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It occurred to me that ours is not a model we want to widely disseminate. The easiest way for it to become ineffective is for everyone to use it.


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No, I think there's already a lot of folks using similar tactics for different things - Facebook ads, Twitter following, etc.

Along with the "pay to play" modeal, it's probably why engagement is down and why it's harder than ever to get traction unless you have a rock star following..
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Interesting thoughts. I like to share with this group as to what I am doing and if I share it with others, the chances of them actually doing the work is not high.

For now, I prefer to keep my tactics close the the chest and not reveal too much to others, just this group.

The more we share with those that actually do the work, then the easier it is to fine tune the process. Let's work together to make BN work with ease through team input.

Yes, I am babbling, hope it makes sense
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@bdaoust - to be honest this project (along with reading Trust Me I'm Lying by Ryan Holliday) is helping me realize the bigger implications of this work.

I'm being frank in that right now cash is most important. But having the ability to wield influence at a purchase of a Fiverr gig offers possibilities beyond making $150 or so an article, no?
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Spot on John.

Getting ppl to the site is doable. We still have to work to get read. And we still have to work to be worth reading. And we still need to work to get ppl to come back.
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Do the ends justify the means??

I have tried to explain what I am doing on BN but some people think it's not fair because we are paying for views.

They don't understand that there is over 1m things posted online a minute (or some big ridiculous figure). How can we compete except for organic content like @Belew is teaching us which takes months / years to who results?

I think BN want to be number 1 sooner rather than later and they are willing to pay.

Is that a fair comment?
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@SusanDay - if people believe that others (probably including candidates) aren't using similar tactics, then they're living a very sheltered delusion!

I noticed that, even respectable figures like Michael Hyatt, have a TON of fake followers. These give the appearance of having 100k following.

So, it wouldn't surprise me if the candidates in this current election race are using similar tactics. Money talks!
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There is nothing wrong with traditional advertising. If traditional advertising were evil, billboards would disappear from the side of highways and neon signs would turn off.

We are paying for eyeballs to take a glance at something we wrote. There is nothing wrong with that. I just don't like to do it for a lot of reasons.

However, if you want fast growth = sustainable only if you enough money to keep throwing at the marketing, then money is the solution.

PayPal paid out $10 to each of its first batch of users and gave $10 to each new person introduced. Eventually it caught on.

That's what we are trying to do here. Get traction quickly. But that requires risk and ... money.

BN was very clear to me ... they do NOT want the long tail search results. They only pay for the 30 days. Consequently, we write about things with a short shelf life and shout real loud to get people to take a look.

Makes sense?
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