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Currently, I’m maintaining a wordpress site for my client. I set the contact to email me the contact as well besides of my client’s website email so that I can know what is happening. It has been two weeks for me to receive spam messages through the contact form. I have been wasting my time clearing my inbox that is meant for email. Help!

Will anybody please help me to resolve this issue? Thank you in advance.
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Spam Messages from contact forms...

Two solutions...

Install a Plugin to stop them ... lots around, just search around for a captcha one, or another solution..
or you could utilize better Spam protection on your email account itself... if you don't have it, flip your mail through gmail ... it'll remove that spam.


Just remember, installing captcha type defense will also stop some people from filling in forms.
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@Steve Thank you! Will do it. Do you have any recommendation for the captcha plugin that you think best?
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