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This is related to Bill's post.

I'm coming from the perspective of what it's in it for you to participate in this Forum or any other.

Sure, many folks try to take short cuts - I've been guilty myself. They simply make comments with little substance and link back to their sites in hopes of getting some Google juice.

But some ways I've benefited from participating in this Forum -
1) formed some new relationships I never would've had otherwise
2) by helping others I demonstrate my expertise and willingness to serve
3) show a side of myself beyond my profile or resume
4) share content that is shareable and possibly extend my reach / influence

How about you? What do you get out of participating in Forums?
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All of those things, for sure. The key is to give without expectation of receiving in return. It is amazing what you will receive and from where.

And, since the title of this thread is "How To Use Forums For Content Marketing" the answer is, in part, to have your own website or blog where you offer valuable content and, ultimately, to direct people to that site (or sites) through your activity in the forum.

This should not be in the form of what @jycmba so rightly calls "comments with little substance" and nor should these be for the purpose of linking "back to their site in hopes of getting some Goggle juice" either.

The purpose of linking is for extended sharing, giving. The Google juice, the monetization, the spin off business, are all byproducts. When you make them the aim, you lose. When sharing and giving are your honest goal, you win. It's that simple.

Of course, what you share must have value to, and for, your audience or nothing is gained by anyone.
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Links should be a byproduct not the purpose of forum posting. The purpose of which should be learning from others, sharing what you have learned from others, engaging with others to develop new ideas, and developing relationships and alliances.
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This is the first forum that I have ever participated in.

I don't mean to say it's the first one I created. It's the one and only forum I have ever participated in.

I have this altruistic mission of building a place where people at all stages can participate.

Teachers and learners alike. Marketers, marketed and those needing to learn.

it's a place for people to learn. Often times the teacher needs / wants to test their knowledge, too. Right?

I wanted a place where I could answer the same questions less often. Or at least I could make a repository of answers.

I genuinely hoped to make some friends so I would not always feel alone in my mission to touch, make that change the world.

I wanted to learn what it takes to build something like this forum. The time, the effort, the challenges, the victories.

The word community is now more often preferred to forum. They are the same.

I really enjoy being here and interacting with you all.

I want to share that joy. I want others to experience a place online where people really do like hanging out with one another and where we can make a positive impact on one another's lives.

Is that asking too much? 8-)
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@Belew @Rev - before you fire your shot in the zen practice of archery you're taught to draw the bow so many times (without an arrow) until the motion becomes second nature and you don't even think of trying to hit the target.

Years ago on the ROTC pistol team our drill sergeant taught us how to slow our breathing and relax so that the moment the shot goes off, you don't expect it.

When we anticipate, our tendency is to jerk the trigger, and in doing the shot goes way off our mark.

So, it is with marketing. When we try to sell someone, we lose their interest. Seems like some Yoda-ism but this "do by not doing" approach is one of my quote by Zig Ziglar -

"You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want."
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I understand what you are saying. My small arms instructor was former Mossad. It was interesting, to say the least. Teaches you something about mindset and perspective.
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@Rev @jycmba

My small arms instructors must have been idiots. I never learned anything. Couldn't hit anything.

Then again, in the Navy we didn't need to ... or so we thought.

One day somebody tried to breech the ship when we were in port.

The Captain asked the officer on deck, "Why didn't you try to shoot the guy?!"

I wasn't the OOD at the time.

@Rev...when did you need small arms training?

I know @jycmba was ex-military. I think he was spy or something - 8-0! You?
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Back in my wild youth I did some specialized work as a civilian adviser to Military Intelligence (can we say, "Oxymoron", and a couple of major metropolitan police forces, in the area of counter insurgency and anti-terrorism. The called me an "analyst". I worked with a crew made up of ex-Mossad, SAS, and GSG9. Nice bunch. Then I did the foolish thing of writing a white paper on the subject to the Minister of State (Canada) -- talk about content marketing! -- and almost wound up as one of those human shields handcuffed to a well head in Kuwait (first Gulf war). It's a long story. A single malt sometime might get it out of me. But after I tell you I'll have to...
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I totally want to hear this story.

I'll trade you some secrets from when I was Navy intelligence in the early 80s.

but then I'd have to ...
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My uncle was Navy. My dad was Air Force. I was neither military nor police. But I had fun. I held clearance to NATO Secret. Had to sign the Official Secrets Act and all that spooky stuff. I worked on an interesting project known as TEMPEST. Back then you couldn't even say the codename publicly but things change and some parts of it have been declassified in recent times. I've enjoyed reading Tom Clancy's books over the years because he eludes to, or obliquely mentions, several of the "projects" I was privy to. A lot of people talked to Clancy who probably shouldn't have. He knew how to push the envelope, writing right up to, and perhaps just a tad over, the edge.
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There's probably a novel or at least some very good short stories in you as well... prompt prompt nudge nudge.
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user
There are one or two in the works. Never enough time, though. I should just sit back and write! Maybe I could crowd-fund so I can afford to eat while I do so.
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@rev I wish I can just sit, draw and write my stories to complete it.
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Pretty awesome that most people on this thread were in the armed forces. During BCT, the first thing they taught us at BRM when first qualifying for the M4 was breath control when lining up ones sight to the target, and to continue that on through to the shot. One fluid motion, breathe in breathe out take your shot. The same process for the M9 as well. No amazing stories... I was great at shooting targets down range when I would requal once a year or when there was some sort of tournament my team would qualify for. Most of the time they had me do forensic type accounting and drafting most of my time was spent in front of a monitor.

I guess what this teaches me is that in order to focus one needs to know how to breath and follow through as was pointed out by the others.
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