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A HubSpot article at says
"companies with 30+ landing pages on their website generated 7X more leads than companies with 1 to 5 landing pages". Similarly; slide 10 at says "companies with 10+ landing pages get 55% more signups".

Please tell me; for those of us with websites that are mostly blogs; how can we accomplish something similar to the lead generation of these multiple landing pages?
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Any page (or post) on a website can be a landing page. In the simplest terms, any page with an inbound link is, by definition, a landing page... the page on which someone lands when coming to your site.

In more practical terms, a landing page goes one step farther. By design it contains some form of "welcome" or "call to action" that is created to specifically engage those who arrive at that page. It is a "first impression" page rather than a follow-on or generic content page.

And, by some definitions, a landing page is always an opt-in page. I disagree with that definition but, hey, I'm old and cantankerous, and I disagree with a lot of "common knowledge". I prefer the path less traveled.

With good SEO and basic menu and internal linking structures, search engines will index all your pages, making them all defacto "landing pages". What you do with them -- content-wise, opt-in-wise, and call-to-action-wise is up to you.
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Thank you. That is very useful.
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I am trying a new way with my blog articles. I added a link for a resource at the bottom in the form of a checklist. That link leads to an optin landing page and then with the email the checklist opens. Here is the first go at it based on the talk @Rev gave yesterday - thought it would be a good place to try it out.

You don't have to read the article, just scroll to the bottom and click the checklist link.
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Great post. Excellent way to make use of (re-purpose) the content you gained spending time in a presentation, webinar, or watching a video.

A quick glance suggests the post would rate an average "green" in Yoast SEO though there are some basic extras that could be easily added to make it better. Watch for my upcoming Network Live Virtually presentation on the Yoast plugin.

Your link/optin is both an excellent concept for building a mailing list and a good way to provide an internal non-menu link on your site.

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You provide a very useful example. Thank you for sharing your insights. I appreciate it.


Thank you for your useful comments.
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