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2 Challenges to Get 1st 5000 Forum Users1055

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In a separate thread I answered the question:

Will Traffic to Forums Grow Organically?

In this thread, I want to answer 2 more questions:

1. How long does it take (or did it take me) to get to the 1st 5000 users?

2. How do those 1st 5,000 forum users find their way to a forum?

Or another way to put it, "How can you get a bunch of people to go where nobody is going?"

No easy task, to be sure.

1. How long did it take?

The answer: 418 days.

2. Where did they come from?

a. They were directed to the forum.
b. They found the forum.
c. They came from my parent side ... which they found.
d. They are Twitter followers.
e. They came via Meetup.

A tougher question that I can address in a future thread is How to get those first 5,000 people?
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Is a user a member or a visitor?
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