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Monday morning here and I am finally sorting things out and getting ready for a big push ... not that I have stopped doing many of the things I do... I have just not been giving 100% ... now it's time to take on the world.

I'm about to launch a whole host of webinars, training sessions, etc... based on the knowledge I have gleamed during the last twenty odd years I've been doing this online marketing stuff.

Each training session will be different, each participant will walk away with a workbook, etc... giving them real value and the action steps they need to take to move their business forward.


1. Is it better to launch this through a membership type website ... or should I let people cherry pick the sessions they want to attend (purchase).

2. Should I offer the first session free to hook people in?

3. Should I offer a coaching service in that I hold those that purchase this accountable and help ensure they stay on track.

4. Should I help people work out an overall strategy as different people want to achieve different results.

5. anything else you care to share...
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Hi Steve,

Here are my thoughts:

1. It depends. Do you want a store or a tribe?

2. Free works but requires no commitment. If you want buyers, a low-price first step is another option. We tend to take more seriously what we pay for.

3. Coaching requires a lot from you and can tie up a lot of time. It's hard to leverage one-on-one style coaching unless you're charging big bucks per client.

4. I'm not sure how this would look but it does intrigue me. If you distilled the training into different levels that people could choose from and work their way up, that might be a good way to go.

5. There are lots of "I can train you to be rich online" programs out there - most of them taught by youngish guys for other youngish guys. Their approach and marketing drips testosterone. There are also younger women who appeal to twenty/thirty something women. Neither of these groups appeal to me.

I'm fairly business and internet savvy but still have things to learn about making money online. I think there is a market for teaching older adults that is gender neutral and specifically appeals to us, who want to create profitable online businesses and aren't ready to subside into oldness.

Ideas from here...
Wendy Dewar Hughes
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Welcome to the working world. 8-)

If there were a single right/best way to do something, everybody would be doing it the same way.

I'd offer up a 5-6-8 part series of webinars and use all your muscle to get as many people to opt in as possible.

Keep track of questions.

Then I'd put those series of webinars together in a package and add the answers to the questions in another video.

Then sell that to your email list.

It's a lot easier to sell something to people who have already bought something from you ... even if it's 47, 97 or $147.

Build what people are asking for. Don't build and tell them they want it.

Also, my experience is that it's not the know how that bogs people down, it's the motivation, accountability, action steps = coaching that they really need.

Build a package that includes coaching and marketing - DIY or DFY or both.

Create something very high level and something that is very easy entry and scalable. Do these 2 in parallel.

Then send me a commission. 8-)
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I like these suggestions @Belew.
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I've tried a range of approaches and, well all have been successful for me, I've found those that I like best and seem to make best use of my time.

I like membership sites with courses and workshops offered to the public (includes membership) and to members (a lower price or other bonus).

There are some good products available for delivering this kind of thing but I usually build my own content structures within WordPress and protect it with a standard membership plugin.

My next offering, a content creation workshop which I'm working on right now, will be a little different. It's offered through the same site but doesn't require (nor convey) membership. It's a straight up "buy now" offering on the front end of the site. My membership plugin provides the support for this and controls access to the workshop for the 90 days it runs. The 90 day clock starts for each user at the time they sign up so I don't have to hype a specific launch date and try to fill enough seats.

I agree that a live training or coaching component is a powerful selling tool if you have recognition in your marketplace (and you do) as well as something to share (this too) but it is time consuming. It may be time better used in marketing where live appearances can also be powerful.

Whatever you do I am sure you will do it well and deliver great content. I'm looking forward to seeing your offerings.
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Awesome @Rev you'll have to let me know which membership plug in you are using... lots to digest from everyone in this thread thanks
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I like S2Member Framework. A little techie with a bit of a learning curve but extremely flexible.
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I wish I had your facility ... or maybe it's just patience, to fiddle with and understand the back end.
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My brother-in-law is an MD., a Proctologist by trade. He and his buddy, a Psychologist, are opening a clinic together. They are having a little trouble coming up with a suitable name. They've shortlisted to:

- Odds & Ends, or

- Nuts & Butts.

Anyway, the point here is, if you are having trouble fiddling with the back end, hire a proctologist... or, in this case, a WordPress techie guy.
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I think my problem is I don't like fiddling.
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You should practice. Then you will be able to fiddle while LA slides into the ocean!
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I'll be fiddling "Nearer my God to thee."

But in the case of Hollywood maybe I should play .... got suggestions?
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@Rev thanks... as to fiddling, as a child I often used to have the challenge of putting things back together after taking them apart to see how they worked. Funny how often you have parts lets over
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