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I'm seriously getting tired of the 'Twitter' thing. I was just about up to 3,000 followers and wanted to get that last 25 to push me over the edge. I literally was less than 100 followers over the 10% more that are following me.

I got blocked again. OK, that's fine. I deleted them and waited a day and it's good again. But I see people all day long who have 1,000 followers and follow 4,000 (one example). OK, I assumed they haven't logged on for awhile and fair is fair, but no! They continue to tweet and all without a problem. I can see when they were last online, so what's the deal?

I looked at the documentation on Twitter, but it says it is individual and not disclosed. So, that means I have different rules than other people have, but they don't tell me? What kind of BS is this?

I keep getting this nagging voice that asks, 'is it really worth it?'
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There's a limit each day on what you can follow. I get blocked from time to time, too.

Just ease up a bit.

Is it worth it? I had more than 1000 visits to my site last 30 days and more than 200 came to my landing page from Twitter. It's worth it to me.
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Thanks, Bill. At first my blog went from 1,000 to 5,000 in a month and I was really hopeful. I got busy with networking tutorials and spent many hours following people. Now, when I open my home page I mostly see young women giving 'beaver' shots with only a thread up the crack of their buttocks. I obviously need to stop growing the network and takes some time pruning it.

I started an account with where people share their stuff back and forth to build each others' networks. So, I share a lot for these people and they share my posts. The problem is that even though all these people are sharing my posts, more than 100,000 reach I seriously haven't seen a rupee come my way from it. I have a self published guide book for people coming to Nepal, and consequently many people from #Nepal, trekkers, etc. It hasn't sold one book. I usually get a few sales from the internet and my blog, but not only have I not sold any books, but due to this coming into the slow tourist season I haven't sold one. Yes, people are still coming and my guest house has been doing well, so tourism is doing well. I think I was blogging more before I got sucked down the twitter network, but I seriously don't think it's doing anything.

I'm going to implement a few marketing strategies before I call it a wash. Maybe I need to tweet more often, tweet better stuff, not tweet so many from the copromote network that don't fit my niche. My long term goal for the network is to build up a Nepal-friendly following and use it for fund raising. I founded an NGO after the earthquakes last year and didn't have a big enough network to really get many donations. I have three types of people I follow, one for the guest house, one for the book and one for the agency. To me, this 'following' is more like one network because it's all about Nepal.

Advice? Maybe I need a day off. This is the view from the rooftop of my guest house. Just an amazing village for an old lady.
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Copromote and that ilk doesn't work.

We manually follow specific targeted ppl each day/week till we reach our limits.

I recommend you delete all the crap followers. Go back to the very basics, use an app like crowdfire and target ppl you want to follow. Grow slowly and intentionally. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

@Steve is over 220K. I am closing in on 80K. But it's going to drop.
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@FrugalTravelsNepal compromise work I am guessing by allowing you to share other people's content easily...

Have you considered what would happen if you had enough content that you didn't need to share other people's?

What do you think would happen?
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@Steve @FrugalTravelsNepal

Nothing beats having and being able to stand on your own ... unless it would be to stand with others who are also able to stand on their own.

There is no easy AND also effective way to grow your Twitter following.

I recommend you watch the video again and follow @Steve's direction. I did ... and it works.

If that doesn't work ... perhaps pony up some money (not trying to do sales here .... ) and hire someone who knows what they are doing, to do it for you ... correctly.
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4 months worth of Twitter data...

August 4th - 56,700 followers.
Decemb 4th - 77,600 followers.

Increase of 20,900 followers or 5,225/month average UP.

3,943 new users from Twitter came to my site 6,771 times.

998 (seriously? Not 2 more?!) went to the create an account page.

702 (there's those other 2) created an account.

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From a client's Twitter acct ...

6 months worth of data ... on a limited budget (slower growth)

Jun 4 - 7,000 followers
Dec 4 - 32,300 followers

Net increase - 25,300

597 New Users from Twitter ... came 683 times.
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I am tempted to do the massive unfollow again ... but I am tempted to not also.

