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2016 Presidential Debate Marketing Technique2049

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I'm not sure if it's appropriate to even touch this topic here, so Bill... you decide if you think it's not appropriate.

Let me say this first. I'm from Singapore. Don't lean to any sides. But I caught all 3 debates (almost in full other than toilet breaks) and with popcorn in hand. It's pure drama. IMHO...

So I decide to try to break down some facts using this

So what's the #1 topic? That would be Tax. "Tax" was said 107 times by both candidates. Which means sense... but that is split between:
- Tax policies by both candiates
- Trump's tax returns

And "Great" - 72 times (as in make America great again). Results sway more to Trump.

There are other key issues that was mentioned during the debates:
- ISIS - 43 times
- Syria - 21 times
- Immigration - 19 times
- foreign policy - 2 times

So I guess those are pretty typical topics. But the really interesting stuff is the amount of times they jab at each other

Trump referenced Hillary with the words:
- Disaster - 28 times (as in Clinton is a disaster)
- Email - 18 times
- Jail - 4 times

While Hillary referenced Trump with:
- women - 56 (big from Clinton)
- racist - 4
- sexist - 1
- homophobic - 1
- xenophobic - 1

In terms of rhetoric, I think Trump wins hands down. He just keeps repeating those keys words... Perhaps, if one said it enough times, one might just think it's true!

Again... I'm an Economics Major and like statistics. But then again, there are lies, lies and statistics. I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts here...

Let's keep our heads level.
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I couldn't vote for either of these two. The US and the world will suffer at either of their hands.
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Question. What is it you want to say? How can this help us ad marketers?
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Definitely speaks to finding your target market. Of course, while in business, significant market share may be as little as 10% (or even less), in politics it requires at least a plurality and in a two-way race, better a majority. Gotta love democracy.

@Belew, what was it Winston said about that?
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Video is content as well. 70% of internet traffic today is video. But the biggest problem about video is that we can't "Search" the video.

The only way to search video today is using "Title" and "Metadata". But the above shows that content inside the videos ( can not be searched.

That will be a big impact on content providers and content marketing. There is a whole lot of content today that is still "locked" inside the current volume of videos. Imagine unlocking all these content to the world!

And imagine if one can search the video content in another language. Go to and type in "china". You'll find President Xi's speech (in Chinese).

What will that unlocked for content marketers? I think it's blue ocean of opportunities...
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@alexchan isn't it 70% of Broadband Data Usage is video... in that film services are now serviced and downloaded via the Internet...
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Video can be searched, but it's slow.

The video must be downloaded, transcribed voice to text, then results displayed.
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Search on demand is not likely for video... just too much linear content. But transcribing once and indexing the transcript is the current answer. Searching indexed text is fast, easy, and light on resources. The problem is both the installed base and the vast contemporary production of new video.

But, hey, if the Gutenberg project could do it with books...
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Google and Bing et al are getting quicker at downloading and transcribing video content ... but text still wins the race.
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All reports point to the same thing. Video content will be king. Perhaps not now, but it will happen. There is no stopping it.

@Rev those debate videos are transcribed and indexed. That's why the video search can search and more importantly bring you to where the words are said.

It's a matter of time where videos content will be transcribed, indexed and made searchable. I just want to be ahead of the curve.
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