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Joint Ventures Can Help Book Launches2277

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Partnering with major players and writers in your industry can make your list grow big. Growing your list yourself using freebies as bait takes lots of time except your offer went viral. You can double or triple your list via joint ventures.
The foundation of partnership is through the development of relationships with other people that are responsive in your chosen field with huge lists and will be willing to promote you as well. How do you get in touch with these kind of people? You can develop this relationship via social media as well as going to big events and so on.

Meeting with people of similar interest can be achieved by attending several events. Having your own list building event perhaps once in a year will be an added advantage to your list building effort. Within this year, I have done my list building campaign and was part of several others organized by friends which have grown my list to five times the one I had in January 2016.

Here Are the Types of Events You Can Use to Grow Your List
•Joint Venture Free Offers: This is a great marketing strategy. You exchange a free gift in return for an email address or other info. And it doesn’t require much to set it up. A download of wordpress program is enough for participants to login to be able to upload their details.
•Masterclasses/Seminars: You do this by asking your participants to share the interview you had with their respective lists. For this to work effectively, your collaboration must be done with those with a huge list in which you can flow easily with their audience.
•Joint Venture Partnership: Develop a good relationship and take part in joint ventures to grow more relationship in order to know the big players and how they make things happen.

The 3 Key Factors for Setting up and Participating in Joint Ventures
•You must run a promotion for your list on social media. It won’t make any sense to organize an event with other partners that won’t promote it as well. If this happens, avoid such partners next time. According to Nancy Juetten, a mentor and friend, she believes, ‘The manner people do anything is normally how they do anything.’ There is nothing wrong in letting your event host know if your list is small. It will show you are honest and won’t result to high expectations.
•Don’t collaborate with a partner that won’t promote to their own followers. You will come across some potential partners that won’t promote to their list except on social media. Avoid such collaboration, as this may be a sign that they don’t have an active list or none at all.
•Join a training program or an organization that trains people in the business of joint venture promotion. This is key in getting big partners to work with you to help build your list and sell more of your products.

How does all of this help launch your book to number one? Because Amazon’s rules changed in late 2016, your list becomes your best tool for your launch. By building relationships with the people inside your list, you are able to offer advance copies of your book and asked them to purchase. This is also the pool of people that you will ask to wrote reviews for you!
Having a list means the opportunity to make lot of money and have the title “bestseller”.
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Would you say that a book is a money maker or a calling card?

It seems to me that it's the latter that's the case these days.

In this case, it's a calling card that opens the doors of respect for joint ventures.

No? Yes?
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@Belew @Winsome1

Once again I think that age old sage advice answer applies... "It depends!" A book can be either a money maker, a calling card, or both -- and probably a few other things that may or may not be consider different than the first two.

The differentiation is in how you use/apply it to the need. The outcome is a factor of how you choose to do that.

I've used my books as a calling card, or a simple ice breaker, and I've made a little money too. I haven't pursued the money but I haven't turned it down either.

Is it possible to make enough to live on? To live on reasonable well? I think so. I haven't done that but, extrapolating from what I've done myself, and looking at what other (some of them clients) have done, I wouldn't be adverse to trying it if I had to.

I'm not interested in doing so at this point. They make great calling cards, thank you very much.
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I think it is a calling card for the most part. Many authors have the illusion that they will make substantial money with just the book. The other relationships are crucial to success.

I have been very successful with joint ventures. However, not my favorite form of relationship building. One must look at all income streams!
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Thanks for this honest answer from an experienced - been there done that - person.

What is your favorite form of relationship building, if I may ask?
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@Winsome1 Will you please explain "promote to their list" in your sentence "Don’t collaborate with a partner that won’t promote to their own followers. You will come across some potential partners that won’t promote to their list except on social media"? Thank you in advance.
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@tienny Yes, I will explain. Most people who make money from joint ventures have a big list and their goal is to make money from the joint ventures. For instance, when my JV partners promote me to their list and someone purchases, they get 20%. However, there is a downside to promoting to your list on a constant basis....list exhaustion. You don;t want people opting out because they receive promotional emails constantly.

Big JV partners are very aware of this and when you approach them, they will stipulate that they will only promote you on social media.

To address the second part, a big launch is a tremendous amount of work. You will find that sometimes the partners you spent time talking to about promotion drop the ball. You do not want to invite those partners back in the future.
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I can't count now the number of times I have done my part in a JV only to have the other 'guy' go missing when it was his/her turn.

You'd think I'd learn how to pick my partners by now. I haven't.
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I have experienced the same thing. I don't do reciprocal partnerships anymore. If you are interested in mine and have the audience to promote, I will work with you. If you come to me and it looks like something my audience can use, I will work with you.

I will say, that I am pretty careful these days. In my group program, we are talking about list exhaustion. The problem with JV's is that we can get more focused on selling than providing good content. That is where we begin to lose subscribers.
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