Should I or shouldn't I? That is the question.
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Love the pic.
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I finally got around 4,000 followers now. I guess you could say I've learned my way around Twitter now.

I'm not sure the past couple months have really been useful, though. I notice things like Billbelew on Twitter, for example, has 74k but only following less than 100. I've been following and RTed a couple times, maybe or liked something. I try to create some noise or attention so someone will RT for me, but it just doesn't happen. I actually look at the feed for people I follow to try to share something. I see little to zero retweets. And there is little value on my Twitter wall. What's the point of all this if people only tweet their own stuff-over and over. A lot of it isn't even new content and most of it doesn't even make sense.

I even went to Co-promote and started RTing for people there and got 100,000 built up. Then I wanted to have people tweet about my free eBook. With 100,000 people looking at it you'd think I'd get a click or 2, but no visible difference. Of course that means my RTs remain at zero except for my other accounts and my workers and a couple of volunteers that went back home and remember us.

When I log on and look at my page it tells me I have 1,000 plus tweets but when I click on it I only get about 50 before I get the prompt to take me to the top of the page.

I keep asking myself why I'm continuing this path and the only reason I can think of is because I worked so hard to get this many followers. An infantile reason. It's like my mother's voice telling me to never give up. lol.

Can anyone give me a estimate on how long it will take to get a book sold for $20 with this method? How 'bout how long it will take to get someone to book a room at our little guest house?
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If you are in Twitter for what you can get out of it, you are in for the wrong reason.

It's not about what you can get... it's about what you can give.

If you give with the mindset that eventually you will get, it's a slog. Of course, we want a return on our time and money investment.

The best way to get that return is to give generously, improve others' lives, establish yourself as a credible source, be trustworthy. None of these things come easily or quickly and rightly so.

If you want to know how long it will take to sell a $20 book you are doing it wrong ... IMHO.

You should be asking yourself how long will it take to build a platform so I can consistently sell books from then on, day after day, week after week.

Build a platform that will perform long term.

Does that make sense?
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9% drop so far ...
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FrugalTravelsNepal private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks so much for your kind encouragement. So, you do all this so you will get a long term customer? You don't do all this work because it's effective for your business?

It's not to sell a book or get more guests for my little guest house or volunteers to help us rebuild from the earthquakes. It's that eventually someone will actually buy a book or stay with us for a night. huh? It seems like if this is for the long term it would be more effective to do things that have a faster return, like register with more booking sites, etc. It's usually about reputation and history, not about a quick sale, but how much interaction should there be for an eBook about a tiny country like Nepal prior to purchase? I was thinking twitter would be an intro that would draw people to my blog, book, guest house or nonprofit agency. Well, then Allah had his minions hack my website and put up 'Jihad' on it, which I totally do not get the point of. That is one crazy god, for sure.

I don't know what I thought would happen by the time I got 4,000 in my network. I guess I thought I'd get a few shares like I got on FB. I also thought it might be a good place for people to look for me and find me. Neither of these has happened yet. The only interaction is a welcome note from new followers asking me to hook up with them on Instagram or Facebook-all canned responses.

I think my next move will be to stop trying to grow the network and focus on tweeting more. But when I go onto the home page all I get are naked breasts and camel toes. I'm 63 yrs. old and I really don't want to see this crap, but that's just about all that comes up on my feed.

I figured out a trick yesterday. On the 'more' tab I clicked and muted these people so they are still in my network but I don't have to look at all that time wasting stuff. I'm going to mute everyone until I get something of interest to me. I have many travel bloggers, INGOs NGOs and seldom see anything posted from anyone like this, just camel toes and silicone filled breasts.
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I am 62. I do not have naked breasts in my feed. Maybe if I....

No you are not trying to get one sale, you are trying to build a platform that will provide sales long term.

Well done, your twitter platform will perform for you long after the time it took you to build it and for much longer than the time it took to build.

The quicker smth appears the quicker it will disappear.

Go for the quick return and let me know how that works for you.

If I could spend $20 and make $40 I'd do that forever.

If I could spend $200 or $2000 and make double I'd do that forever.

There is no quick return.

Build trust and ppl will buy from you for a long time.

Make sense?
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