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What is the legal age for using the internet2199

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Late last year, while setting up a twitter account for my freelance writing business, i had to fill the birthday slot.
Well, since my business was born Nov 2016, i searched in vain for the year 2016. The earliest date i saw was 2006.

Does that mean there is an age limit to users of the internet? Ive been of the opinion that so long as you know what youre doing online, then your age shouldnt be an issue.

Following from the twitter dates, a thirteen year old cannot open a twitter account.

Isn't that discrimination?
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Hi @Fizzymidas,

No, it's not discrimination. A minor can't buy alcohol, cigarettes and or porn. It's to protect the innocence of child.

Since the Internet is a notorious place for lots of adult content and child entrapment for sexual trafficking, 13-years old is typically the age where networks will allow a minor to have an account. Many make it that a parent give permission.

At 18, one is a legal adult and can choose to consume adult content, but until then, it's regulated for their protection.

I hope this helps!

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Fizzymidas private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for commenting @eddievelez.

I understand 13-year olds are being protected.
And since parental permission is needed, the age should be put at when you know what you're doing online.

What I mean is that, if you've not yet attained legal age, and you know what you're doing online, then all you need is parental consent to use the internet, whether you're 13 years old or not.

I've read in the news of children below 13 years designing software programmes.
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If you are running a service and do not personally know the person wanting to use your service, other than he or she is under aged, how do you decide what to do?

Either you block them all or you choose a reasonable age and trust the parents are doing their job. It's not a simple thing.

While there may be phenoms among us, the majority are not programming software as minors. So policy must protect the group as a whole; the ability of a few doesn't matter.

If a parent believes a younger child has ability, discernment and good judgement, he or she can choose to lie about the birthday and they are on. But that's an individual decision, it cannot be a blanket policy, because the provider needs to protect himself as well from legal retribution.
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Moreover, the word discrimination is overly used. We discriminate everyday; the question is, is it malicious or good judgment?

If you prefer chocolate over vanilla, you discriminated against vanilla.

While the world will have us believe the word discrimination is bad, it's only bad in how it's applied. One of the definitions of discrimination (which used to be the main definition until society morphed it) is: recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.

So can we say this was discrimination? Yes, but with wise judgment for the innocent and possible business repercussions.
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Are we talking about when are people too young or too old?

It may be time for me to get off the internet.
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