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Content Curation, anyone?1141

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Hi Folks,

Anyone using Content curation to post content to their favorite social media sites? Is anyone using or

I like since it allows me to post to each individual group in Linkedin. This has helped attract traffic and visibility to my profile.

From Aug 2-8, I had 20 Profile Views and 30 Actions Taken. After posting a few articles using, the stats went to 43 Profile Views & 139 Actions Taken from Aug 9-Aug 13.

I only had a minor in Math, but I think that's a decent jump. Try it and let me know if it works for you too.
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user

What is the end game here?

I think it might be possible to get more visibility but does that visibility result in more credibility?
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How would this service be of benefit to a non-newsy site?
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Ok, let me weigh in on this thread. I am all for re-posting giving credit to where credit is due, I know that works well for building a great relationship with the writer of the material. Using other material is easy if you do it right. Use and find great content. There is always a mention for the writer of the article. I can then add my own spin to what it says at the start of the posting. Something like, this emphasizes a point I am trying to this from...

In all likelihood, you will get better results with a person message and take on things. Yes, will give you "stuff" but what are you doing with that "stuff"? Do you make it your own with notes and comments throughout or do you just post it and get people to view your profile? I know scoop it wants you to add a fresh perspective to the material, so perhaps you are doing this, great.

What concerns me is that NONE of your content is original work and after awhile, your audience will notice that fact and go elsewhere. Solution, hire a ghost writer if you are not comfortable with writing, or write something and work with an editor. Original work always does better for profile views.
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"Original work always does better for profile views."

Spot on. If it's not yours, it's not you.
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I love curated content... especially when that content is my own ... lots of people share my content and I get quite a few visitors as a result.

Curated content does work, however as mentioned you should also use your own content ... the idea being that by using both, you maximize results and become the resource center you want for your audience.
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dmortaz private msg quote post Address this user
As Steve suggested here you can curate your own content. In fact, has an option to scoop your own content using a link.

As for Bill's question on end-game, the answer is developing more following and establishing yourself as the subject matter expert in the field.

Right now I am scooping some of the content I have on Linkedin since they are not indexed by Google, so it's fresh off the press.
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