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Making the most of Commenting on YouTube2176

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Hello All,

1. I am new bee in YouTube SEO. Please suggest best practices for YouTube SEO.

2. Is it correct to place my YouTube video link in commenting on other YouTube video?

Thank You.
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The only thing that ever happens to me at Youtube is I get sucked in for an hour or so and end up watching stuff I didn't intend to.

It's always good form to be genuinely interested in others work. If you go into an engagement with the purpose of only bringing attention to yourself, it's a losing strategy.

If it makes sense to add a YT link, do it, if not don't.

If you have a similar YT that you think the original YT creator might really be interested in, share it. If not, don't put the link there just because you hope for some visibility.
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@Belew I am really thankful to you for your valuable thoughts.I follow these in my work.
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