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Call the procrastination police! TParker 4 1 yearSusanDay (2023): @TParker Have you tried painting the house? That's a great way to avoid work.
Dealing with Robo Calls and Telemarketers KathrynLang 14 1 yearJdm568 (7): I like to answer, "this is detective Smith with the homicide division. What is your connection to Mr. Murray? I'll need your full name and address. This conversation is being recorded." Generally the conversation ends at this point and there are no further calls. However sometimes it can get really fun!
Do you have a doppleganger? Belew 7 1 yearmorrnel (697): @Rev, they look at your fuzzy gray face...
Working through my Google Relationship issue KathrynLang 7 1 yearRev (5401): @KathrynLang @KathrynLang 1) Search engines don't search. People use them to find things they, the people, are searching for; thus the name. Search bots will actually follow all the unrestricted links on your site regardless of how "cute" they are. 2) I have talked in the past about Eben Pagan's important 3 questions you need to answer for people immediately upon their arrival to your website. This is just another example of...
Need to convert WORD file to MOBI RogerBruner 10 1 yearRogerBruner (145): Rev, I forgot to get in touch with you this morning after I finally got the download to work. I had to keep clicking on "Retry," an option I hadn't noticed before, and it picked up from where it had failed and kept chugging along. So now I'm dealing with the flakiness of Word converting a .doc to an .rtf since Calibre doesn't deal directly with .rtf. But I'm getting there. *big smile* Thanks bunches for your patience in helping me....
2017 Industry Champion Award Votes skappal 10 1 yearphilipwatling (103): It's like the first two men on the moon: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Lightyear :)
What is the legal age for using the internet Fizzymidas 7 1 yearFizzymidas (79): 😂😁😀
Why Free No Longer Works Winsome1 24 2 yearsBelew (11707): @Winsome1 We almost connected ... We talked. She came to the Bay Area for another event and we had decided to meet F2F. Didn't happen. Still waiting to hear from her ... or not. Maybe I need to just figure out how to do it myself.
PC Converting to Mac tammysoffices 4 2 yearseddievelez (268): My pleasure, Tammy!
Earning money online semanticdmax 29 2 yearsMiles5 (1): Plz my name is miles. I really wanna know how to get a good site or source in making cool money online? Plz help
Submit your favorites to our weekly roundup NicholasBodell 2 2 yearstammysoffices (220): Hi @NicholasBodell do you ever watch SaturdayMorningSmarties? It is pretty good - they discuss marketing most of the time but a few other topics as well. They used be all on G+, but since HOAs were shut down (on G+ but still on YouTube)they are solely on YouTube - #SSMSmarties for short. It is run by Roland Takaoka and a few others & a couple of others pretty known. Hope that helps you in some way.
Can someone Learn to draw? tammysoffices 25 2 yearsBelew (11707): @tammysoffices Enough of the right kind of practice broken down and repeated correctly and most things are doable to some level ... unless you are me ... and too cantankerous to even try.
BPM and Marketing on digital Era cristobaltoro 4 2 yearscristobaltoro (1): Business Process Management :)
Marvin Lewis on Social Media Impact Belew 2 2 yearsBelew (11707): We can't expect everyone to take social media aeriously. But we ought to expect that more ppl will be taking it seriously. Being on the content creation side of things we should be leading the charge for higher quality. After all there will be more scrutiny.
If It Sounds Too Good to Be True.. jycmba 5 3 yearsmorrnel (697): @jycmba, there are a few websites capable of installing browser based malware onto your system. Once installed, like Win 10, they quickly learn. I wonder if that is what is going on.
3 More US Cities Aim "Be Like Kansas City" Belew 9 3 yearslunar_ranger (586): Google Fiber runs on the backbone/legacy (with some upgrades) of a well planned and executed fiber infrastructure from Veracity. Plus Provo/Orem...really all of Utah has a disproportionate amount of tech nerds that really love fast and stable internet connections making sure that there is always a community, city, state level of investment in it... The entrepreneurial spirit there ensures that no one company gets too big or too lazy to let their...
Jared Fogle still a hero to Subway Story? Belew 5 3 yearslunar_ranger (586): We cannot allow one client or in this case matter how good they are/were to define our business. I wouldn't disown but I would definitely distance myself from them.
InfoLinks - Speak To Me Please... notyourmomscloset 21 3 yearsBelew (11707): @Sandy What @Steve says. Cutting and pasting your spiel earns you no love. my next step is to delete your propaganda. We want to learn why you are good not what you do. one last try for you.
Content Marketing Forum Milestones | 15 mths Belew 3 3 yearsBelew (11707): The forum got its 100,000th page view last night while I was sleeping.
PLEASE READ: Got Friends? Invite Now or ... Belew 11 3 yearsmorrnel (697): And Target calls their consumers/buyers Guests. I certainly don't feel like a guest when being asked for money when I leave.
What Anniversaries Do You Celebrate? Belew 5 3 yearstienny (658): @Belew Congratulations
How Do You Keep Track of All Your Passwords? Belew 16 3 yearsdono2081 (187): Oh, and turn on Two Factor Authentication for whatever solution you choose. d
Friday Night at the Movies - Downtime Belew 11 3 yearsRev (5401): @Belew Let's hope I'm wrong. But maybe not.
Best Memories on Father's Day Belew 3 3 yearstienny (658): A very unexpected message.
What do Online Marketers Call Themselves? Steve 6 3 yearsBelew (11707): Tell them you are an online marketer that specializes in Twitter and LinkedIn. Tell them you are a social media marketer. Tell them you are a content marketer. No matter which you say a lot of people still won't get it. don't worry about what you tell people you can do, have done. .. just as long as you have done it.
All I want for Christmas is 1,000 Real Fans Belew 5 3 yearstienny (658): @StellaT Of course the time with is great.
Top 10 Tech Cities in the United States Belew 3 3 yearsAlyssaYoung (148): I wish that Mountain View WiFi could extend to my house... then I'd actually be able to work from home!
Average age of NCAAM Final 4 Coach is. Belew 6 3 yearstienny (658): A good question that never pops out in my mind.
Hard Questions that Churches Might Avoid clairefelten 5 3 yearsdzflower453 (196): lack of socio-economic diversity in churches....there are multicultural churches, but they are sometimes mostly middle class
Leaving on a Jet Plane | Trivia Belew 4 3 yearstienny (658): Michael Jackson titled 'Healed The World'