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I am Cindy Sharp Spiritual Business Coach, so happy to be part of a community that supports, learning and LOVING your business! <3
I help spirit filled business owners, to heal self, heal their business and create raving loving fans...or call I call groupies!

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I would love to connect with others, that "rock" filling online classes via social media.
Looking forward to meeting you, blessings, Cindy Sharp <3
PS. Come on over and get a free class just for stopping by.
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How did you get into the business coach role?
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I worked in corporate for a long time 18 + years as a coach and trainer, I now have taken it in a more spiritual direction. Love supporting people in this way, tell me about you???
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I have a missionary background. After a stint in the Navy I settled in Japan for almost 20 years.

An evangelist at heart = marketing = evangelism = one beggar telling another beggar where to find food.

I come from a problogging background. Content and Social Media marketing, imho, is just blogging grown up and sprouting branches.

I have done some damage in getting real traffic ... now people, ask me, "How'd you do that?"

When I tell them how they either reply by:
1. asking me to do it for them
2. wanting me to hold their hand through the process.

End result = coaching ... more or less.

I still preach on Sundays for a tiny church in Cupertino.

I think marketing can be done successfully if we employ good missional principles that we can learn from the Good Book.

Where do you get your marketing ideas?
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Hi Cindy,
Great to have you here.
I work with Bill - we have coaching programs and I have coached coaches to become successful.
Be sure to attend our meetups and live webinars in the future.
Or feel free to ask questions.
Much kindness,
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