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I have a link exchange proposal. If you are an SEO specialist, I can give you the keyword text link of your choice on this index page.

A little bit about SiteFillers . . . it is an "aged" domain which I have'nt touched in years after languishing online,I want to add some "life" to it and revitalize it with the search bots somehow.
It is about 10 years old and I initially built the site using a basic WYSIWYG editor (FrontPage2002)- after Microsoft stopped updating that software, I was "forced" to abandon it but always kept the domain renewed and the annual hosting fee paid up.

If you are interested in collaborating and know more, first send me a PM with background info as to where you could add my site (in my profile here) and I'll get back to you asap.

Thank you!
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A good strategy to exchange links is to guest blog on one another's sites with relevant content.

@SusanDay is the go to person for this.
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Good to know. My "idea" presented here is a bit different in that it offers me, in exchange with anyone else, entering into what would be referred to as a 3-way. No, not that...I mean, I own SiteFillers....I put THEIR LINK on site fillers...and then they take my URL and place it one a URL they maintain, i.e.:


all linked............btw, an SEO specialist just wrote elsewhere that guest comments on other blogs is now passe and doen't offer the "juice" it once did as search-bots have gotten wise to this....altho 3-ways are still not interpreted by bots by anything else other than straight links.........
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@DansCartoons Nothing that can be manipulated provides 'juice' as you describe it.

Organic cannot be forced.
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I once gave away free counters... this allowed website owners to come along, pick a counter style, sign up and generate code that they put on their website to show a counter... this was also a link back to our website.

I think I had about half a million counters live at one point... and it was done purely for backlinks to boast SEO ... Once Google changed the rules... our counter service was closed down.
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@Belew ah, but if "Nothing that can be manipulated provides 'juice' as you describe it." is the case, why then is linking and "backlinking" popular? Even recommended?
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Fishing for links in any form is bad form.

Create stuff people want and the 'magic' will happen.

Everything else is non-productive.
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Believe me, I have. I have over 5,000 separate images throughout my site that are available for downloading after automatic payment is made...each "buyer" gets a download link they can click to recieve the image. I also offer a "free" daily auto-updating web cartoon as an incentive to web designers....there are ALOT of web designers and web masters alone...and you guessed it - zilch - nothing. So really don't know what I am doing wrong. Not to mention, I have an "aged" domain....over 14 years old...the site was even REBUILT using Wordpress - the best editor out there. OH WELL. . . . .
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Have you considered that the market demand is not there?

I have a friend who did everything 'right.' 2 yeara and 100s of blog posts later, he has great searchability. He has solid organic results but lacks conversions.

What would you say the problem is?

Could it be the market demand is not there, also?
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I'm not sure how to go about verifying whether or not 'market demand' is there...however, I cater to creative directors, art directors, editors, newspaper publishers, magazine editors, web designers, graphic designers, picture editors, photo researchers, facilitators AND offer my services for book illustrations projects and much if that isn't a "market"...not sure what is + I have an ebook I published using BookBaby and it's on Amazon, Barnes & Noble guessed it, ZERO sales. AND, my site has thousands of pages....
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IMHO, when you try to reach ALL of those niches, or hope you can somehow get into one or a couple of them ... chances are you will get nothing.
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years ago when I started this, I sent to just magazines (one niche)...that niche evolved, i.e. textbook publishers saw my stuff in magazines (requesting reprints)...OK, I realized ANOTHER potential niche....get online and pretty soon I am getting requests from John Wiley & Sons, McGraw Hill, Pearson Publishing et al, to reprint other stuff....two niches covered then...magazines and textbook publishers.....I show work to local daily paper who take my stuff so realize yet ANOTHER niche of potential and prepare "packages" of work for the newspaper business....self-syndicating my work to which 35 up to 50 papers were using work etc. THREE niches covered....then along comes the web....web designers......(well you get the idea)....they are ALL markets and I have cornered each one to a degree....I get the feeling people want each other to "downsize" - focus on just one little tiny "micro-niche" and hammer away at that and don't think about the other potential that's out there.
I'm not sure what to think anymore....someone once said the hell with what others think, do your own thing and that's what I've been doing. Has it worked for me? Yes, but in recent years I have noticed a "shift" (maybe the economy? politics? web effect? Or?)and the markets have dwindled.....
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I'm going pretty crazy with all this, so it's good to see that someone who's tech savvy is also struggling. I got this idea a few years ago and don't know if it's doable. Here it is as I intended to develop it. This is still the rough since I didn't know how to proceed.

Please, everyone, give me your opinion. One change would be to stress only related industries or it's pointless.

Subject: Would you like to be a part of a free linking experiment?

