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cheapest way to promote youtube videos?1506

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I came to Bill's meetup to ask this question: "what is the cheapest way to promote youtube videos?", but did not get an answer. So I am posting here to see if there is any expert that can recommend the cheapest ways. My question is NOT "how to use adword video ad to promote a product", because my "product" is my youtube video, and I don't want to create new video to promote a new video, the "product" is the video.

For example, currently, all my videos have organic views (without adword promotion, nor fb ad) here:
My goal is to increase the views (or time of viewed). For example for those videos already have over 100k views, I would like them to reach 500k views.

I once tried to use adword video to promote by making a teaser short video and use my real video as link. But it was pretty expensive, or I did not do it correctly.

Thank you in advance.
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The topic of the MU last night was adwords ... not video promotion.

That being said....

The cheapest way to get more views to your YT ... go to and pay someone $5 and they will get you a lot of views. They will be low quality views ... but if you pay cheap, you get cheap.

If you want high quality views without spending a lot of money, you will need to invest a lot of your time. Is that an option?
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I have never hired someone to do promotion because they may use blackhat and me fake ones. All my promotion so far was legit from adword or fb ads.

I can do some work, for example currently I have my videos posted at my site
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It's pretty simple. You get what you pay for.

You hire high integrity people to promote your work.

You can do your own promotion ... but it costs you your time or your money or both.

You can create hybrid approach where you work hard and the team you hired works hard.

You can't get something of quality with a low investment of time and effort. Or do you know someone who has succeeded wildly without even trying?
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The fact is, David, you can get cheap (indeed free) traffic for your videos. That's what organic traffic is all about. The same methods used to get free traffic to forums like this one can be adapted to bring organic traffic to your videos.

Actually, you don't always get what you pay for -- nor does high price equate with quality -- but you do get what you work for.

Feel free to contact me if you need any more help.
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Organic traffic doesn't come freely... requires diligent work for it to happen, methinks.

Time, money or some combination of the two...or not.
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yesterday I asked the following question to google, but did not get answer:
"I understand that fb ad would be cheap to promote its internal posts, the algorithm would be expensive to the external links. So does adword treat the youtube videos more favorable to the compare to the external links?" The google person really did not answer this question (or Bill wanted to save time to explain to me later). Anyway, does anyone have the inside about adword algorithm?

@Rev, yes I would be interested in knowing your opinion.
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No one outside of Google really has "the inside about the adwords algorithm". It's a little like the formula for Coca-cola. Further, Google is not likely to answer anything close to your question except to express something that distills down to, "We play fair with all search results."

As someone who runs adwords campaigns commercially for clients I can tell you that it is not something to take lightly. And while the process is measured in nickels and dimes, the cost is very expensive for the results received, at least for the small player.

Adwords, facebook ads, and the like, are great if you have a significant, on-going, budget you can (and will anyway) throw at the process. If you have the right offering, can work the leads effectively, and do the proper follow-up, you can convert at a satisfactory level but the program needs to be sustained and regularly managed.

For the smaller player, organic and inbound methods produce at least as good, and often better, results over time at a far less monetary cost. Certainly, as Bill suggests, time is a "cost", but if you have more available time than money, as your original question suggests, then investing that time toward building the right foundation to produce the desired organic results is most often a better use of your available "funds".

My 2ยข -- or two minutes -- anyway.
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Thanks for the answers, I am lucky to know someone that runs adword commercially. To specifically to boost the video, which one is better, the in-display ad or the in-stream ad?

On different topic, currently my channel has 3.7 million views, I assume if my channel views (or the number of videos) reach certainly level then the adword spent on promoting the video would be equal to the adsense earned on that video. Or is my assumption wrong (i.e. the adword is too expensive to reach the break even point)?
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How much have you made from those 3.7 million views? How much time did you spend to get there? Have spent any money to get there? It's a simple math problem.

If your are not making more money from 3.7 million views than it costs you to get there then it's a losing strategy.

I started with a blog network. They bought traffic via ad words and sold display ads to try and recoup costs paid for traffic. They generated huge traffic over time but then went out of business.

There were 55 sites on the network. Only 3 sites generated enough organic traffic to be self sustaining. My 3 and one other.

The 3 points I made last night. I posted the video here as well.

Paid advertising doesn't work when you don't spend enough, when you don't do it long enough and when your ad campaign manager doesn't know what they are doing ... re what @Rev said.
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