Making Projections on Growth based on Past #2152

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I don't know what surprises me more ... the number our Meetup membership grew to or that I almost got it right ... a year away.

In this thread I projected a year ago that my master Meetup tribe-growing partner Sunil's groups would reach 12,938 members by the end of the year.

Drum roll, plz. His final tally was 12,931 members. I missed by 8 members.

I projected our combined membership would be 25,498 members.

Drum roll, plz. The final tally was 25,184.

I was off by 314. By 1.2%. Not bad for a no-math Bible major in undergrad.

That being said ... it's time for me to make another guess.

Where will our membership be this time next year?

Drum roll, plz.

I don't know. Okay, sorry. Let me guess.

For him ... 17,181 members by this time next year.
For me ... 14,865 members.
Combined .. 32,046 members.

What would you do with 32,046 members signed up to follow you?

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I'm waiting to see what's coming -- you know, that bit you teased us about in the other thread. Looking forward to details. Then we'll know what to do with, how to be a part of, a group heading for 32,046 members.
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Well, that's my best guess for MU membership totals by the end of the year.

Now, I aim to make a guess at the number of Twitter followers by the end of 2017.

At the end of 2015 I had 55.5K Twitter followers ... BEFORE doing the massive unfollow thing. We lost 20% and dipped down to 42.1K.

We then grew the following back to 80.6 ... plus 40.5K or 3300/month. I aim to grow it by 5K monthly or so this year ... but not till after we bottom out.

Losing 20% of 80.6K will take us to 64.6K.

Add to that number 5K X 12 = 60K + 64.4K ... and we should be at 124.4K followers by the end of the year.

What are your Twitter goals for the year?

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I might need to revise the numbers above...

In the first 2 days of the year we grew on average 58.5 members per day!!

At that pace we will grow to 49,000+ by the end of the year.

Hey. It's possible.

I love numbers ... except for the part where there is always a bigger one.

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