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What's your secret to high conversions?2269

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Who's had good results with conversions? Sales? Money in the bank?

How'd you do it?
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Sales for me
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This is a how question? How did you get the sales?
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Which is easier?

Selling smth to ppl that you want them to buy at a price you want them to pay?


Selling them smth they want to buy at a price they can pay?
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Conversions is an interesting thing.

If your plan is to go after BIG numbers of followers of every kind you will likely have low conversion rates (percentages) as most of your followers will have no interest in what you offer.

On the other hand, if you focus your efforts on your desired audience you may have less followers but a higher percentage conversion rate.

The thing is, both approaches might produce the same ACTUAL number of conversions!
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in my opinion it all comes down to setting realistic expectations... just because you want to sell something to someone, doesn't make it a realistic expectation does it?

Lets assume you want to sell a reasonably priced something or other ... your chances of making an initial sale are low...

Whereas getting someone to sign up for something else, most likely free ... watch this webinar free and learn ... you give them your email address and enter their sales funnel.

If the sales funnel is set up correctly you then receive a series of messages, each designed to build on the other... until eventually you make a small one dollar or so purchase.

Once you've made that one dollar purchase you enter a difference sales funnel... because you've crossed the physiological barrier and become a customer... now you once again receive a series of messages... this time aimed at selling you the item the company set out to sell.

End result more sales of your product ... by following a conversion funnel.
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