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You are invited to participate in an online Mastermind Group of Meetup Organizers just like you.

10 Benefits of Joining This Meetup Mastermind Group

1. Collaborate with other like-minded Meetup Organizers on best practices.

2. Meet other Meetup organizers with a combined 58K+ membership.

3. Learn from veteran Meetup Organizers with 25+ combined years of experience.

4. Ask pointed questions and get direct answers to what works and what doesn't at Meetup from those who have 'been there, done that.'

5. Get exposure to other related Meetup groups.

6. Offer webinars to other Meetup groups.

7. Get free content for your Meetup group.

8. Speak at other Meetup groups besides your own

9. Do real business with real people who have been vetted.

10. It's not free. But then nothing worthwhile is.

If you think growing a physical Meetup audience was powerful, wait till you start hanging out with other Meetup owners.

Invest in really growing your Meetup today.

Join Here <= Click!
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@Belew - thanks for the invite, I do not have a meetup group - I do however love the idea of networking in a meaningful way.
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Then perhaps you can jump in and learn how?
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