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It's been said to start a regular daily blogging routine. I have been doing this since just before mid-March. The frustration comes when I realized my pageviews were around the 3,500 mark at the time I started regularly blogging - but as shown in this screenshot from my Analytics, the pageview have since declined. I am lead to believe the steady blogging is now NOT the remedy in trying to gain traction / traffic.

Very disheartening, since most of my posts are in the range of 300 to 400 words per blog post . . . along with including images (yes, most are ALT tagged) and also incorporate the use of H1 and H2 tags etc. My domain is about 13 years old and the site has over 5,000 separate images I make available....not to mention thousands of pages throughout.

How do we verify whether or not our site's were penalized? Could this also be another problem? One word: UGH

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Before panicking and abandoning ship, there are a couple of things I would look at:

1) what is the quality of your posting like compared to what you used to write? Often people who posted "once in a while" and get started on some heavy-duty posting allow the quality to lag in order to get the number of posts in place. If you are not writing with the same quality as before you will naturally see some drop off before the effect of the numbers kicks in.

2) you say you are using H1 and H2 tags. Can you be specific on why, and where in your posts, you are doing so. I'll take a quick look at your site and see if I can see this but tell me what you can.

You are not likely being penalized. That's rare. It's likely an adjustment directly related to what you are doing.
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There is an issue with your theme's use of H1 (etc.) tags but that would have been there before so it's not relevant to the drop in traffic. It's a minor thing but you might want to consider looking into it at some point.

I would move the image in your posts (going forward certainly, and updating previous posts as possible) to the second paragraph and align to the right rather than left. Again, since the existing format was likely the style you have always used it's not relevant to the current drop.

Without an in-depth analysis I would hazard that your results are just an adjustment as Google "sees" if you are serious about what you are doing or if you are attempting to scam the system. Watch your progress for 60 days and if things don't start to improve, you will want to dig deeper.
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Rev I wasn't aware H1 & 2's were necessary but use them to emphasize a factor in a specific paragraph I have. In essence if the paragraph has info relating to "photographs for editors that can.....etc." I will have a short sentence introducing the next paragraph wrapped in <h2></h2> perhaps as "Many Resources Exist For Editors Seeking Photographs". So that is that. Maybe I'll just abandon this tactic.

Actually the quality of my writing isn't sub-standard. I try and keep it relating to my subject matter relating to the site and try to post about things readers / visitors to the site can relate to or at very least, find useful or just "interesting".

As you may be well aware, when I use the Yoast plugin, it allows me to see the "readability" of the articles...many of which get the greenlight or green dot. Before I started daily posting, alot of my old blog posts were all red dots. As previously mentioned, some of those previous posts were long too....many, were 1000 words etc. These lately, have all been in spurts or bursts of 300 to 400 words.
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Dan, don't get me wrong. You are mostly doing the right thing and your posts seem fine. Your use of H2 tags around your sub-headings is absolutely correct and you are doing it right for your theme. Don't stop!

If you are choosing a "focus keyword", including it in one of those H2 phrases is also good. Where possible, your focus keyword should also be in your article title, your meta title, your meta description and/or snippet, your first paragraph, your image alternate text (alt) attribute, your image caption (if used), and once or twice more (as appropriate) in your body text (for a 300-400 word post).

You are generally doing all that is necessary in your posts. There are minor improvements that could be made but it isn't the posts themselves, nor the frequency of posting, that is responsible for the drop, other than the possibility it is due to a readjustment by Google and will pop back up again soon.
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Thanks, I think our respective posts crossed while reaching the forum. I'll still move ahead as regularly...I have images from my site I want to focus a reflective manner (like how the idea came to be, how I concieved it etc.) this allows me greater emphasis for writing something and gives a relatively good starting point. Let me mess around on placing the image elsewhere, I'll try and experiment with that.
What happened a few years ago when I began re-building my site from a Frontpage2002 web editor, I took the site into Wordpress with the help of a wp aficionado. He gave alot of great help. The problem came to be that the web hosting company he work for were idiots....not necessarily his fault. We then placed the new site oon his hosting company's server and it was a pretty good sized site....took up alot of disk space.
Unbeknownst to me, I wasn't aware of it exceeding it';s alotted space that cause the site to malfunction etc. After discovering this, I hired a new developer because of the fact I wanted to incorporate automatic downloading of graphics off my site so this new developer is a PHP specialist who coded the new site - however, I believe he may have copied some elements from the old site (which may have included the issues of the current theme's ability in using H1's etc.
What do you think about that? I think this could be a culprit (unbeknownst to my new developer)- for now, I'll just move on blogging as I normally do....what do you think?
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@DansCartoons my sites dropped too. As @Rev says don't stop. There are always glitches and dips. The important thing is to keep blogging and after several months you will see the traffic increase. Also, keep in mind who your target audience is and write for them only for now. That way you will reach them much quicker.
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Hi SD....I am taking your words as "gospel" fact I have an unpublished post almost ready for launch. I plan to use a single image and like Rev says, maybe place is on RIGHT SIDE for a change.....hope you are doing good these days
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Btw, my image....see screenshot. where arrow points, can the "alternative text"...can it be the same in both boxes the arrows point to? I.e., also add "direct-mail-cartoon" in that blank box: IMAGE TITLE ATTRIBUTE ? Wondering. Anything for better SEO

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Originally Posted by DansCartoons
can the "alternative text"...can it be the same in both boxes

The simple answer is YES. However, this gives you to opportunity to be a little creative and use different keywords in each.

Also, remember that the alternate text (alt) attribute has an actual purpose. It is there to display if the image fails to do so -- it should be descriptive of the image -- and it is also used by software for the hearing impaired. They "see" the image through those words.

Don't do SEO at the expense of people!
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Rev: so good to hear....that is what I've been doing in all previous posts.The one I am preparing today isn't going to be published until tomorrow....usually Iafter I publish a new post, I go into my Twitter and add hashtags I think are appropriate, then add the same pic in Tweet, that appears in the blog post....when asking "Who is in this pic", I go through and add 10 appropriate recipients I think would find the tweet of interest.
I also make a short post on my LinkedIn page....not to mention add the URL to my Stumbleupon list of links.....UGH, so much to do in the name of "hope".

I would hope all this works, my ma died a week ago of congestive heart failure and over the last 5 or 6 months have been keeping an eye on her and doing all this, but it seemed like therapy to me. I have seen alot of suffering lately, and know my mom's is now over. I hope I can dive into this even more (steady blogging).....
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@DansCartoons It's important to remember that nothing is perfect, but with each post we are getting closer to perfection.
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