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Hi Folks,

Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

What is your BRAND? How do you develop your "Brand" vs. "Direct Response" strategies?

Branding: The imago that is projected into the world. The persona of the company. Or . . . If you are psychologically engaged, what are the "Authentic Values" that are projected into the world through your projects? Peace? Love? Truth? Whole Foods?

Direct Response: The strategies that are designed to address: The numbers. Sales strategies. Conversions. Market-reach. Systems designed to induce a user to "Sign-up" for learning how to practice Peace, Love, and Truth. i.e. "Sign up" for our newsletter on Peace and Love, and buy this book to discovery Truth . . . 50% Off!"

BRAND vs. Direct Response.

What is your brand?



Great article:

"If you are able to . . . set up the next sale at the expense of a short term gain, the world will be your oyster."
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I have a much better grasp of my brand than of direct response. Creating the engine of commerce will be the next phase for me.
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Integrity is a word I use to craft my brand.

It also shapes my direct response "mechanisms". I've moved away from pushy sales and towards developing a more open and trustworthy approach because it speaks to who I really am.
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