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Content Marketer's Chinese Opportunity, UBER1088

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Uber in China is now valued between $6-7 billion. It depends on the exchange rate.

Uber plans to expand to 40 cities by the end of this year ... and 60 by the end of next year. And they probably won't have to deal with states telling them where they can and can't operate either.

Uber in China faces different set of problems:

1. huge losses
2. excessive car fare subsidies
3. scalping
4. fraud transactions
5. too much reliance on low-cost marketing
6. loose verification of the driver and vehicle

You said, "Great Wall of China? I thought you wanted me to drive you around China."

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Seems to me a UBER ride is a perfect time to catch someone in a micro-moment ... or not.
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My daughter lives in Hamilton, Ontario. It's a decent size city at the west end of Lake Ontario, the bend in the populous Golden Horseshoe. She doesn't own a car.

Just across the street from her apartment complex is a small lot with three cars. She puts her credit card in a reader device by the car of her choice. The doors unlock. She takes the car. Drives it. Returns it when done. Her account is charged an hourly or daily rate, and any mileage over the daily maximum.

If she needs a car on a specified date for a specified period she can book in advance and a car which will respond only to her card will be waiting for her, otherwise it is first come first served. Cars may be "returned" to any lot in the system.

This program has apparently been successful and is going to expand throughout the region. The next step would be to feed private cars into the system that would otherwise sit in the parking lot at work or one's driveway all day, making it kind of the Uber of car rentals.
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This is pretty nifty. Kind of like ride share but car share. I have never been to Ontario but I have been by it a bunch of times. I spent 10 years in Buffalo 1 year ... or so it seemed. We made the trek to Toronto from time to time.

in SF they charge for parking in 15 min intervals. .. $5, $10 or some ridiculous amount.

I some places you can now pay some cute girl $5 or handsome young fellow and they will 'park' your car for as long s you like for $5. Give them your car and your cell phone number and they will bring it back when you call them...
or not maybe is the car is worth more than the risk of getting caught.

what will they think of next?
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I remember now... it's controlled by am app on your phone.
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So you pay THEM $5 so they can use your car and sign in as "available" on UBER??? ;o)

And you have been to Ontario. Ontario is a province in Canada, like California is a state in the U.S. Toronto is to Ontario as Sacramento is to California. If you've been to Toronto you've been to Ontario.

And if you drove from Buffalo, you would have crossed into Canada at Fort Erie and followed the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) highway all the way to Toronto. You would have passed by Niagara falls (through it now, it's expanded to the other side of the highway), through St. Catharines (where I was born), and through Hamilton (about 3/4 of the way to T.O. <-- Tee Oh is what the locals call Toronto, Ontario.

The place where I grew up, on a farm just outside of St. Catharines, is known as the "banana belt" because of it's moderate climate (lake effect) and, while you were suffering 6 to 12 foot snow drifts in winter in Buffalo (the "other" lake effect), about 45 minutes away we were likely enjoying balmy weather and eating lunch on our picnic table. But hey, you could cheer on the Black Hawks and all I had was Johny Bower and the Leafs. And they weren't even "ours".
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The only ppl who might not like this idea are the car sellers and those who don't like to share. Eh?
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