Is it Ever too Late to Start Something New?613

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My daughter is learning Kung Fu in as @jycmba would say a 'belt mill.'

I don't mind. She loves it. Is getting better at it. Has a sword!! And can't beat the boys off when I am not around.

I decided to take up Taichi. (I am old, okay?)

At some point in my daughter's training she also will learn taichi. I'd like to be 'there' when she gets 'there.' And it'll be something we can do together.

Question: Is it ever too late to learn something new?

What are you learning now that has nothing to do with online or content marketing?
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For nearly 20 years, from the inception of the World Wide Web in 1993, until I was just about to turn 60 years of age, I worked almost exclusively with websites. I worked with the Internet, in one incarnation or another, for nearly 7 years before that. I came to the 'net through a varied series of related and unrelated career paths that ran the gamut from taxi driver and private investigator to top sale executive and corporate management. The Internet was a big change for me and it became the longest career focus of my life, which some find interesting if only because I didn't start until I was in my 40s.

In 2012, well into my 59th. year, I had a life changing experience that opened my mind to an entirely new career pursuit. Though not entirely abandoning the Internet and websites -- it's a great vehicle and too lucrative to leave behind -- I began something entirely different that allowed me to bring together and apply all of my life-long experiences and the expertise I had acquired and developed. I rolled out my new enterprise just after my 60th. birthday.

Now, well into the third year, I am loving the new work and enjoying the combination of the two distinct streams. This lead me to open yet a third, again unrelated, enterprise. I have no idea where any of these will lead -- though I am not without plans! -- and I fully expect I will embrace as yet un-thought-of options still on the horizon.

Is it ever to late for YOU to learn something new? That is entirely up to YOU. For me it was a complete joy! And I'll let you know what I want to be when I grow up as soon as I figured it out.
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Getting stuck in the corporate rut, then getting out of it emphasized me need to always on the learning curve. You get cozy and then you miss out on great experiences.
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What are you learning now?
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Figuring out this organic marketing stuff.
Learning to become a better writer.
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If you can do the second, the first will take care of itself.

A lot of this will be covered in LA.
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Even I am trying and learning to write to express myself better.
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I think if you take the eternal kingdom perspective, nothing is ever too late...

I have been learning a lot about naturopathic wellness, consulting skills, etc.
I am actually going to a webinar about how to apply consulting skills to industry.
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No. I don't think it's too late to start something new.

There are a lot of people finding their passion and success at the later age. For me, it will be late if you will not learn those things before your death. It's better to learn a lot now than regretting not learning the things you wanted to know in the future.
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