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why are ups so high and downs so low?1111

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Why are the ups so high and the downs so low for the solopreneur? The online worker?

A friend of mine and I were talking. He's launching his own business and is a one man, um, person shop who has pieced together a support staff of interns and virtual assistants.

he also feels that the good days feel really good and the bad days feel really bad.

Why do the highs feel so high and the lows so low? Or is it just imagination?
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Its not anyones imagination, and you cant predict which days will be which. All it takes is for one customer to question you or be upset with something and you internalize it, its personal. Everything is taken personal when you are a solopreneur!
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interesting point I hadn't considered. When I am the only one involved on my side if the equation it does get/feel personal.

Thanks for the insight.
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Its hard to compartmentalize when business is personal. I guess one has to accept that: #1 Not everyone is going to be happy with you.#2 You are not always going to be happy with things or people. #3 Some problems are situational and other problems are internal. Don't make other peoples internal problems your internal/personal problem. #4 You don't have all the answers. #5 Learn to love and leave by cutting out toxic thinking and influences in your life. #5 Seek balance (prayer, study, meditation or fishing which combines all three.) #6 Accept and embrace the fact that some days suck. #7 Remain hopeful and grateful for happy times.
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did you pull all of these steps out of the top of your head? 8-)

I can hardly remember 1 or 2 things to do much less 7 or 8.
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@Belew Yeah off the top of my head- and yeah, looks great on paper... and the hardest thing in the world for me to do. Positivity is a freaking discipline.
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it's easier and takes less energy to be positive than to be negative.

It takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. 8-)
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It can be darn hard and upsetting when you get a critical review. The best advice is to be grateful that someone is letting you know how you can improve in the future. This is tricky for authors because it may mean a re-write and re-publish of your book. However, in the end I find it worthwhile to focus and look towards the next (and better) thing. I agree with @lunar_ranger - we all have to practise being positive over and over and over.
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With clients I don't know if you have noticed but the cheaper your prices are, the more difficult the client tends to be...

I rarely take on cheap clients for this reason however a month or two back, a local startup was complaining that they didn't have a website and had no money ... so I gave them a website for free.

Have you heard the saying "no good deed go unpunished" well this turned out to be a client from hell, they sent me their info... I built them a website ... they didn't like the images even though they sent them to me ... they didn't like this ... that... etc... oh and where is this custom piece of software and that ... oh then they started to tell me how to design ...

I simply told them, I was putting in the to hard basket and moving on, and wished them all the best with their new business.

All of my higher priced customers, trust me to do my stuff ... and instead judge me on the results I generate ...

Was a nice reminder to me, only deal with those customers that can afford you and want what you are selling.

As to people upsetting me ... doesn't happen all that often... been doing this far to long to let work affect me in that way.

Stress or pressure to perform now that is slightly different... and for the most part I deal with that well, most of the time ...

I think this is why golf was invented, so that people like me can relax, calm down and realize what is important in the world... anything online isn't brain surgery, no one is going to die and as such it's not such a big issue ...

Although if a server goes down you would think it was the end of the world for some people ...
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@Steve You are so right! Its my customers that I give "deals" to that are a "pain" all others are laid back and allow me to do what I do!
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