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I came upon a simple infographic that displayed 10 reasons why employees stay with the company they are at.

It occurred to me that for those same 10 reasons the excellent content marketer can keep readers coming to and staying on their site.

10 ways content marketers can keep readers coming

Paid well.

Content marketers don’t pay readers to come to their site. (Some companies are foolish enough to pay someone else to bring readers to their site with outbound techniques.) However, when readers, potential customers, loyal followers come to your site make no mistake they are investing some of their time in you. The time may be measured in seconds or even minutes. What a reader wants is to find something that makes it worth their time to be there. If not, they have not been ‘paid’ well for their time. Pay your readers well.


So much of posts, images that we see online for example in LinkedIn, nuggets that get passed around are quotes, words of wisdoms, pithy statements, a quick tip. Readers are looking for leadership. They want guidance. They want someone, somewhere, somehow to steer them through the decisions they are making. If the content marketers can ‘be a mentor’ for their readers, the readers will come and they will stay.


A quick glance is what most content marketers hope for. What they should hope for is a quick glance and a pause, “I can do that if I were to …” or “Uh … that seems pretty tough. Maybe I could do it, too if I were to …” “That’s awesome, I wish I could … ” If your content can create a pause then deliver on the know how to start or help your reader complete that sentence, then the content marketer is really on to something.


Readers want to be better for having spent time with your content. The content marketers wants their reader to say, “I was here. Now I am here.” as they raise their hand up a notch. When readers spend time with your content you want them to feel they are better for it. They are better people. They are smarter. They can do their job better now. Just because they spent time with your content.


Great content illicits a response. Great content knows what the reader wants or needs and delivers. Great content marketers resonate with readers. You want your reader to think, “Gosh, this site must have been reading my mind. How’d they know I wanted to know that?” Great content addresses the hard questions your readers are asking AND provides the answer.


Pastors at church like to say, “Nobody cares what you know until they know that you care.” The content marketer’s readers should know you appreciate them, you are genuinely glad they are on your site. When so, they are apt to spend more time on site, come back and be devoted readers. Content marketers ought not always be concerned with what they can get from their clients. The marketer should also care about what they can give. How about an article/video devoted to how your readers/customers made your company a better place? Haven’t seen anything like that, now have we?


Some of the best content is when readers comments are elevated and responded to. The reader then knows that s/he is involved. Your readers learn that what they think matters. Your readers learn that you and your company are responsive. Your readers learn that you listen and react to them. A good content marketer knows what their readers are looking for because they genuinely care about the worth of their readers. Not just because they want to sell them something.

On a mission.

It’s called a search query. Somebody sitting somewhere behind some sort of device connected to the internet has a question, is on a mission to learn something or to do something. If your content can satisfy this query for that person, then you, content marketer, have done well. Too often marketers confuse their content with an attempt to sell. Not so. Good content helps readers = potential customers complete their task. When that happens, the reader begins to think, “I wonder what else this site can do for me. I wonder if this site can help me complete my ‘mission.'”


People read for several reasons. They want to be inspired. They want to be taught. They want to be entertained. They want to be lead. Each of these reasons or some combination of them results in the reader having more tools, the know-how to do better than they could before they came. “Now that I know this, I can do this.” If readers can think that about your content, you have good stuff.


If you think that your readers are stupid, you will be found out. If your readers think that you are trying to pull something over on them, you will be found out. Readers want to know that you trust them. Your readers want to know that you respect them. They are not just another ‘like’ another ‘follow.’ They are real people and your content is there for them because you want to make a positive difference in their lives. The content marketer doesn’t answer questions because the reader is stupid. The content marketer answers questions because s/he wants the reader to more intelligent!

Am I off base here? You decide.

If employees feel this way in the company they work for, they are likely to stay around.

My take is that, if your readers feel this way about you and your content when they are on your site, they likewise will stick around, come back and even invite a friend.

The good, make that excellent content marketer will deliver the stuff that attracts AND keeps readers.
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OK, this is branching off - I'm not resisting this temptation:

Regarding stupidity - no one is as stupid as you would like them to be. Some may create that image, but it's almost never a true image.

And another viewpoint - really, are stupid customers and other parties of stupidity what you want?
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I don't know stupid, not stupid.

I do know respect. Some people just make it harder to be respected, eh?
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@Belew Even I agree in respect.
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