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Page Two on Google is the New Page One Belew 9 20 hoursBelew (9820): @stevew407 @Rev is spot on. The reason paid ads most often do NOT WORK is because the buyer doesn't or can't go in deep enough or stay with it long enough. Its naive to think one can pay a $100 or $200 and start earning more than that at Google or Facebook.
Google is having serious trouble with search Belew 9 2 monthsmorrnel (565): My guess is that Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all in trouble. This year's U. S. presidential election exposed some serious censorship, misinformation and favoritism among these players and others that there are rumblings that antitrust laws will be used to break up these players.
Test Your Site with Google - Link Belew 9 2 monthsSeniorpreneur (160): @Belew Don't feel bad. It looks like I've got more to fix. So,I have my 'computer services' specialist partner take a look and see if we can fix anything. I'm a pen on paper writer and I depend on techies. Have a pleasant weekend!
Collective Content Marketing derekcurtice 12 11 monthsderekcurtice (4): @belew i use these social platforms as well:
Another SEO update from Google rcayeras 9 2 yearsBelew (9820): They are gone. I wrote about business in the pan asian region and business in Japan.
Responsive Themes Please Google Mobility rcayeras 14 2 yearstienny (529): Thanks
Google's Mobile Friendly Site Grader [LINK] Belew 11 2 yearsBelew (9820): @Rev @MichaelProcopio Rev is right.