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I started doing the @Steve at Twitter a bit over 2 months ago. June 15th to be exact.

The number of Twitter followers is growing for me. I was at 11.6K in June. 30.5K a few minutes ago.

But does this growth in number of followers translate to more visitors to my site ... specifically this forum?

Will the quality of visitors go down as I go deeper and deeper into Twitter ... go up ... or stay about the same?

I know the answer.

I can now compare one full month - July 1-31 to another full month Aug 1-31.

1. Dates - July vs Aug
2. Sessions - Up - 72%
3. New Visitors - Up - 36%
4. Time on Site - Down - by 4 secs. (insignificant)

More new ppl are coming. The percentage of new visitors are coming are engaging in more sessions - quality of visitors is up.

The time on site has a very marginal change = quality of new visitors is not suffering.

My next question is - Is there an upper limit?

I aim to find out.
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How does the growth in new visitors here compare to the growth in new Twitter followers in the same period? Any idea what percentage of the growth in August is actually latent activity from the new Twitter followers in July? Are there other factors to consider beyond the month to month growth numbers? Would they matter?
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Those numbers are beyond the scope of free.

I have no way to track who first looked, then joined and when and then got involved.
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I wonder.
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me too?
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