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US Adults Don't Trust News - Survey Results1904

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My dad taught me to believe nothing I hear and only half of what I see.

It's gotten worse since then.

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I follow the news, while trusting it NOT to be free of bias. Sometimes I get disgusted and avoid it for a while.
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This book was the biggest eye opener to me of how easy it is to manipulate "modern media"

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These survey results would be more interesting if they distinguished between sites/family reporting focused on business content and sites/family reporting focused on consumer content.
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News is beholden to advertisers since the abolition of the Fairness Doctrine.
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“For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much—the wheel, New York, wars and so on—whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man—for precisely the same reasons.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Social media has recently shown itself an unreliable predictor of zeitgeist here in the UK. There is a highly articulate neo-liberal section of society that uses it to promote their political thinking ... aggressively presented as the only correct moral thinking, no room for argument, and there is another section, or two or more sections, both ends of the political spectrum, ie, not a block, that has kept far quieter about what they think, saving it for the ballot box.

Twice, interestingly, it has been that less visible and vocal section of the population that has prevailed in national decision-making. Partly this will be down to the age demographics. But, gauging by social media, one could reasonably have expected both the last general election here, and the recent Brexit vote to have gone the other way.

The fighting on Twitter became increasingly toxic but by comparison made FB look tired and smug as an arena for testing opinion.
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As everyone here produces content, we all know that if you produce enough of it, somehow generate an audience... in the end that audience thinks of you as the expert, trusts you ... etc... in other words its your audiences perception of you.

Large enough audience and you could in theory rule the world...

Large media companies, Governments, Religions, etc., have been doing this since year dot...
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For you @SusanDay. The story of Nathanial Corah.

The first ever knitting frame was developed by a poor country curate, William Lee. Elizabeth 1 accepted his gift of beautiful machine knitted silk stockings but declined to issue a patent, saying, 'what will become of my poor hand knitters?' His brother got a patent from King James after her death.

@Steve That is amazing, about the tree. And even if, say, the impact of the urine stream had released spores which got to you and made you ill, it would still be the case that the spirit of the tree had retaliated. Just a question of using a different style of language.

Re: influencing via social media. Two years ago, I wrote some English language Tarot content for a global Tarot app.

The company (Italian owned) found me via social media and wanted an 'native English speaking Tarot expert.' I see myself as engaged in an ongoing learning, and it is therefore not a label I apply to myself, but I did the job.

I could not agree to attach my name to it, however, and they wished to use it. Why not? Because they had used many Tarot experts, and they wanted me to sign off on the work of others, putting my name on it, as it were. This could have brought much personal publicity but I could not lend my name to content I had not directly written, a) because that did not seem fair to those other un-named writers, even though they had signed their copyright away in the contract and b) because I was horrified at some of the other Tarot content, and did not feel it should be admitted to the app.

I declined to sign the contract as it stood, foregoing the opportunity to see my name as the author of the English content on the app. An influencing opportunity missed? Quite likely. But I need to sleep at night and I couldn't have, with app predictions going out there in my name, telling people they were going to get ill, or other bad things happen. No reader worth their salt would say that stuff, not even if they sensed it, and certainly not presented in that way.
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You did the right thing by turning them down.

Painful to the pocket book but right for the heart. Kudos to you.
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Thank you. Kind to say, but it was in my own interests as well, Bill. Letting a genie out of a bottle with your name on it, could come back and bite you, such big style. Creation of content for public consumption, especially paid consumption...and this app required a always as much a question of control, as creation.
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I simply do not trust media - we know it is influenced by so many things. I do think, however, or once thought, that as Intelligent beings we could, (or least most of us could) discern the differences. Admittedly it has become much more difficult with all of the influences from White House, advertisers and more.

I agree @katie_ellen you did the right thing b/c at the end of the day, we have to be able to live with ourselves. It is good that you were told of the other's writings, but I am sure many sign off not knowing their words will be a 'mix' of your's and other's opinions. So it is interesting to me that they did tell you (or perhaps you read it in the contract).

In the end, we all want to believe that somehow, in our little corner, we made a difference in the world, to someone. Although I know our audiences determine WHO and How Many view and listen to us, it does not always mean they agree with us, as many comments will prove. Yet I think it is important that we never 'compromise' our own standards. For me that may be vastly different from your's, but at the end of the day we all have to live with ourselves and be able to sleep.
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Hi It was in the contract @tammyoffices. I dearly hoped others checked theirs. I asked and on asking received a clear answer but had I not asked directly, I'd have put my head in a mis-branding bag for many years to come. There were two clauses I requested to be removed before I would sign it because they made my hair stand on end I was helping them out in agreeing to do the work. They approached me, and the job was highly time sensitive, or I might not have had the leverage.
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So glad you did read it @Katie_Ellen so many do not read through these things.It is a good reminder for us! Thank you for sharing.
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@Rev Thank you for reminding me of one of my favorite authors.
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@Katie_Ellen that was very interesting. Thank you! 😆
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I like Blogs where the content is well researched and there is plenty of facts to generate some discussion on the topic being written about. I tried this strategy on my own Blog- Presently, I've written 36 only articles on the subjects of lifelong learning,senior entrepreneurship and seniors issues. I found that it took a lot of time to research and produce this content and then put it up personally through word press. Too many social media articles today are basically just personal opinions with not too much researched content there. Maybe, that's why many 'social media' believability scores are so low. i.e. not enough research effort.
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You have some excellent articles on your site. I hope they are getting the traffic they deserve.

There is more you could do to improve the indexing of your articles. It's small things but it can make a big difference in a crowded niche.
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