would you like to go next?
LinkedIn what's working for you Steve 12 14 daysSteve (3073): @changelife I don't find LinkedIn useful for generating traffic... how much traffic are you generating using this strategy...
What's the secret to being a success? Belew 4 14 daysSteve (3073): Isn't the secret to being a success simply doing the things other people won't do... ie not giving up with content creation even though everyone else does.
Do you market on the weekend Steve 3 16 daysBelew (8833): Let the automated stuff do its work on the weekends. Hide from clients on the weekend....they're not working, why should I? Do my own thing on the weekend. I had a preacher friend once say, "You can do more work in 6 days than you can in 7." Find a day off and take it ... completely off. The day off that is...not other items that might be removed.
How do you deal with rejection? Belew 5 16 daysalexchan (103): Rejection is just part of life. It's part of the Law of Averages. If you think success rate is 10%, so the more rejections you get, the closer you are to getting a bigger absolute 10%. Like peterneeves said... it's nothing personal. I've rejected others often. If not, I'll be walking out with a new car everytime I walk into a car showroom. After rejection... sure you feel down. But after that, move on.
Got kids? Raised kids? Please help. Belew 4 16 daysSteve (3073): @Belew perpetual kid ;) ... kind of fits perfectly...
women/children who deal w domestic violence llanik 4 19 daysllanik (25): @Seniorpreneur Thank you for the welcome. I see it as addiction.Here are the following addictions sex, alcohol, meth, food, gambling, ciggarettes,to name a few therefore relationship addiction. The majority of the time you will find the males who violate grew up in homes where they watched their mothers severely disrespected and violated daily. Just like alcohol addiction or ciggarettes you know its bad for you but you can't put it down
Earning money online semanticdmax 28 19 daysllanik (25): Um ima bit slow Steve don't understand what u just said, like huh??
Do you want to be a millionaire? Right. karlcoffield 3 19 daysSeniorpreneur (115): @karlcoffield Are you an older over 40 entrepreneur?
Disabled flyfishing neurosurgeon. ThomasPurtzer 12 19 daysBelew (8833): @Rev Blogging is more like brain dumping.
Future Focused. List today's top to do item. JeremyAlessi 3 19 daysRev (3190): Setting up new phone to work with facebook Live.
How do you create effective visual content Steve 7 19 daysBelew (8833): @tammysoffices @Steve always has thought provoking topics.
future-proofing your content strategy ... Steve 1 20 daysSteve (3073): What's the best advice you can give for future-proofing your content strategy against "content shock" and "content fatigue"? Once again I was ask that question, how would you answer it? This was my answer? The best way to protect against future content shock and content fatigue is to utilize your content to build up your own content delivery networks. If you imagine being able to create a piece of content and then being...
How's UR Twitter Following? Get Paid 2 Tweet Belew 9 20 daysBelew (8833): @tonypiparo Watch this Webinar on Real Followers and Engagment on Twitter by @steve
How do you use AdWords? MartinTolovski 4 20 daystonypiparo (16): I have never used adwords.
How do you maintain Quality Control? Belew 3 21 daysBelew (8833): @bdaoust Any time someone says "If you are not satisfied bring it back and we'll make it right" you/I become their quality control arm. It is cheaper for them to do things over than to pay people to ensure their service/product is done right the first time. aRgh!!
Blogs aren't the #1 thing? rcayeras 9 21 daysBelew (8833): @MartinTolovski I think that even after the blog has turned 20 years old it will still weild a bug impact... You either write a blog and convert it to a video or ... create an infographic... or something you create will get blogged abt. Blogs are king for me.
Content calendar for the holiday season SusanDay 3 25 daysSusanDay (715): I think my life is now complete! National Coffee Day ... doesn't get any better! @edhouse
Growing a physical following by the numbers. Belew 38 25 daysBelew (8833): @SweetieCheresse If you want more ppl to come to your site, give them more reasons to come. My bet is that if you don't have enough ppl coming to your site you don't have enough content and/or the content is not engaging enough to keep them. How many pages / posts do you have at your site?
Authors Gone Traditional Publishing Route Belew 15 25 daysBelew (8833): @SusanDay I like doing hard things. I like even more having done something hard.
Are you using FaceBook? Steve 7 25 daysbdaoust (874): @Belew - I do not have access to the stats but will ask for them during my next meeting with the group.
African writing semanticdmax 8 26 dayssemanticdmax (25): Thanks so much. Checking it out now
Should I jump in? stevew407 3 27 daystammysoffices (112): Welcome Steve!
The Forgiveness Survey (only 2-3 mins) alexchan 9 27 daysglobalman22 (73): Done! (I forgive you for not having a nicer thank you page).
Happy birthday Bill morrnel 16 27 daysglobalman22 (73): Happy birthday, young fella!
Travel Industry Marketing Professional bjacks3323 6 29 daysbdaoust (874): @bjacks3323 Welcome - travel is such a great industry!
199 Characteristics REAL Influencer / Mentor Belew 71 1 monthtienny (487): @Steve Thanks. Even I miss the interaction time in the forum. Now I am trying to cope with my full time job, night class and family life. In the end, I have lesser time checking my email. 😰
Pastoring a community for churches and NGOs Pauldflowers 11 1 monthSeniorpreneur (115): @jycmba I connected with James Burchill. Thanks!