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Newzmonkeys the news platform for kids 8-121099

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We are developing Newzmonkeys, a dynamic interactive online news platform aimed at young people in the 8 – 11 year age group. It encourages young people to engage with news and current affairs in a safe online environment.

We aim to help solve the problem that many children have with their reading and writing by providing them with an online news platform that not only encourages them to be content creators themselves and in doing so, help them in their reading and writing skills. We are constantly creating content and building up our user base.

Any thoughts or feedback would be much appreciated.
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What a great idea.

I will show it to my almost 8-yr old and get you some feedback.

What is the link to the site you are building?
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News is oftentimes about "If it bleeds it leads." Or the shadier and more disheartening side of life.

Is this something we want our kids to read about?

If you allow kids to participate as kid journalists, how will you guard the integrity and veracity of the content?

What is your strategy to bring kids on to the site and to get them to participate?

How will you be able to ensure parents that you can protect their kids from trolls online?

If readers know that a kid wrote the piece, how will you be able to keep the inevitable creeps away?
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All good questions and thanks for asking.

Newzmonkeys is an online news platform aimed specifically at 8-12 year olds that allows them to interact directly with well-presented and distilled current news which has been selected to target content suitable to their young age group.
We have developed the platform to assist with school learning requirements in a safe environment that avoids the risks associated with internet surfing and sharing. Developing an interest in news and current affairs is incredibly important and it is our aim to give children their own news platform which will inform and educate them, while further developing their school-based reading, writing and communication skills in a fun and interesting environment.
The platform has been trialled in five schools with teachers and 280 kids taking part. Teachers acted as moderators and the feedback was excellent.
The benefits of the platform are twofold:
1. Newzmonkeys is a browsing platform that clearly and relevantly summarises larger news articles into understandable bite size sections for young people- honing their reading ability.
2. Newzmonkeys encourages user interaction by letting them be content creators. They read a news article and then they can report back on that article themselves – honing their writing ability.

Hope this is answers some of your questions and thanks again.
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What a great idea. In Australia we have a 5 min TV show called BTN (Behind the News). It's directed at 8 to 12 year olds and presents news topics in a clear and non-sensationalized way.The presenters are young adults to make the show more accessible too.
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Thanks for your lovely comments.
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How are things going? Got an update for us?
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Newzmonkeys opened up in Beta in mid-July ( and the user engagement has been growing steadily but I can see that it’s a long haul.

I’ve some good people who are helping out by mentioning the platform in their blogs and also getting the word out.

A local newspaper has done a press release featuring the platform and it will be showcased in their publication on Tuesday next. I’m delighted with this but as I’m trying to scale the platform globally, I need to step up my game and get it known as quickly as possible.

Having spent a substantial amount of money to get the platform to this stage, money is very scarce so it would be terrific to find a Good Samaritan with solid marketing skills who would point me in the right direction. Anybody out there? Thanks, Carmel
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Re: "...get it known as quickly as possible."

I wish I knew the answer to this.

My experience is that there is no 'quick' way.

I know the slow hard long lasting way.

But I have found that the quicker a product/service/person is known ... the sooner they are forgotten.

The longer it takes to build a following, the longer it takes for that following to dissipate.

There are a lot of people who are smarter than I am. If they knows a quick way ... I am all eyes as well.

Yesterday, @Steve shared his way of gaining 100,000 Twitter followers that now brings him 14,000 visitors monthly to his site. But even that took a year to make happen.

Does anybody know a quick long-lasting way that escapes me as well?
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