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The Importance of Intellectual Curiosity1014

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"Years later, a friend told .... that he and his brother would always stand as an example of how far Americans with no special advantages could advance in the world. “But it isn’t true,” .... responded emphatically, “to say we had no special advantages . . . the greatest thing in our favor was growing up in a family where there was always much encouragement to intellectual curiosity.”

I came upon this section in a book I am reading.

I've deleted the reference to the person being talked about and will tell at the end to give you a chance to guess who the "American of no special advantage" being referred to is.

And to ponder the importance of Intellectual Curiosity.

Where has your intellectual curiosity taken you?

Oh... the man and his brother?

Orville Wright and his brother, Wilbur.
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"... the fact that they had had no college education, no formal technical training, no experience working with anyone other than themselves, no friends in high places, no financial backers, no government subsidies, and little money of their own. Or the entirely real possibility that at some point, they could be killed."

Look how that turned out for them.
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Add to that list, no secret police raiding their bicycle shop, smashing their parts, stealing their tools, and locking them up as subversives because they dared to think outside the box, indeed cast the box aside, and try to invent something not sanctioned by the "state".

The Wrights were actually working against the state sanctioned, state sponsored, Samuel Pierpont Langley. In many countries then, and now, they would have been arrested just for that.

There is so much taken for granted in this country, so much not utilized, so much wasted. The freedom to try and to prevail is matched, sadly, by the freedom to do nothing, and to fail.
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The number of Nobel Prize winners in the US is more than ALL the other countries combined.

Many of those who do win a Nobel Prize in the US are immigrants.

If you can't see your dream thru to fruition in the US, you will be very hard pressed to see it elsewhere.
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@Rev - that's what I mean with lessons from our government..

Not just allowing individuals but creating an environment that's fertile ground for creativity is all that a government should do..
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@jycmba @Rev

I think it could be argued that the most creative ideas come from the least fertile circumstances.

Too many people and companies fail more so when it is too easy than when it is too hard for them the continue.
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@Belew - sure, there's some truth to that.

Some hardy plants flourish because others can't stand the same harsh conditions.

At the same time a fern thrives in a forest while the desert heat is likely to kill it.
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