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I was putting together some numbers for a partner of mine who is on his way to a conference of JVs.

The JVs want to grow their own Meetup groups and they want to offer the Meetup growth strategies to their lists.

I have some experience here.

Here are some numbers for Meetup membership growth for people I have advised.

2 new groups

BH's membership went from zero to 251 members in 6 months.
TY's membership went from zero to 202 members in 1 year.

2 young groups

NS's membership grew 495% from 247 members to 1,470 members
SC's membership grew 373% from 125 members to 591 members.

2 veteran groups

SB's membership grew 97% from 5,541 members to 10,955 members
BB's membership grew 117% from 6,620 members to 14,361 members

Staying out of Meetup's cross hairs is important, too.

Would you be interested in learning what it takes to grow a Meetup?
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Do these meetups actually meetup in person?
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Yup, yup.
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Bill, as you know, I am somewhat disinterested in big numbers for big numbers sake. I leave the bragging rights to someone else. I am, however, keenly interested in numbers that matter.

My first question would then be, "How many actually attend these meetups?" -- ie: out of each 100 members total in the group, how many attendees would you expect (based on actual history) to attend each meetup?

What has your experience been in bringing up the attendees:members number and do you see mostly new people at each meetup or mostly regulars? Comments on any of this would be sincerely welcomed.

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Those are great questions and I would need to switch from my cell to my laptop to answer them completely.

I agree, it's not abt the numbers, it's abt the engagement / conversion.

The answers to your questions are all over the place, depending on the niche, the frequency of the Meetup offerings and the quality of the Meetup and whether or not the MU is offered in person or by Webinar or both.

One quick answer is that when someone opts in to a MU you or yours offers you then have the options to invite them to a live F2F MU, a webinar and you can msg them directly or mail out to the entire group based on a specific interest that they opted in for. You can also use your 'numbers' to team up with other relevant groups and pitch ideas and MUs to one another.

I had a F2F MU the other day and only 1 guy showed up at the 7 am time. A bust....or not. Turns out he consults for Apple, has a regular MU there and wants me to come to his MU on Apple campus.

Does this help answer your questions?
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Quality is definitely better than quantity
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