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women/children who deal w domestic violence2030

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My name is Llani, I live in New Zealand. My dream job aka deepest passion is to help woman & children who live in domestic violence. I don't have a website yet but am working on that with my limited experience in that area. I am currently writing articles around professional violence also that is counselors, psychologists and people employed in the wellbeing segment. I have seen, witnessed, and been a part of counselors, workers in the social service field who have abused many of the violated victims for over 30 years, due to their authoritive heighrachy status. It is amazing to me how our precious lives, fragile lives, shattered lives, and severely damaged lives are entrusted in the hands of these so called experts. It is extremely difficult to find a great counselor or psychologist. I know I've been there and thousands of others to. Well I won't go on but this is me in a nutshell. Don't wanna bore yas too much. Will leave it here. I'm glad to be here cheers; Newbie
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I was not meant to create this thread. I should have viewed the video tutorial first as I was trying to introduce myself. I tried to delete this thread but couldn't find how to?! So my intro thread is also in the introduce yourself thread. Well that's a newbie for ya ha! duh!
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@llanik Welcome! What do you think is the main cause of family violence? I had some experience with a local family violence organization when I donated some used merchandise. I was surprised when I saw three woman victims actually helping personally to pick-up my donation. That's impressive!
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@Seniorpreneur Thank you for the welcome. I see it as addiction.Here are the following addictions sex, alcohol, meth, food, gambling, ciggarettes,to name a few therefore relationship addiction. The majority of the time you will find the males who violate grew up in homes where they watched their mothers severely disrespected and violated daily. Just like alcohol addiction or ciggarettes you know its bad for you but you can't put it down
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