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I had never heard of the term - Digital Nomad - till I was asked to speak to a room full ... in abt 1 hour.

I like the term ...

My job -

- Staying productive (on the road)
- Blogging & building your own brand - Bill Belew

I have just one question here ... what should I say?
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For digital nomads, having a base of operations that is accessible from anywhere is essential. Cloud-based programs are very useful- but have their limits. I would mention backing up your data to more than one device AND a zip drive (in case your device is lost or stolen).

A website, project management app or robust social media channel is important to maintain communications with others. You need a cyber "home address." How do you make sure deadlines are met? Where can your clients leave a message if you lose internet access? Have you given them procedures (i.e. "I check xyz address daily. If you don't hear back from me then assume I don't have internet access.) How do you deliver work to clients?

Beyond that branding is branding. You still have to have a UVP and being a digital nomad isn't it. Everyone in the room is that niche. What is the individual's UVP? Can they describe to someone in 3 sentences or less what makes them different than anyone else in the room?

Good luck!
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Great points!

UpWork, formerly oDesk also spoke at the event. They had some terrific stats and advice to share for freelancer. I'll post them here in bits and pieces.

I felt out of place... I am 100% sure I was older than any 2 of the folks in the room put together.

The organizer was an 'old' 24-years old.

Why don't they pick on someone their own age?
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Oh, Bill! Those young'uns need to hear from an elder now and then. Otherwise, they stay in their hip, cool echo chamber. I can think of a few recent (failed) ad campaigns that wouldn't have happened if there had been an adult with a little life experience in the room.

Unfair generalization alert:
The new generation of marketers has some mad skillz, but they don't have that life experience that comes from doing everything right and still getting shot down. And, they just haven't met enough people from different walks of life.
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