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Getting Started from scratch as a blogger2303

leandro_molina private msg quote post Address this user
Good Evening All!

I am an aspiring blogger/ internet entrepreneur starting from scratch this year!
I have two active domain names and need some help and advice please ) - somewhat up with basic aesthetics to be a spiritual blog, putting on hold - not yet up, will be a sustainability blog & site

Q1: What is the first thing to master when creating your online presence?

Q2: What is skills should you master first when launching your website?

Q3: I bought some fancy optin page software with no clue how to use it, how can I use various software for my business as a cohesive system?

Q4: I am potentially looking for a mentor for guidance! $

Looking forward to some marketing 101 replies!

Thanks in advance
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SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@leandro_molina Hello!

Boy, are you in the right place!

I have been blogging for a long time, and there are other experts here who can help you with formatting, software and making your website number 1.

It's a mistake to get your website set up and not have any blog posts. Articles which are written well and targeted to your audience, result in search engines sending people to your site. You would be best to start posting straight away, as it takes time to write and publish posts which will get noticed.

Let me know if I can help you with more details
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KathrynLang private msg quote post Address this user
1st - define your brand and create a business plan

2nd - build up your blog/website to work with your brand and within your plan

3rd - start boosting (not promoting) your website by investing in quality content that helps answer issues from your visitors, relates to your brand definition, and hones in on keyword phrases that are high on search but low on competition

After these three the real fun begins
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user

I couldn't say it better than what @KathrynLang just posted. Go for it!
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Belew private msg quote post Address this user
@leandro_molina what @KathrynLang said.
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leandro_molina private msg quote post Address this user
Awesome thanks for the replies everyone
gonna mess around with wordpress a little now for

Deadline for appearance and logo testing Sunday Eve 2/27, feedback always welcome.

@SusanDay Thank you for the offer, will contact you soon!

@KathrynLang on Sunday be on the lookout for a rough vision and mission!
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user

Do get rid of that "Website Coming Soon" page! Open your actual site no matter how little or how much is done. No one is going to find it anyway but list it with the top three search engines and get them involved in indexing it NOW.

You won't regret this later but you will regret waiting. DO work at getting your site "right" and "perfect" but do so on an open, public, site -- NOT behind closed doors.
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SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@leandro_molina How exciting! I am looking forward to seeing your site
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leandro_molina private msg quote post Address this user
@Rev All set! Give a view, wordpress can be tricky
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Rev private msg quote post Address this user

Delete, or edit, the Hello World post.
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tammysoffices private msg quote post Address this user
@leandro_molina - I believe @Rev meant to actually take just a little time and effort into putting your information into a website, even if not fully finished, but the basics. Please do not leave up all of the template information, as this does not look good for you or your brand. If you need help I am sure one in this group can put it together for a fee if just want to get one up.

It takes a lot of work to develop a brand, bring awareness and have a following. It takes consistency, hard work, research and reading up as well as actually doing the work of sharing, commenting, helping others (who will in turn hopefully help you, but not always) and getting yourself out there.

At minimum start your business Facebook page and LinkedIn page if you, yourself are able to manage it (or if can pay someone to do so). Then get site up and keep moving forward, you will get there. It is not overnight though and never as quick as we want it to be. I wish you great success and please listen to all these wonderful experts!
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leandro_molina private msg quote post Address this user
@tammysoffices thank you so much for the motivation, this 9-5.30 job is a killer as i end up getting home at 6.30 and then push through the site. Your and @Rev advice I will take to heart )

Thanks again!
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Sagekreyol private msg quote post Address this user
@leandro_molina we're using the same theme.

I just got started myself in November. I hit a bit of a slump in February. My medium term aim is to publish an article every week. For this week, I'm trying to kick start and get an article out every day.

Create a simple blog post that describes your company, what your product is, who your target market is and how I buy it. If nothing else, cut and paste About Us and re-write it as a blog post.

Nice social shares widget on the side. What are you using? I want to copy that.

You have 48 friends on Facebook who like your page. Ask them to give you feedback on your site.

I would remove your email address from the contact us page for two reasons. First, bots can scrap you site and you will start getting spam if it hasn't started already. Second, people can use the contact form to contact you.

Remove your Instagram feed until you have pictures. If there is a way to tie your Instragram to Facebook, you can cross post to each platform and do the same amount of work in half the time.

Remove the stock image from your banner. It doesn't match the look and feel of your site.

Remove the logo for now and just have a plain text version of your brand name.
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