Page Two on Google is the New Page One2287

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Have you heard?

Page 2 is the new page one.

Page 1 is so filled with paid ads, ppl are skipping or skimming quite quickly thru it to get to page 2.

Have you done that yourself?
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Yes. I don't click on paid ads. Also, I perform research for others. So I don't want to look at the exact same page 1 article as everyone else, I did a little deeper. I do consider page authority when making my selections, though.
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I have never paid for an add, but it can be disheartening when the search returns several million pages!
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I've never skipped page 1 to go to page 2, though I have gone to page 2 after checking page 1.

I almost never look at paid ads. Now that they are clearly marked they are easy to ignore.

Since (despite the number of ads) there are still 10 organic search results on page 1 -- the 10 best returns to your inquiry -- it seems foolish and short sited to skip to page 2 without checking page 1.

The approach from an SEO point of view is to DOMINATE page 1 and have enough good stuff out there that you are on page 2 as well!

Here's an example of what I mean. This is a long tail search phrase:

Who Is The Best SEO Professional In Hutchinson

If you search it in Google you will find several of my sites on page 1 and a few more on page 2. Some you may not recognize as mine, but they are. I like to give people choice.

The point is, if you search that phrase, or something like it, not atypical for someone looking for that service, you are likely to get to talk to me.

Page 2? Sure. But not at the loss of overlooking page 1.
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If one Googles Flight of a Lifetime of the 11 links only four lead to me and my book and my You Tube is nowhere to be seen
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Everything is a bit of a challenge and some work. So are you all saying that paid ads don't work or they don't work with you? I hadn't done a name search as I am basically retired, only want a hobby and a little income, not too much work in this modern world. Too old to grind like I used to as much. I did that search and like phillipwatling I did not see results like I had in the past, so all these experts like the Rev are working and making things happen it seems?
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I'm only seeing three but regional and personal differences in SERPs are common. 3 or 4 is a good number and, considering the competition, it's good you have spot one.

A website, with an active blog would give you one or two more positions and help with other keywords.

Searching the title of your book is bound to turn it up on page one if it is indexed at all but related keywords that others might be searching, not already knowing about your book and which might result in, "Hey, I should check out that book..."
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One suspects paid ads work for some or no one would be doing them. If you have deep pockets and can continue paid ads often enough and long enough they can be successful. Most who fail do too little or quit too soon. But most who try just don't have the necessary resources.

If you only want a hobby, why pay for adds. Organic traffic will deliver everything you need -- IF you work it correctly. The first thing you need is a website/blog and a suitable blogging schedule.

Here's a couple of thoughts that may help you take it from there:
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@stevew407 @Rev is spot on.

The reason paid ads most often do NOT WORK is because the buyer doesn't or can't go in deep enough or stay with it long enough.

Its naive to think one can pay a $100 or $200 and start earning more than that at Google or Facebook.
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Thinking out load here...

Googles aim is to answer questions and to deliver visitors to its paid advertisers... it's only a matter of time before organic SEO changes again and less and less visitors are generated for those that don't advertise with the search engines.

This is already happening as Google answers more of the questions directly when entered whereas previously it had sent people directly to websites.

This likely won't affect those working with longtail keywods... but things are a changing...

just thoughts...
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I find this all very interesting. I have an almost ground floor opportunity I am looking at and people here probably are what I am looking for. Especially long tail keywords - that leads me to a very interesting spot and place. So I have ROOM for ONLY 4 people to FIRST EXPLORE and then ACT on a great opportunity. I am in Thailand currently and live or maintain A USA Residence, but TRAVEL is my future until I get TOO OLD (64 now) to do that. This WILL WORK ANYWHERE and is mobile - so if any questions let me know and need 4 but from there the sky is the limit and rewards or benefits are great. If you want to be in the 4 message me with any questions and then we can SHARE this with the rest of the world similar to Bill's great idea and forum's here while LEARNING TOGETHER!! Thanks Steve for thinking out loud, I love that part of the new world for an old guy. Thanks to the other few I have met here too.
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So, @stevew407, is your interest in this group as a place to learn or are you just here to promote your opportunity? It seems to be the latter and that really isn't what this place is about. I refer you back to WizardsPlace and suggest searching for "inbound marketing" -- the new paradigm.

Even at 64 you can learn some new stuff. I know. I speak from experience! ;o)
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