Anyone know anything about Wordpress?2505

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I would like to know if it is a good place to get started with a website.
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Perhaps I can shed a little light on this. I've been told I know a thing or two on the subject.

WordPress is a database driven type of website known as a content management system (CMS). This is considered by many to be the best type of system to build. There are over 100 CMS packages available to choose from.

WordPress is the top selected CMS with about 60% market share. The number 2 spot is held by Joomla way back at about 9% and coming in at number 3 is Drupal with about 5%. The next 10 or so have a little over 1% each, and all the rest are less than 1%.

Of all types of website on the Internet, nearly 25% of the top 1,000,000 sites use WordPress.

If you knew nothing at all about WordPress you would have to figure there are some good reasons for choosing it, and there are.

• WordPress is open source and free.
• It is being developed and updated by a world-wide team.
• It is designed to allow you to start small.
• It facilitates growth to almost any size.
• WordPress has 4 separate parts: core, theme, plugins, content.
• There is extensive help available when you need it.
• But you may not need it (many find WordPress easy to use).
• Switchable themes provide thousands of choices for design.
• Plugins allow for adding innumerable features and functions.
• Content stored separately means easy upgrades to core files.

There's so much more but that's a great place to begin. You can learn about WordPress on the Free Stuff page at WizardsPlace where you will find about 20 free tutorial videos on a variety of subjects.
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@Caffus Boy, are you in the right place!

Despite @Rev humility he is the go-to guy when it comes to WordPress.

When you are ready to start blogging let me know
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@Caffus welcome... ask your questions... someone here will be able to help...

The first thing however is to ask yourself what your end goal objectives are?
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Really it is free? So they much do advertising? Thank you, I have never had a website. I like to write and share. I'm an artist, but I am disabled and on disabilty. I would love to be able to get off it and earn my own income and help others too.
I design using my art on Zazzle. But I have spent countless hours over the last couple of years on there and very few sales. I saw a share button for Wordpress on the Zazzle site. I was hoping it might be somthing that can help me.
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@Caffus I have a client who doesn't get much return from Zazzle. I haven't sold much on Redbubble myself.

One of the great things about WordPrss is you can set up widgets which showcase your artwork and direct them to your Zazzle store.

Once your site is up, blog posts will help drive traffic to your site.
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No, they don't do advertising. WordPress is developed and released under the GPL license and is open source. You can find out more HERE and HERE.

The problem with all of the online ecommerce sites, whether free or paid, is that it is about them and not you. With your own self-hosted WordPress site you are free to express yourself (artist, you say?) and create your own following. Done right, this is the most powerful way to build your brand and convert traffic to profit.

Now, it's not magic. You have to have a brand to start with (or create one) and you have to have a product or service that has an audience (or create one). Then you have to do the right things, starting with a website and building it out with marketing, sales, and delivery (ie: delivering on your promises).

Where ever you sell your products or services, a solid, well planned and implemented, WordPress website will get you the traffic you have been missing.

Here is where you can get suitable hosting for under $4.00 per month.
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Thank you, I will look into it. I know Zazzle makes most of the profits, but I am not able to produce the products they offer. They print my designs on the products and produce them, ship them ect. They take care of all that, so I can be creative. They have a way to share on Wordpress so that is why I wanted to learn more about it.
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