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Live Case Study: My First Blog1777

Feldman private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, my name is Dmitriy and I have no marketing experience whatsoever. Today I'm launching an expert blog.
So, first off, a disclaimer: being well aware that I'm in way over my head, I set my expectations at ankle-level.

This thread is meant to be a journal, detailing my efforts & results for the next 3 months. During this time, I'll write 60 posts, implementing various marketing strategies and techniques. The problem is, I don't know any.

Whether I fail horribly or not, this "Live Case Study" should help other newbies avoid my mistakes...And help me avoid repeating them
Of course, if I succeed, this'll be a much more helpful thread.
So I seek your guidance

Day 1 [May 9]

Right now I have my niche, one post and this cool-ish domain name idea - (too long?)

The mission statement will be something like "Provide aspiring writers with all the tools they need to make a living as a freelancer. Help them increase earnings, maximize efficiency and stay righteous.", but catchier.

I'll write the "About Us" page, add a simple logo and start a FB page today as well.
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bdaoust private msg quote post Address this user
@Feldman I see you are using the Wordpress site as your domain. I guess that is a good place to start. I would suggest that you get your own domain and add Wordpress to it. @Rev is the expert here in the forum so I will let him weigh in on the subject.
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jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
@Feldman - there are many ways that Pareto's Principle will both haunt & help you.

You will spend 20% of your time creating content / 80% trying to promote it to the right audience.

You will get 80% of your results from 20% of your efforts.

You will achieve 20% of what you set out to do, but will learn 80% of what you need for future success.
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Steve private msg quote post Address this user
@Feldman 60 posts in the scheme of things is a drop in the ocean and you will be lucky to experience any real success... it takes hundreds of posts to generate real results and the magic doesn't really happen till you've at least 300... it just seems gets better and better after this... although it all comes down to how you promote your content.
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SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, @Feldman It's a great start.

I think your subject matter will be received well. I am a freelance writer and I need all the help I can get!

As other contributors have mentioned it's important to get the foundations of your site right, but you can do this and post your blogs.

As @Steve mentioned, one of my blogs is just getting real organic search results after five months and 1,000 posts. It's a lot of hard work, but a very satisfying feeling all the same.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user

You are off to a great start. That's good.

The free WordPress ( is, at least, probably the best of the free choices available. It is quite easy to migrate later (sooner I hope!) to your own self-hosted WordPress site when the time is right.

Blogging is one of the most important things you will do to garner organic traffic, mostly from search and most of that from Google. There are a lot of opinions on the numbers necessary to make it work.

One post a month is little better than not blogging. One post a week is better, and where many start, but it won't lead to much unless you are in a very specialized, yet extremely popular, niche.

Your number of 60 posts in 3 months is about 1 post every 1½ days, not what a pro blogger does, but a good start none-the-less. You need to find out if this is even what you want to do and that's a good number for learning.

Ultimately, between 1 and 3 posts per day is where you will want to be. That generates a max of about 1000 posts per year and is acceptable.

Start now considering your own domain name and self-hosted WordPress website. Blue Host is suggested by many and they have a discount offer right now at $3.95/month. For that price I would grab that now and get the positive SEO working for me today instead of next week or next year. You can't ever go back and start earlier when you finally figure out I was right.

Also, the domain name, seems to be available. For $15 or less, I would grab it now. It won't hang around long. If you do get the hosting (above) it includes the domain at no extra cost so that's a bonus.

I'll be glad to help you out with any further questions you have -- as will several others here, those above among them. Looking forward to reading about your progress.
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jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
@Feldman - people pay thousands for this type of advice. Typically, it's because they think that they're getting something you can't find elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the reality is that it's human nature to value what we pay for. Something we've share often on this forum is how many of us are guilty of having hard drives full of "free reports" and countless email signups.

Find someone who you respect (many here on the forum are great for this,) and *pay* them to hold your feet to the fire. Of course, not everyone is offering coaching or available.

But all the best advice in the world won't help you - the way that accountability and action taking will!
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user
Oh, and @feldman, there are actually some good resources that are not included in the three types you speak to on your About page. I've been running a weekly Blab called Motivational Monday and for the last 6 weeks I've been covering Business Blogging.

If you go to my site, WizardsPlace -- -- and look under the Live Stream menu item. "Business Blogging" will have the blog posts relating to the topic and "Blab Replays" offers access to the first 5 sessions of the ten part series. This past Monday, week 6, is not up yet, but will be soon. There are four more to come. You might find some of the information helpful. It's free.
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SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@Rev I can't seem to open the link to your site. Could you double check it please?
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user

Sorry, typo:
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bdaoust private msg quote post Address this user
@Rev - the new link works
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globalman22 private msg quote post Address this user
Such thought-full comments @Rev & @SusanDay & @jcymba & @bdaoust... And for @Feldman to be showing such courage with his initial pronouncement, this is going to be an inspiring adventure for many of us to observe!

What a great learning environment you have all nurtured here.
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Steve private msg quote post Address this user
@Feldman would love to hear how you are going... almost half way through your three month phase...
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user

I'd like to hear how you are coming along as well.
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