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Do you believe in serendipity?1105

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Two days ago I spent the day at a conference. I got really bored at one point d texted my wife. "I am coming home."

As I walked to the escalator I noticed a booth that I had a very cursory interest in. I stopped by an said hello to the guy sitting there...looking equally bored. He was my age.

We talked for more than 90 mins! Yikes, I forgot to tell my wife.

He asked me to come back the next day, yesterday,to meet his staff.

He asked me to come back again today. We spent 6+ hours talking for which I was paid very fairly. And the door is wide open for me to follow up with this HUGE multi multi billion dollar company as their on call content marketing specialist.

All because I dropped by on a whim to talk to a guy who looked as bored as I was.


Why do you think sometimes 'things' fall into place?
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Serendipity is what most people call 'luck' = preparation x opportunity x paying attention.

We tend to focus on the opportunity part but ignore the need to prepare ourselves which also helps us pay attention.

My dad loves to talk about "man, if I had just invested.." "if only I had done that.." Opportunities are worthless if you don't have the other two ingredients. Well done!
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"Chance favors the prepared mind." -Louis Pasteur

The fact is, @Belew, you are more prepared than most. The Universe favors you. Nice.
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Hebrews 13:2
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"I find that the harder I work the luckier I am," Thomas Jefferson.

@jycmba. ... and some woukd call it providence.
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I wonder too
Is something falling into place? That's my current situation.
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Let me share a story... I have been speaking with a film production company in Europe for several months regarding content marketing, they have now got funding and things are starting to move... On Friday this week I have a call to speak to them and things will progress from there.

Today, a Twitter / LinkedIn contact who just happens to be a Actor, Film Producer / Financier gets in touch saying he is impressed and has added me to his database of useful contacts... we speak a little and he is involved in five reasonably large films in the US...

Nothing has come from either one of these yet, but the universe does seem to be lining things up for me, to potentially move into a new niche.
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Opportunity is everywhere, and Bill, whether you know it or not, you see it. Being a person that is willing to chat with others whether you have a business intent or not is likely to lead to more connections and more business. You share without thought of recompense and that is what impresses others, myself included. Congrats on the new opportunity.
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Thanks for the kind and encouraging words @bdaoust .

Head down, no! head up and keep working and smiling.
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