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How to decide when a talk is going nowhere?1112

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How do you decide when a conversation with a potential client or vendor is going nowhere?

Ideally I woukd know BEFORE even meeting them. But that doesn't always happen.

At some point you realize "this" isn't going to work.

How do you decide?

When do you know that a potential working relationship just isn't going to happen?
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@belew for me its usually a month in the process, when you interview or being interviewed everyone is on their best behavior, For me when I am dealing with a cleints livelyhood (money) some are ambivalent about it. Its usually the clients who have lots of funds. My other clients who make quite less are bugging the crap out of me as to why a claim I submitted last week has not paid yet.....
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This makes sense. I am always on the lookout for speeding up knowing when a dead end is coming before I get too far into the alley of no return. <= too many metaphors. Sorry!

My problem sometimes, often is that I don't know when to quit.

For lots of reasons, I can see potential anywhere. I believe deeply in hard work. If I just push hard enough I can make this work. And it's true.

But, it's also true that sometimes the push isn't really worth it. I can't tell when's when.

So, I keep pushing.

I want to be smarter and back off sooner if it makes better sense.

Sorry to ramble here.
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@belew it makes total sense, but there is a huge sense of relief when you do let go, Its a huge weight you have been carrying around and didnt know it. At least thats the way it is for me or has been
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