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I have taken to doing some kind of email campaign. Ugh!

I guess I want to eat crow again. But not really.

I came upon this infographic that explains best practices for email.

The timing of the emails out is suspect. In a 24/7 can you decide the best days? According to which time zone?

Still...this infographic is educational.

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The problem with these kinds of things is that they use standard modeling which typically includes throwing out the high and low outlier values and then averaging. Sometimes it is the outlier that is most telling.

A friend of mine, recently passed (we're getting OLD, Bill!) He talked about how he used to be an engineer working in the aerospace industry close to your neck of the woods, Bill. He told me when he was fresh out of university, newly hired to work on wing design, he was working out all the wind tunnel results trying to plot a proper wing curve. The real-world results weren't matching up with what his education told him was supposed to happen. He was becoming somewhat frustrated.

His supervisor came buy and gave him sage advice that shaped his thinking -- rather successfully, I might add -- for the rest of his life, "Plot three distinct points, then pick your favorite French curve, and fake it!"

Where was it you were flying to next week, Bill?
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Flying out the door. Kicked in the backside by the missus...not.
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