Twitter Users Don't Like to Engage?1003

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Contrary to what @Steve experiences ...

I have been trying with minimal ... okay zero to date results to engage in a conversation with somebody, anybody on Twitter.

I have been actively going beyond the direct messages and reaching out to start conversations.

I respond to the direct messages ... I ask questions. I answer questions. I visit blogs, come back and make comments.

I check out products they offer, ask questions for clarification.

So far ... zero interaction to date.

Okay, maybe I need to try a second time. Kidding!

I have tried over 100 times ... 0 for 100+

How do you do it @Steve?
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@Belew My ears are perked to.
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Patiently awaiting Steve's response . . .
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Content creates engagement ... which to twitter means.

1. Great headlines ...
2. Great Story telling ...
3. Giving of yourself ...

By consistently creating great content, you will engage your audience and they will share what you share. They will also seek you out, try to engage you and will answer whatever call you reasonably make. In a similar fashion if someone in my audience asks me a reasonable question I will answer them ...

So it's all give and take, probably lots more giving than taking.

If that isn't working... perhaps you are not attracting your target audience... when you are growing your account are you simply following anyone? or are you following those who you know you will have a connection with?

If you are following another influencers followers for example, is your content good enough to get noticed? or is it just more noise?

I tend to spend fifteen to thirty minutes on Twitter each day, sending out written tweets, asking open ended questions... I also make a point of interacting with the people who are sharing my stuff around as this encourages them to share more.

Which in effect means I am building relationships with my Twitter followers... you have to remember also, that I use Twitter, LinkedIn, my newsletter and my Website together... each on complements the other ... with my aim being to touch my audience wherever they go online.
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Here's an article from The Atlantic that is a bit old. A Eulogy for Twitter.

A year plus later, are they right or wrong?
What say you?
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Twitter is still growing, this year growth is expected to be just under 10% ... and the forecast is good for years to come.

Google now has access to all Tweets sent, more and more people are joining and remaining active ... and this is making Twitter more and more important. In fact, it's perhaps easier to engage and sell on Twitter than on LinkedIn...

But then, it all comes down to how you use Twitter, how involved you get ... and how you attract your audience.
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Gosh. You mean it takes time to build meaningful relationships?

And there needs to be a legitimate reason why people would want to engage with you?

That sounds like hard work to me.
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I find that at my relatively young age of actively working Twitter that i get more engagement in the direct messaging than in the Twitter feed.

it's not for lack of trying either.

Another thing I see is that most direct messages that I get ask me to go somewhere else where we can interim a deeper level...their blog, Facebook, their landing page, to download their something or in my case I invite them here.
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@Steve - How long did it take for you to get your first 100 twitter followers? Also, it feels like a bunch of people have automated following tools. I thought Twitter banned those.
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