It seems everyone today is trying to get their website noticed but the little guy never gets the chance to make his mark on the elusive first page of Google.
Here is a simple, free way to climb your way to the top of the search engines…

If human greed and laziness weren’t such a factor the idea of chain letters just might have worked. But they never did. This is a 21 century spin on it that does not require any money to exchange hands. It only takes a few minutes to complete the simple tasks as indicated below in order to reap the benefits of thousands of hits to your website.

All you have to do is send this email to 6 people you know with websites and those people will follow suit and send your link to another 6 or more people.

If you find the top website is objectionable DO NOT put their link on your site. It will cause you damage from the search engines if you do. Only put links that you believe has some value. Never put a link that you haven't looked at. In the event that you find the link objectionable, please substitute a link to a charity of your choice.

Here is the matrix of how so many links could come to you:
6 People send to 6 people: total: 36
36 People send to 6 people: total: 216
216 People send to 6 people: total: 1,296
1,296 People send to 6 people: total: 7,776
7776 People send to 6 people: total: 46,656
46,656 People send to 6 people: total: 279,936
You will need to copy this entire email, less the computer stuff from the header and footer. So just copy the body of this email and go to your MS Word or other word processing program. Make the following changes there:
You will notice 6 website links numbered from 1 to 6.
Take the #1 spot, delete it from the list and paste it on your own website somewhere, anywhere. How? You can either use the html code or a simple link. Just send the information on the website for the #1 spot to your web guy if you have a problem. You could even contact the people at the #1 website that you will be linking to and ask for their help. Anyone will take a moment to help someone providing them with a link, right?
Next change the numbers so #2 becomes #1, #3 becomes #2, #4 becomes #3, #5 becomes #4, #6 becomes #5 and your own website link/URL becomes #6.
Be sure to copy only one format of the #1 spot’s link into your website.

Let’s climb the Google ladder!
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@FrugalTravelsNepal and how is this going to help you?
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Isn't the point to get backlinks so Google trusts the site and bring you higher up in ranking? What else is the point of backlinking? When there are 1,000s of pages in my niche I could be dead by the time my site gets to page 1. Who ever looked at page 157?

The changes I'd make would be to make the commitment to be only 30 days and they should be in your broad field of your niche rather than just anyone's website.

The way I understand backlinks is that if you have a legitimate website and you share my link on the site then Google looks at it and thinks of it as a referral. But if your backlink is on a porn site or spammy site then they think you are a spammer, too, and rating goes down.

@Steve How close am I to reality?
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Hi all, thought I'd just give my 2 cents. I've been busier than I expected when I joined the forum earlier this year, and haven't been very active.

I don't know a huge amount about how to verify a market, but I know a bit about SEO and linkbuilding. I would reiterate Bill's 2nd and 3rd post, and add that trying to 'create' links with a network of sites is exactly what Google classifies as link-spam.

To get high quality links - stop making all your content for the people you think read your blog, and start making some for people who run blogs in your industry (This isn't criticism of anyone here, just a general observation). Research who the key players are, Buzzsumo is good for this, and see what they tend to talk about, link to, and share. Then create content that they will be interested in, that will allow you to start a conversation with them, get in touch, ask them to add a link on their site. It takes a while but it works, and these links will really make a massive impact on your search traffic.

Last point, @DansCartoons, personally I wouldn't want a link to my agency on that index page, as there's no content other than links on the entire site, so is literally just a link directory with no SEO value - I don't mean to be harsh, but unless you put some serious work into the site, it won't be very useful. Regarding the 3-way linking thing - both the domains are registered on the same hosting, same registrant name, same company etc. If I can find that info, using Google, in 2 minutes, then they already know.
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Thanks for the valuable input kazu. I was not aware how much value that old site had. SEO is interesting to me, but am not a specialist in it. I read up on it, then formulate a "plan"....albeit those plans are not well thought regards to "value" like you mention. My main focus is my illustration business.
Getting traffic to it is a completely different animal. I will check out Buzzsumo. I assume like most things with a "value" placed on them, there is a sign up fee? Not sure - but I will take a gander. I haven't purchased any links though....that's the one thing that has frightened me....doing so can get you penalized and that would be all I need.

BTW: Be harsh...I can take the critique!

PPS: and in a way, I "thought" the same way as FrugalTravelsNepal, but am I thinking on the right track: FTN says the "more backlinks" YES that is what I thought...however it's the LINK VALUE right Steve? You can have a thousand backlinks....but if they are:

#1. Unrelated to your industry, your backlinks don't get
considered as highly
#2. If they are related to your industry BUT are small sites or
have a low "authority", then they aren't given much
#3. If you have 20 backlinks (instead of a thousand) on HIGH
AUTHORITY sites in your slant / genre, then and only then
will you climb (right Steve? Am I thinking this better
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