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7 REAL benefits to upgrading to Student2160

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Invest in yourself. Become a student.

1. Get a FREE review of your website and marketing strategy from a proven professional.
2. Learn from a trusted teacher who has actually done what they are teaching you.
3. Get guaranteed discounts from real online veterans.
4. Ask pointed questions and get detailed answers.
5. Free attendance to ongoing series of training webinars from credible mentors.
6. Searchable access to the complete database of 2000+ threads, 22,000+ posts.
7. First dibs on jobs from the teachers. Freelance writing, web design, research ....

Become a student in the private room. <= Click

You know you want to.
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I decided not to go for this. Let me tell you why...


Either way, whether you have something to share as a teacher or want to get in on this awesome classroom, this is an amazing opportunity and a real deal.

Thank you for making this happen, Bill!
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Ah, shucks.

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Ok, so I've got my teacher thing going and I've been figuring out how things will work in the classroom and what I can offer. I see @Belew has some sort of "pitch fest" scheduled for Friday (hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag early) and I'm scrambling to get a couple of great offers ready to pitch.

I am truly excited about the possibilities of the classroom concept for teachers and for students alike. I am already seeing the interest expressed, sometimes publicly and sometimes privately, by several potential teachers and there are 4 of us already on the inside.

If you are thinking about jumping into the deal as a teacher, make the move now. This is going to take off in a flash!

If you are wondering if you should be a student, well, yeah, wait until Friday. But don't wait much longer!
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