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When you have created a good article, what's you favorite way to repurpose it?

Do you turn it into an eBook?
Do you build a webinar around it?
Do you cut and pasted in into LinkedIn long-form posts?
Do you create a video about it?

When you have something really good, how do you magnify it?

Not how do you market the piece, or promote the piece, how do you put the content in different forms to appeal to different readers with different interests?

Or do you just write the piece, hit publish and call it done?

What's your strategy?
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Here is what I do with all my articles:

1. SEO the image and post it to Pinterest and possibly Instagram
2. Add it to my ezinearticles list
3. Tuck it away to add to my next ebook
4. Create an infographic or checklist to support the article and add it to the bottom, then repost as updated with additional resources. I push the reader to give me their email in order to get the checklist/infographic
5. Add an up-sell to the checklist (such as join a group or forum)
6. Expand on salient points for other articles that are similar - especially if it is a popular post, milk it in every way I can
7. Create several quotes from the article and use them as tweets or more images for Pinterest etc.
8. Add the quotes etc. to my Amazon author profile (which should be updated on a regular basis anyway).
9. Find ways to put some affiliate links into the article and send it out as part of a newsletter.
10. Create a blab or webinar from the post to further the life of the article.
11. Create a podcast based on the sound track of the article.
12. Create a slidedeck of the article (probably used for the webinar) and post it to SlideShare.
13. There is more but I think this is enough for now.

Takes time and effort but well worth it!
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That's a great list and thanks for sharing.

May I ask ... do you measure the results of each effort.

Build slideshare = how many shares,
Create a blab = how many viewers...

and add them up and divide by time spent to decide where time is best spent.

Great list!!
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I do not measure but you are convincing me more and more to do that, I glance at the stats for each component.

Maybe I would do much better if I paid attention to the stats.
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You will be surprised at what works and what you thought works but doesn't ... and what you thought didn't but does.

Measuring will teach you where to better spend your time... or where to spend your time better.
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