Attaching screenshot of my current hard drive (in blue) which has only 45.0 GB of room left on it. Here is my question, last year as I was moving my WordPress site from one host to a new host, the developer noticed a HUGE folder that was taking up alot of room on the last host's server. We zero'd in on a specific folder and we downloaded it and removed it.

Actually, I downloaded it onto MY hard drive for safekeeping in case we needed it and discovered we don't, since the site is now on it's new web host's server and functions well.

In screenshot, where do I navigate on my system, to delete files in order to add more room to my current hard drive (seen in blue)? You notice on right that red hard drive is my old hard drive, or "clone drive" as my tech person calls it. I have alot of old foiles stored there which I actually access from time to time. In any case, please offer info/tips/advice on where to delete stuff in order to add more space or room on my current HD - Thanks!