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I've started this thread for everyone to read but, please, only forum classroom teachers to post...

Lots of good stuff is beginning to happen in the classroom. We're a small number of teachers and students, but growing. All the great posts show up with little red arrows to those of us in the classroom, but not at all to regular forum members. Regular members just don't see what's going on at all.

This thread is designed to help fix that. Teachers may post comments and information here about what they are doing, offering, in the classroom to let those in the general area of the forum keep up with what's going on.

Maybe you will want to join us in the classroom and get the whole picture!
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@Rev and I are both actively building out a new space in the classroom for a class starting this week.

Beware the Ides of March ... but not really.

Looking forward to that date this year. 8-)
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Teacher Update: Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD. @Rev

- Wednesday: Live "Zoom" Classroom "HTML for Blogging" (replay posted)

- Ask Rev Questions: 2 Questions asked and answered.
- Q: What is the best way to build a strong Twitter following?
- Q: Can I have 2 shop pages using WooCommerce on one site?

- What is PLR? Rev speaks to IM TLAs and provides context.

Students in the classroom got access to this material and more. Watch for weekly updates and posts by other teachers...
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I've started a new thread in the classroom called "Rev Recommends" in which I am posting key resources that I feel confident about recommending to classroom members.

This past week I posted two items:

1) Link to info on a weekend business retreat ideal for many in this forum, and

2) Link to a discount membership in a PLR content club (I'm a member) for quality monthly private label rights content.

More to come...
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@Rev, can you easily or quickly tell me how I can set up a class - PM me or message me?
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Writing okay blog posts is not hard, but writing great ones that will gain you more organic visitors is a skill you need to learn.

Great blog posts will live on way past paid advertising. They will continue to generate traffic week after week.

I can teach you how to write them
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