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Can you tell me a little about the careers you've had?
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@authorandy Remember Yoda's advice.

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My first plan is to write novels based on mystery, suspense and crime because from the age of 16 I really crazy to watch crime based tv programs. CSI is one of my favourites. whenever I am alone lots of sensational ideas comes in my mind. So I thought why not to write them on paper. I also have read some novels, short stories etc. In school time I got couple of rewards for my exceptional, suspense
short stories for school magazine. I have roughly written some pages for my first mystery, suspense novel. I have plans to publish when I am capable of selling it without begging peoples to buy my book. That's what lots of new writers do these days.

I have worked in call centre, done network marketing. Worked as fund raiser, when I was in Australia for studying business management. Worked as door to door salesman. worked in restaurants.
once I got succeed in this, then I have plans to write more books based on motivation and cooking.
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@authorandy you seem to have a handle on almost everything ...

If I have this correctly, you are going to write fiction suspense books, you are going to write motivational books, and also cooking books... and I am sure you plan to write a few business and success type books. And your target audience is everyone ...

Have I missed anything?

Perhaps a DVD series or some speaking gigs?
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When you try to do too many things the end result is you have nothing.

How about writing about your experiences in such a way that people will read them but when you add them up they become a novel.

how about a suspense stiry where a travel door to door salesman meets and falls in love with a call center employee and together they ...
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No you haven't missed anything.I have plans to write suspense, motivation and recipe books. But only if I got succeeded in my suspense, mystery novels. I am focusing on them first.

I know at this moment if I try too much things, I will ruin everything or make it messy. so best thing is focus on one. That's what am planned to do. Writing about my experiences in my novels is a damn good idea. I haven't think of that before. May be I can write some sensations with my experiences. Thanks a lot for this.
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I don't mean any disrespect, it is my sincere intent to help you. However, to put it in literary terms, I can't match the cover photo to the plot.

I see a website that claims you provide "Expert Career Consultancy" and yet I see a 30-something young man who has barely got his feet under him. To me, "expert" means something. I don't see you being able to deliver at that level.

You have done many things, which is good. You have many plans, which is also good. Now you need to create your own action plan, a serious, focused, business plan, to define your path moving forward.

As a friend of mine says, "The time to get the map is before you enter the woods!"

I see a bright, eager, young man who thinks he is already "there" when, in fact, he has not yet settled into the starting blocks.

Andy, this is not criticism. It is analysis. And I think it is accurate.

If you are prepared to accept it, and to look honestly at yourself and where you are, you will find this forum to be an amazing resource and you may also find here the guide you most obviously need.

If not, then the best I can do is wish you a lot of luck.
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Totally agree with @Rev.

This is a great place to start...continue... finish ... then teach.
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yes @rev is a genius. He has shown me the right and best way to grow.

Thanks to all of you. Love this forum. I was really looking for this type of guidance because I know I am not on the right track. Your helpful feedback is really honourable and appreciable. I am sure with the guidance of helpful people like you. I will prove myself in the near future.
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