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How effective is YouTube at sending traffic to a web site?

This is a great question that until now has been really hard to find the answer to... until yesterday.

Somebody with a YouTube that has a fair number of genuinely organic visits (the best kind). I know this guy and he doesn't know how to 'push' or pay people to go there.

And he has a very clear link to his site in the bottom right hand that is visible the entire 11:59 of the video.

The question is what percentage of people who watch a video on YouTube that they searched out will go to the website of the creator?

Drum roll, please.

Number of YouTube views - 180,524

Number of visits from YT (via Google Analytics) ... 13.

That's one visit in 13,886 hard earned, legitimate, interested visits.

Does it sound to you like YouTube is the way to, um, drive traffic to your site?
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Carrying on here... suppose you created a video that got, say 8,000,000 legitmate views.

Not passed around views. But people searched your video out and watched it views.

How many of those 8 million would come to your site?


Now you have to convert those 576 into enough paying customers to justify the costs to make the video.
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I've not been a big "taker" of the recent video marketing hype. There are excellent uses for video but I'm not sure just dropping it on You Tube is a meaningful way to attract organic traffic elsewhere.

I'm still pretty much looking at video as an end product, and for which I use other marketing methods to drive traffic to it.
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The key to all this is knowing your target audience - if they're a bunch of pre-teen kids, they may consume a lot of content but probably not much buying power, even if mom & dad are generous with allowances.

Meanwhile, I've been targeting 30-40 year old males for content related to drone photography. Will they necessarily buy something? Maybe, maybe not - but they're more likely to have the financial means.

"Ready, willing and able.." is the holy trinity of your hot prospect. Understanding behavior on different sites is key

* when someone searches on Google = it may be just to satisfy a curiosity
* Amazon = buyer with credit card in hand (of course, one-click buying makes even that unnecessary)
* YouTube = maybe entertainment, maybe research for your product or service

My first affiliate commission was made from a product review video made years before that sale.
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I will probably look but not buy.
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Going thru her Udemy course on getting YouTube traffic I've invited Ms the instructor Ileane Smith to join us. It'll be great to get her insight / experience! Stay tuned!
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That'd be great. Very much looking forward to learning something.
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Hi all!
Getting traffic from YouTube is pretty tricky and I find that your subject matter has a lot to do with it.

Earlier in this thread it was mentioned that someone got thousands of views on a video but only a trickle of traffic - I'm sure that happens all the time. But the question is - why were people watching or searching for that kind of video in the first place. For example, if I'm the person searching for something on YouTube, and I watch your video and you give me all the answers to what I was searching for - why would I bother going to your website?

Here's another thing to think about - did you even ask me to go to your website? In the video do you mention that there is something special for me on your website if I go there?

Also, think about audience retention and watch time. Maybe the title of the video is so good that I clicked on it but then I found out that you're not really solving the problem that I was searching for. Chances are I'm not even going to finish watching - or even if you do have a call to action - I might not stay around long enough to see it.

All I'm trying to say is that there are so many factors to consider that we would need to have the whole picture before we can make any conclusions.

I used to pass judgement sometimes when I see videos with high view counts until I started really doing some research and listening to different podcasts about YouTube. Then I realized that a lot of times, people are running YouTube ads and that explains why they have so many views.

More on this topic in a bit, I need to check on my dinner (brb).
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As I mentioned earlier, getting traffic from YouTube can be tricky and last year YouTube was in the top 5 referral sources for my blog. Right now I'm not getting as much because I changed my focus. I'm more interested in building my YouTube channel which means I need to get people to stay on YouTube longer.

But here are some of the things I used to do. Please keep in mind that my channel is mostly screencasting tutorials about blogging, social media, YouTube and Google Chrome so my audience potential is small compared to entertainment, makeup, fashion or gaming channels.

The Call to Action is so important, especially since we only have a short amount of time to keep people interested. So I made it a point to mention the name of my blog at the beginning of the video. Whenever possible I would refer back to a blog post that ties into the topic of the video. Since I do screencasting I would be sure to show popular blog post titles as sort of a teaser. I think people would get curious and want to see more.

In the beginning of the video description I added a link to a popular page about blogging tips. For some reason I got more clicks on that particular URL than if I added a link to the home page. I'm not exactly sure why because I tested a few other pages but they didn't work as well. At the end of the video I repeated my blog url. We all know that most people don't watch to the end of our videos but those that do are really getting value from you and they might need to be reminded of the url.

Now that YouTube has updated their video annotations with the mobile friendly YouTube Cards - I think we will start to see more traffic coming from our channels.

I hope this is helpful, let me know if you have any questions.
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I should mention that Ms Ileane has over 2800 subscribers and 350,000+ views. So don't let her kind, gentle nature fool you! She's a YouTube powerhouse!

Like many of the true content marketers here in this forum, Ms Ileane isn't a one-hit wonder or some overnight success from some random viral hit. She built her progress by refining her craft, testing and learning from others along the way.

Her generosity of spirit in sharing her knowledge comes across in her videos. She truly demonstrates the adage "value comes before reward"!
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Indeed your generous spirit is very much appreciated.

I wonder if you could/would be willing to share some stats on CTR. This YT got this many views and this many visits to the home site..... that sort of thing.

I don't want you to betray a client or make any compromise. I am curious to know what kind of CTR is needed to get a legitimate lead.

thanks so much for being here.
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@jycmba you are too kind - thank you!
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That's an interesting question and one that is a challenge for me. Here's why. For the 6 years since I started my online journey I never sold anything until my I launched my Udemy course late last year. So when you mention the word "lead" I tend to back off. If your client is selling a product then I would rather refer you to some of the folks that I follow that have a proven track record of converting videos into traffic and profitable conversions:

Lisa Irby from (my online mentor and friend)73k subscribers
Rob Cubbon from (my Udemy mentor and friend)
Tim Schmoyer from Video Creators (YouTube guru and thought leader).
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I mentioned earlier that I used to add a link to my blogging tips page at the beginning of all my video descriptions. Here are some results from that campaign.

You'll see that YouTube was the #8 referrer but an even more stunning statistic is the average session duration of almost 11 minutes!

This was a brilliant strategy (if I may say so myself) because that landing page has 5 episodes of my podcast. That is why people stayed on the page so long.
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Here is a video that shows how to set up these conversion reports in Google Analytics
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The call to action button in Google is pretty helpful, and Youtube advertising is still the cheapest channel right now, averaging between .04 - .16 depending on TrueView or the type of ad. We had one client spend just under a thousand dollars for 20,000 views in a month, but their goal was to increase their bookings and they roughly doubled them, making about 6,000 dollars. Not too bad of a return on ad spend in a 30 day period.
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were they able to attribute the bookings increase directly to the YT spend? Or were they doing other marketing in parallel?

Thanks for sharing these numbers!
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