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Beware of Strangers in Coffee Shops and ...1581

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There's a reason why I often retreat into my home office.

There's a reason why I try to avoid eye contact.

There's a reason why I don't ask people what they do.

Kind as people are, they will ask back.

Case in point ... the guy sitting next to me is a spitting image of one of my students. I started a bit too long and we started talking.

He sells office furniture. I get people more relevant traffic.

"Oh. Will you take a look at my site and tell me how I can improve it?"

Can you give me some really good advice on how I can make more money for free?


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I usually have brain jams/planning sessions with clients and partners at the local Starbucks. I realize it comes off as a little pretentious- with two dudes (usually) with laptops talking business and drinking overpriced coffee while listening to wandering, ambient music in the background. I am sure as aspiring entrepreneurs we're pretty obnoxious to the aspiring novelists and bloggers. I have gotten my fair share of nasty looks, but I have had people move their tables to sit next to us, listen, insinuate themselves or segway into the conversation- a couple opportunities there, lot's of curious idiots (like myself).

Either way there is a better way to gather intelligence from someone than being abrupt and squeezing it out of them. You can learn more about a person and what they do by asking the right questions and letting them speak. The interview format usually makes a person defensive, so its always conversational... I have learned so much this way- people just volunteer information. Some knowledge has $$$ value though, if someone wants to possess it- they must value it enough to do whatever is necessary to obtain it.

You can always send him to your Forum- loads of great people to collaborate and mentor with, free advice, and each thread presents its own teaching and learning opportunities.
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Dang it! Dummy me. I should have sent him here.

He gave me his card. I guess that's the follow up I should do.

Thanks for the reminder.
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I thought you were a professional marketer. The response to your coffee shop companion's question is standard, "Sure. I'd be glad to. What kind of a budget to you have for this project?"

Some of my best (and worst!) clients have been found in coffee shops.
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Busted! I guess I am not as professional as I let on.

Could be because I have my sweat pants and GRUMPY sweatshirt on which let my guard down.

How's the start to your new year?
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Ah, Bill, sweats and grumpy IS WHEN to strike. It's unexpected. Read Sun Tzu. I expect you have already.

And the new year has started out well (see my other post on facebook groups). I have embraced Blab which is extending my reach dramatically. I believe I have found the right mix of what I call the IEEE of success: Inform Educate Entertain Engage. Business is way up over January last year. A bit of the month still to go.

How's it shaping up for you (Bill, and everyone else)?
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As good a start as might be expected.

Good for you for jumping into Blab when it was young and making it work for you.

I am guilty of waiting too long and usually get in after a space is too crowded.

I was hired by a small church to do some preaching weekly and I have been thinking to put the sermons on Blab... just working thru the logistics to make it happen.

Got tips for that?
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iPhone and a selfie-stick! ;o)
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