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At one of my Meetups, somebody left a comment about WeChat.

Something like 500 million people in China use WeChat. It's probably more ... but anybody who is anybody is on WeChat.

I have written in another thread that I will be going to Shanghai later this week to do corporate training in digital storytelling on one hand and leading an eMBA seminar on marketing to China and the US the other.

The corporate training was confirmed via WeChat.

All the coordination for the eMBA program is being done via WeChat.

And I am meeting up with some students I taught earlier this year and we have arranged that meeting via WeChat, too.

500 million people! And all the marketers go wild and begin to think, "how can we get our message in front of them?"

A huge multi-national/billion dollar company gave me access to their Google Analytics earlier this year.

I can see firsthand the effectiveness of their WeChat marketing campaign.

I have put together a brief case study for those who are interested in the results.

How Effective is WeChat for Marketing in China. <=Click to Get.
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WeChat is definitely interesting. When I wrote a chapter on it, I had to use a mock account as they would not give me permission to use it. The potential here is HUGE!
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I shared this case study with my classes in China and they just looked at me in a stunned sort of silence.

WeChat has big numbers but that doesn't mean those numbers can be converted.
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@Belew Interesting. I am not surprised that business and WeChat seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. But things can change, somewhere there will be a catalyst and the realization that business can be gleaned from the constant chatter will make the platform explode even further.

WeChat reminds me of idle chatter that really doesn't go anywhere except for social prominence. Can you convert this type of badge to something worthwhile? Maybe.......
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I don't think it's WeChat and Biz at opposite ends as much as it's Biz and Social Networks.

Some networks lend themselves to doing business. Others are where people just want to socialize.

It's tough to market people when they don't want to be marketed to.
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